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Appointment setting answering services can make all the difference


Published on | Regardless of the industry, businesses are always seeking better ways to address customer phone calls and appointment requests. This presentation explores how AnswerMTI Answering and Scheduling services address these concerns.

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Appointment setting answering services can make all the difference

  1. 1. • An extension of your in-house staff that callers can speak with and schedule appointments after- hours or whenever your employees are unavailable to take calls. • System features may vary by provider. AnswerMTI representatives are available to callers 24/7 and provide notifications and web-based calendar management.
  2. 2. • Businesses work with an appointment setting answering service to create an appropriate script, processes, and a system that interfaces with their own scheduling calendars so that external agents can address the needs of prospective clients without any wait time. • Answering agents are trained to handle industry-specific accounts and to offer customers any specific information requested by the callers.
  3. 3. • Our systems and processes allow clients and patients to speak with a live representative and easily schedule or manage appointments. • It frees up in-house staff to address immediate issues as needed without sacrificing customer satisfaction or scheduling efficiency. • It saves time (and money) spent doing administrative scheduling work.
  4. 4. • It can provide friendly reminders to clients/patients about their upcoming appointment without additional staff effort so that your schedule remains efficiently full. • Web-based calendar systems allow the manual management of appointments in real time so that information is always up to date. • The system is easily customized to suit industry-specific needs (medical, legal, service, etc.).
  5. 5. • Agents can easily provide your clients/patients with additional information about the business schedule, discounted rates, etc. • Appointments are instantly confirmed with both your staff and the client/patient immediately upon scheduling.
  6. 6. • The service essentially extends business office hours, allowing clients to get through to someone whenever they have the time to call. • Being able to schedule appointments around the clock reduces the chance that a disgruntled caller left on hold will choose a competitor's business.
  7. 7. • AnswerMTI services are easily customized to suit your budget; we work with you to create a unique system that offers affordable, reliable service based on your requirements. • Services are priced by the minute rather than by a fixed price, saving you money when calls are less frequent than usual. You only pay for what you use. • All quotes and consultations for answering and scheduling service plans are completely free!
  8. 8. AnswerMTI is a leading answering service provider that employs live agents for the highest quality of customer support. Our Atlanta-based company is dedicated to providing personable service with a human touch in an increasingly automated world. To learn more about our unique live agent answering and appointment scheduling services, visit our website at or call us at (800) 673-2000.