Marketing And Programming


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A presentation on the rules for programs in Broward County Libraries and advice on how to market your programs.

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Marketing And Programming

  1. 1. Resources for all Nuts and Bolts Training Marketing and Programming in the current environment presented by Lillian Coopersmith and Barbara Miller
  2. 2. Online calendar submissions  How To Get Information to your Customers about Your Programs  Newspaper and magazine online calendar submissions-email addresses are at end of most news stories ◦ Know the deadlines ◦ Know what they want  Religious editors Book editors Children’s programming
  3. 3. It’s All Free  County Resources  eCountyLine is produced monthly by the Broward County Office of Public Communications –  Sun E-News  Library web page   The best tool is the Event Management System –virtual calendar -   Will be on library home page for the public in the near future  Please contact Steve Rodeberg if you are not using EMS  Paycheck stubs –  Cultural Directory –  TV Floor Monitors with monthly programming information  Email Lists of customers generated from individual programs  Bookings is gone but E-Communications produces monthly fliers  Submit information to address below  M:Common!!!Listings for the E-Updates!!!November 2009 Individual library page ◦
  4. 4. Grant funds received from Susan G. Komen for the Cure programs  One project and the options available for promotion  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month  Library Publicity is everywhere  Flyers, magazines, newspapers,check stubs, TV monitor, library web page, interior bus cards, inserts in Chopin programs, signage, branch participation, Friends Book Fairs, branch tables, elevator signs, governmental center
  5. 5. Interior Bus Cards  In All Broward County Buses
  6. 6. Full page article  Family Life article  October edition
  7. 7. You Can Do this in Microsoft Publisher  One page flyer  Printed at county print shop Insert in October Chopin program Elevator signs
  8. 8. TV Media Coverage  WPLG-Channel 10
  9. 9. Banner  Signage
  10. 10. 2008 Main Library Pretty in Pink
  11. 11. Programming  Annual Program Goals-Themes ◦ ALA, Major Holidays  Know Your Community  Partners are your best friends ◦ Friends groups, Chopin, Komen for the Cure  Sharing resources  Risk Management Needs to Know  Grants – apply with approval from Regional Manager ◦ Tara Zimmermann is our Grants Coordinator  Resources include:; ALA;BPLF
  12. 12. Meetings at the Library  Non profit group designation is found at  Room rental – County Administrative Code 37.10  Deposit if paying for room  Political or Religious Groups  Use Event Management System to book rooms-each branch should have a person who is assigned to input  reservations in EMS  Solicitation approval is needed ◦ Forms on BCL Net and BC Net
  13. 13. Exhibits and Displays  Insurance – Fill out the forms  Fax to Risk Management Division  954-357-6545- fax  Be sure you have signed by the exhibitor  Exhibit Guidelines  Insurance requirements  Review with exhibitor ◦ Installation – check before hung to avoid censorship ◦ Length of time for exhibit ◦ No prices displayed but need prices for insurance purposes that is given to Risk Management  Sharing of Traveling Displays/Exhibits ◦ Stories to Share –Komen ◦ SunWorks from NASA ◦ Astronomy(SFAAA) Exhibit
  14. 14. Food and Liquor  Reception Catering  If you are catering or serving liquor at a reception, it is necessary to work with the Division of Risk Management  From the caterer, you will need to request a certificate of insurance with actual policy numbers which will show that the insurance coverage is in effect. Also, the insured caterer must have 30 days cancellation notice on the insurance policy. The Broward County Board of County Commissioners must be added as certificate holders.   When you receive certificates from vendors, please send to so you have approved certificates in plenty of time
  15. 15. Reporters/Film Crew  Reporters in Building  When to speak directly to media – program information  When to notify Library Director or Supervisor – breaking news (budget, emergencies, crime)  Filming in Library- $100 per hour in County Code ◦ Broward Film Alliance  Approvals needed from customers for photos that we take for library publications – ◦ Public Communications ◦ BC Net under Forms
  16. 16. Questions?  Thank you for your interest.  Questions