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How to Hire a Product Manager


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Hiring product managers at early and seed stage startups is a difficult process. This deck is an attempt to create a reference guide for startup founders who are looking to hire their first PMs. This was delivered at the "Seed to Series A - Making the Leap" event organised by SAIF Partners on 11th May 2016. The transcript of the entire talk is available on

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How to Hire a Product Manager

  1. 1. How to Hire a Product Manager Anshumani Ruddra / @baboonzero Seed to Series A – Making the Leap / 11th May 2016
  2. 2. Legend #you – the founder / person who is hiring #candidate – the product manager you intend to hire #interview – the process you will follow to hire a kickass PM
  3. 3. #you Hiring great people is your highest priority – don’t outsource this job
  4. 4. #you You are the 1st product manager in your company
  5. 5. #you Write a job description document based on what you do day-to-day as a PM – figure out what and who your product requires
  6. 6. #you Hire people who are smarter than you
  7. 7. #you You are not hiring someone for life – look for a good PM who can make a great impact in the next 12 to 24 months
  8. 8. #candidate Engineers (mostly) make great PMs
  9. 9. #candidate But non-engineers become world-class PMs too
  10. 10. #interview Make every candidate do an intensive weekend assignment
  11. 11. #interview Build a diverse interview panel
  12. 12. #interview There are different kinds of interviews – pick appropriate panelists for each
  13. 13. #candidate Look for people with a scientific temperament – people who are experimental, think first- principles and validate hypothesis
  14. 14. #candidate Good PMs exhibit first-principles thinking
  15. 15. #candidate Good PMs are true experimenters
  16. 16. #candidate Look for the ability to deconstruct a product
  17. 17. #interview Build something together during the interview(s)
  18. 18. #interview Have them intern with you for a month or two
  19. 19. #you # Do reference checks yourself
  20. 20. Thank you / @baboonzero