Marketing Madness: Using Social
Media to Stay Ahead of the Competition
Presented by:
Ansley Sudderth
Social Media Training
& Communications Coordinator
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• What’s in Your Marketing Playbook?
• Social Media Offense Plays
• Social Media Defense Plays
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Let the Madness Begin…
What’s in Your
DiversifyYour Media
FindYour Pitch
Playbook Essentials
Social Media
Offense Plays
Play Offense Online with
These Social Channels
Outreach Marketing/Cross
Give them something to
talk about!
Content Marketing
Content Marketing
Content Marketing
Social Media
Defense Plays
How DoYou Stack Up?
Competition Spotting
Social Listening
-Curate Content Ideas
-Identify Advocates
-Prevention vs. Reaction
Online Monitoring
Online Monitoring
Conflict Mitigation
Advocate Growth
Reputation Management
Hashtag Sourcing
Valuable Links
• Blog Post: Marketing to Win
• Blog post: Identify Your Target Audience
Marketing Madness: Using Social Media to Stay Ahead of the Competition
Marketing Madness: Using Social Media to Stay Ahead of the Competition
Marketing Madness: Using Social Media to Stay Ahead of the Competition
Marketing Madness: Using Social Media to Stay Ahead of the Competition
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Marketing Madness: Using Social Media to Stay Ahead of the Competition


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‘March Madness’ signifies the best of the best in college basketball going head-to-head in an attempt to win the coveted NCAA championship. Just like in sports, winning in marketing requires skill, strategy and being ‘on the ball’. With the use of social media, it’s easier than ever to implement a marketing strategy that’s built to win. Join Ansley Sudderth, Social Media Training and Communications Coordinator with For Rent Media Solutions™ as she shares techniques to equip you with the skills to stay ahead of the game.

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  • Good afternoon everyone, I’m Ansley Sudderth, Social media training and communications coordinator with For Rent Media Solutions. Thanks for joining me today. Welcome to today’s FRMSChat.
  • It’s looking as though everyone has arrived but before we get started, we are using the hashtag #FRMSChat on twitter so if you have any feedback, questions or maybe some insight, feel free to use the hashtag and one person using our hashtag will receive a $20 gift card! And we’ll announce the winner at the end of the webinar so sit back and relax!
  • For all of you mutlifamily and real estate professionals, the season is quickly approaching. The weather’s getting warmer and people are looking to rent and buy so now is the time to get your marketing game in line. It seemed only fitting to touch on this topic seeing as we’re in the middle of March Madness. With that, let’s talk about what marketing moves should be in your marketing playbook. I’ll share a few social media tactics that will help you work toward your goal and we will also touch on ways to stay ahead of your competition using social listening. At the end of our session, we will share a few valuable links so be on the lookout, then we’ll wrap things up with any Q&A that wasn’t answered during the webinar. We have one of our For Rent social media experts on the twitter chat to interact with you and for those of you not on Twitter, don’t worry, we will be sending a follow up email with the links to today’s resources.
  • We are in the throws of what we know as March madness where basketball fans from all over root for their favorite collegiate team in hopes their team makes it to the Sweet 16, then the Final Four which ultimately leads to the NCAA national championship. These teams have trained for countless hours in the months leading up to this event. They’ve come up with fast-thinking and quick-footed plays in an effort to outsmart, our run and out play the competition. Don’t we as marketers take on the same challenge? We’re not the only community or agent on the block vying for a prospect’s business. That leads us to the question…
  • What plays are in your marketing playbook? What are you doing to the make your brand stand out? Like I said, marketers are much like a basketball team in terms of playing to win the marketing game. The only difference is it’s a constant game for us. We don’t get an “off season”! Strategy is everything.
  • An essential marketing play is to target your audience. Begin doing research to gather information on the group that uses your product the most. For you multifamily peeps, this could mean that you cater to mostly young professionals because you’re positioned in a bustling city. For you real estate folks, this could mean that you specialize in relocations because you work close to military installations and people are constantly coming and going. Think about who your local audience is and develop a customer profile including: Likes, wants, needs, special interests, etc.
  • If you’re thinking, the demographic I cater to won’t be online, this stat just goes to show that EVERYONE is using social media. Currently, the 45-54 year age bracket is the fastest growing demo on both Facebook and Google+, two huge players in the social space right now. Don’t sell yourself short and miss out on opportunities to capture online leads because you choose not to engage with prospects online.
  • Just like it’s important not to limit yourself from reaching out to every group online, it’s just as important to make sure your brand has visibility on multiple smart devices and mediums. We’ve talked about second screening in the past which is the act of a person consuming multiple forms of media at one time. Case in point, you know when you’re watching your favorite TV show and you have your laptop, tablet or smartphone close by so you can tweet or catch up on emails during commercials? That’s second screening. 40% of us if not more are second screeners so make sure that your website or any other online assets are coming across clearly and recognizably because you are competing with whatever other form of media your consumer is engaged in.
  • Speaking of multiple media touchpoints, your prospects can find your community with ease using the brand new App. So while they are watching TV, they may be looking for a place to live and the app is just one of the many ways For Rent Media Solutions strives to make your job easy! Again, we know you’re competing for time so the brand new design offers a highly visual and engaging layout for your mobile ad. to catch the eyes and keep the attention. Prospects are going to see large property photos, videos, floorplans, and strong, clear calls to action to convert prospects into leads. You’ll find a bunch of unique, user-friendly search features, such as the commute time calculator and the pet-friendly filter, renters will be able to find your community easier than ever while on the go!Download the new app today by following the links below and discover how you can expand your mobile reach. Apple: Android:
  • Another play that’s important to have in your marketing playbook is the WIIFM factor. This is the story that’s going to allow prospects to identify and relate to your brand. This is the thing that’s going to humanize your brand. This is going to be that low hanging fruit that attracts and entices the prospect to either rent or buy. A lot of times this can be called your mission statement or brand positioning but it all comes down to the relatable qualities that make a prospect want to choose your brand over the competition.
  • In a nutshell, these are the main marketing playbook essentials you need to get a head start with social media. If you haven’t started as soon as you would have liked, no time is better than the present and social media is evolving everyday so just start when you can. After you’ve done research and have targeted your audience and developed an audience profile, spend time getting to know them by engaging online via channels like Facebook or Pinterest is a great way to get to know their lifestyle and décor tastes. Next, make sure your brand is easily recognizable on various verticals then find your pitch. What is it about your brand that’s going to reel them in?
  • When a basketball or football team is pursing the goal, they are on offense. Just like these athletes, marketers have to develop plays to get them closer to that goal of a 100% occupancy rate or even closing the deal for a first-time home buyer.
  • Social media is wide open, (see what I did there?!) for opportunities to grow business. It’s up to you to take advantage. For example, you can use Pinterest to get ideas for your next resident event, use Facebook to create and publicize that event, you can tweet about the event with the link, you can share that event on Google+, you can make a quick 6 second video of the event using Vine, you can capture additional video and images with Instagram. All the while, you could be going hashtag crazy on each channel to get more exposure.
  • Visual social media is where it’s at these days and images will 100% help you connect and literally be seen by your audience. Numbers don’t lie. Our brains process visually 60x faster than text. Why do you think I always tell you never to post naked? This means that when you’re sharing anything online, if you’re on a social network that allows you to attach an image, DO IT. I just read a graph from Hubspot today that said photos are out performing the average Facebook post by 93% . In my opinion, imagery is a slam dunk. This is great, I could throw out these basketball puns all day.
  • Video is another great marketing and social media play especially in the business of selling apartments and real estate. According to a study conducted by Animoto, 96 percent of the people surveyed claimed they find it helpful when online companies include videos. More specifically, 71 percent formed a positive impression of a brand or business simply because it offered video content, and 58 percent deemed companies that produced branded videos trustworthy. This leads me to suggest that if you’re not using FRVideo, you should be. You could capture a lead simply by putting a short video of your property on YouTube.
  • Mobile is gaining serious momentum this year. People are changing the way they take in media. Lifestyles are more on the go than ever these days which is leading consumers to conduct research via their smartphones and tablets. In fact, prospects searching on mobile act within 24 hours of their search. Talk about instant gratification. How many of you wish you could close a deal within 24 hours? It’s absolutely possible these days.
  • We’ve talked about outreach marketing in the past but for those of you how are joining us for the first time, outreach marketing also known as cross promotions is a great way to partner with local businesses. I’ve mentioned how some of the multifamily folks have a local pizza vendor serve $5 pizzas once a week exclusively for residents. I’ve thrown out the idea of a property hosting a Food Truck Friday on the grounds. Things like this are really going to set you apart from your comps and it’s also going to stir up conversation and hopefully drum up business.
  • Content marketing is a relatively new concept which is less about self promotion and more about the promotion of useful information. Content marketing is all about creating conversation encouraging reciprocity and giving your audience something they can actually use.
  • Doug Kessler is a well known industry thought leader and he says traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks WITH them. This is a great way to emphasize how important it is to infuse your brand into conversations that are already being had online. Think about the time the lights went out a couple years ago during the Big Game or the Super Bowl. Remember when Oreo jumped on the opportunity and tweeted that epic tweet about dunking in the dark? That’s the point. There were thousands upon thousands of people tweeting about the blackout and Oreo got a ton of engagement just by joining the conversation.
  • Just to give you an idea about how powerful content marketing can be, here are a few graphs that show that 79% of content marketing takes place on social media and 51% of lead generation is possible via content marketing.
  • All of the offensive plays we just covered are all ways you can hook your audience and keep them retained.
  • The marketing game isn’t all about working toward the goal, it’s also largely based on safeguarding the assets you have and protecting your brand from threats. Let’s go over a few defensive plays to keep your brand’s reputation positive.
  • First, ask yourself how you compare against your comps. Maybe survey your local area and see what amenities a competing property has then create a pros and cons list so that you know what amenities outshine your competitors.
  • Spotting the competition is essential. I mean, a team doesn’t show up to the championship without knowing who and what they are up against. Competition spotting keeps you one step ahead at all times.
  • Social listening is so important, businesses are paying upwards of millions of dollars to ensure their brand is well positioned in the eyes of the public’s perception. Social listening not only protects and safeguards brands, it allows brands to curate content, it identifies the loyal cheerleaders and it places brands in a place where they can prevent a PR disaster rather than clean it up after it happened.
  • Just like we are monitoring online, our consumer is doing the same thing. Social listening reveals what people are saying about a brand, where they are saying it and how much it impacts their purchase decisions.
  • Conflict mitigation and resolution is a great way to stay on defense. For the multifamily side, it’s all about responding to those reviews that can leave a negative impact on your brand. 90% of people use reviews to help them make a purchase decision yet only 6% of people write them. Don’t give that small group of people so much power where it affects your bottom line and keeps you from getting new business!
  • So, I hope today’s #FRMSChat helped you out and empowers you to do great things with social media. Remember, the ball is in YOUR court and it’s up to you to make moves. Let For Rent Media Solutions coach you along the way from time to time!
  • We’ve tweeted most of these during the session so make sure you go to Twitter to get the links. We will also share these with you now.
  • At this time, I’m happy to take any questions you may have. As question start to come in, we are going to get ready to announce moment you’ve been waiting for!
  • Let’s announce today’s winner! The winner is… Congrats and thanks for participating on Twitter. If you would, please DM us your info and we will get your gift card in the mail!
  • Thanks to all of you who are listening. We hope you feel confident in responding to online reviews with these tips. Before you go, make sure you follow and Like us on our social channels, we absolutely love interacting with you! That being said, everyone have a great and safe holiday and I will speak with you in 2014!
  • Marketing Madness: Using Social Media to Stay Ahead of the Competition

    1. 1. Marketing Madness: Using Social Media to Stay Ahead of the Competition
    2. 2. Presented by: Ansley Sudderth Social Media Training & Communications Coordinator
    3. 3. Join in the conversation! Chat with @AptsForRent for the chance to win $20!
    4. 4. • What’s in Your Marketing Playbook? • Social Media Offense Plays • Social Media Defense Plays • Valuable Links • Q&A Agenda
    5. 5. Let the Madness Begin…
    6. 6. What’s in Your Marketing Playbook?
    7. 7. TargetYourAudience
    8. 8. TargetYourAudience
    9. 9. DiversifyYour Media Touchpoints
    10. 10. FindYour Pitch
    11. 11. Playbook Essentials
    12. 12. Social Media Offense Plays
    13. 13. Play Offense Online with These Social Channels
    14. 14. Imagery
    15. 15. Video
    16. 16. Mobile
    17. 17. Outreach Marketing/Cross Promotions Give them something to talk about!
    18. 18. Content Marketing
    19. 19. Content Marketing
    20. 20. Content Marketing
    21. 21. GetYourAudienceHooked!
    22. 22. Social Media Defense Plays
    23. 23. How DoYou Stack Up?
    24. 24. Competition Spotting
    25. 25. Social Listening -Curate Content Ideas -Identify Advocates -Prevention vs. Reaction
    26. 26. Online Monitoring
    27. 27. Online Monitoring
    28. 28. Conflict Mitigation
    29. 29. Advocate Growth
    30. 30. Reputation Management
    31. 31. Hashtag Sourcing
    32. 32. Valuable Links
    33. 33. • Blog Post: Marketing to Win • Blog post: Identify Your Target Audience • Blog Post: 3 Reasons to Dig Deeper Into Social Listening reasons-to-dig-deeper-in-social-listening/ • Helpful Resource: How to Respond to Online Reviews Valuable Links
    34. 34. Q&A
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