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Design Portfolio

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Portfolio 2013

  1. 1. ANSHUMAN KUMAR New Portfolio- 2013 | B.Design (AD) | NIFT Bangalore | INDIA
  2. 2. namaskar from INDIA
  3. 3. “Nature is my all-time keen subject to observe, study and learn which inspires me to innovate. I am aficionado of luxury time-pieces and automobiles. ii
  4. 4. 1. Oculus Watch 1.b. eklipsys Watch Contents 2. Light Speak B. internship C. Jewelry d.contest B. internship C. awards Oculus Watch- 2013 01 3. rover Chopard- 2013 11 4. kutracee Client Project- 2013 21 a. products Visual Merchandising 63 9. Graduation Project 5. aroma containers Finalist- 2011 71 10. wall art D. Graduation P. Confidential Project Client Project- 27 D.C’12- Academic 33 7. orbitter 6. zillion twinkle R.D.’12- Academic Industrial Design 41 8. hold it ** Bangalore’11- Client 75 12. photography 11. exp./ Illustration E. my passion H.B.D.P.’11- Academic iii 47 Packaging’12- Academic 53 S.D.P.’11- Academic 59 2009-13 79 2010-13 89 iv
  5. 5. 1a | Watches Oculus “ Personal Project | October 13’ In sp i ra t i o n In sp i r a t i o n 01 Develop unisex watch concepts targetting youth “ Project O culus denotes a circular opening in the centre of a dome or in a wall. Originating in Antiquity, it is a feature of Byzantine and Neoclassical architecture. It is also known as an œil de boeuf from the French, or simply a “bull’s-eye” So, the eye was the seed giving birth to those architectural element then, so why can’t it be for watch in present time! Here I take the Dome shape incorporating the oculus & rings from the eye and further developing the plot for concept ideation. Elegant + Geometric + Bold 02
  6. 6. Concepts Ideation & Detailing | Quick sketching 03 04
  7. 7. PROTOTYPE 2d CAD on Corel + 3D Modelling on Rhino 4 + Rendering on Keyshot 4 + Processing on Photoshop CS6 Brushed Aluminium Slate Black Dial Variation Hour Disc Minute Ring Date Oculus Crown Second Disc Sapphire Glass Brushed Copper finished screw Dial Face Black Chrome Body SMART Bracelet No need of locking units! Automatically adjust according to wrist. 05 06
  8. 8. Sapphire Glass 32 m m Date Oculus Gasket- Top Hour Disc Second Disc Minute Ring Chrome Screw Dial Face Brushed Metal Body Black Chrome Beizel Gasket- Bottom Crown Back Plate SMART Bracelet No need of locking units! Automatically adjust according to wrist diameter. 07 08
  9. 9. Oculus Flaumbe 09 Oculus Silex Oculus Luna 10
  10. 10. 1b | Products: Watches Eklipsys “ E klipsys in latin called as eclipse which is here taken as my inspiration to develop a mechanical watch based on tourbillion movement which works on transoscillatory movement invented by Galelio. Here I play with the positive negative space created by solar eclipse and articulating plot for form generation for my concept. The target customer is the one having uber fine taste of classic mechanical watches and is also an aficionado of luxury time pieces! Elegant + Classic Personal project | Oct. 13’ Develop luxury watch concept based on classic tourbillion movement for Chopard. In sp i r a t i o n : S o l ar e c l i p se 11 “ Project 12
  11. 11. Concepts Ideation & Detailing | Quick sketching 03 13 04 14
  12. 12. PROTOTYPE 2d CAD on Corel + 3D Modelling on Rhino 4 + Rendering on Keyshot 4 + Processing on Photoshop CS6 15 16
  13. 13. PROTOTYPE Back View + Front View + Exploded View with detailed information Sapphire glass Top Beizel | brushed Metal Dial Face Minute Hand Hour Hand Copper foil decoratives Ratchet Barrel cap Crown Wheel Third Wheel Center Wheel Jewels | Ruby Bearings Tourbillion Bridge Center Wheel Balance Spring third wheel Tourbillion Movement Gear sets + Components Barrel Click Spring Body Barrel Ring Body Collar Polished Copper ring Back cap 17 Crown 18
  14. 14. Chopard L.W.C. Tourbillion Brushed Steel Wing Classic Movement Reference: Ref. 161906-1001 | Grand Complications IV 19 20
  15. 15. 2 | Products Light Speak “ “ Project Product Design Consultant for NOKIA Research Center, Bnagalore with UnikWan Innovations | Sep 13’ Develop interactive product for Nokia Electronics experiment to house circuits In sp i ra t i o n 21 converts into The Experiment is all about converting light into music. Since the product is under final phase of production and testing, Confidential details can not be disclosed at this stage. The concept is under progress & in its final stage of testing. it is going to be presented in front of audience of “INK CONFERENCE” in October by a scientist from NOKIA Research Center named “Rajeswari Kannan” Her link to follow: http://www.inktalks.com/people/rajeswarikannan6790 22
  16. 16. Concepts Ideation & Detailing | Quick sketching 23 24
  17. 17. PROTOTYPE 1 Light Speak | Light to Music | 3d modelling Rhino + Rendering in Keyshot 4 | Real in Teak Wood Light Speak Collar | 3x2pcs LED Units | 7 units 24 mm PCB 30 mm Top & Base Plate | Wood |1x2pc 16 mm 58 mm 15 mm 24 mm PCB 30 mm 22 mm CAP 16 mm 58 mm Rollers | 1x3 pcs Lathe turned wood Front Wall Panel | Wood | 1pc 140 mm Side Wall Panel | Wood | 1x2pcs anshuman022@gmail.com ** Confidential Project | All rights reserved 742 25 mm 26
  18. 18. 3 | Products Rover “ Client project | Feb 12’ - Jul 12’ In sp i r a t i o n 27 Develop packaging for a new brand dedicated to cupcakes: Cupcakery “ Project 28
  19. 19. Concepts Ideation & Detailing | Quick sketching 29 30
  20. 20. PROTOTYPE Virtual (3d Max) & Real | Test run in Bangalore at different locations vespa Scooter will help to maintain dignified sitting posture for women pilot Rexin top Filled with acrylic wool, fixed on Aluminium pipe frame LOCK To secure the inside 6 drawers (4 x 4 brackets) rOLLERS body To add pleasure in sliding Moulded in fibre glass refill box Detachable to remove & load another box on site to free hassle 31 hinge To open/ close 32
  21. 21. 4 | Products C l i e n t/ T h e m e B o a r d DESIGN COLLECTION Acedemic project | 6 Weeks: Aug-Sep. | 2012 33 Design a collection for the purpose of work from home “ Project 34
  22. 22. Concepts Ideation & Detailing | Quick sketching 35 36
  23. 23. PROTOTYPE 1 Kutracee | Multi-Utility Pad | MDF, Glass, LED, 3.5 mm Jack | Real freedom 3.5 mm jack provided to power the LED whenever needed cut place Scratch resistant glass to provide cutting surface Laptop keeping pad to let hot air pass out freely. Tr a c e 62 0 mm LED backlit for the purpose of tracing. From A3 to A10 paper sizes are laser etched for general reference 40 mm 400 mm 37 38
  24. 24. PROTOTYPE 2 PROTOTYPE 3 Multi-Utility Smart Storage | Real | MDF, Glass, Rexin lining inside. iPad Stand | Real | Landscape & Portrait Mode | Laser cut 5mm Acrylic Glass Half openable cover which rests and press fit on the groove made inside opening Jacket to house iPad in 2 mm white acrylic for prototype. Actual proposed material is Silicon case. To house one finger and lift the glass panel comfortably and place devices. 610 mm 45 mm Base in 55 mm matte finish laser cut bend acrylic. Co-axial Movement for Landscape & Portrait mode. Opening to house cables of devices. 300 0 14 0 m m Smart devices like mobile phones, hard drives of different widths inside. 260 mm place 15 0 140 mm 39 40
  25. 25. 5 | Products Aroma Containers “ Range Design Project | 6 weeks | 2012 In sp i r at i o n 41 Design a range of aroma diffusers & containers for home space “ Project Aromatherapy is one of the popular way to cure mental problems like feeling lonely, migrane, lack of enthusiasm, etc through aroma of essential oils extracted from flowers 42
  26. 26. Concepts Ideation & Brainstorming | Quick sketching 43 44
  27. 27. PROTOTYPE Feautured in CHOI’s Package- CALIFORNIA | 50 ml volume | Pine wood Ergonomics Preform polymer bottle press fit inside the wooden carving for containing essential oils The organic shape & overall proportion of the form adds comfort in handling and application 220 mm cap The upside down of the cap helps in the direct application of essential oils over the body 120 mm Dia 50 mm 45 46
  28. 28. 6 | Products “ Project Zillion Twinkle Hardware Based Design Project | 4 weeks | 2011 “ In sp i ra t i o n 47 Design lighting product inspired from nature focusing on detailing & hardware Considering the details like: Form, Proportion, Materials, & Manufacturing process. 48
  29. 29. Concepts dandelion Inspiration Ideation & Detailing | Quick sketching Ideation Nature study Golden Ratio Arithmetic progression i.e. 1,1,2,3,5,8,... follows a ratio of 1.618 can be seen in nature everywhere from shell to sun flower to bee hive growth to name a few. Dandelion stalk follows the same golden ratio, here the seeds are stalked in the same pattern 49 50
  30. 30. PROTOTYPE Real | Following Fibonacci series in the form & proportion orange Light coming out from the bottom side over the surface it is kept over ambience Multiple ways to install, on the corner table, as a pendant or as a wall sconce. Dia 400 mm Laser cut 2mm White Acrylic Mdf | 5 mm LED fixed on the drilled plate White Light Twinkles from LED between the hexagons 51 52
  31. 31. 7 | Products Orbiter “ Packaging Design Project | 6 weeks | 2012 Design Packaging for Titan HTSE watch collection (Major Project) “ Project Inspiration: Celestial bodies; HTSE is a collection inspired from the satellites which revolves around them & self charged through light 53 54
  32. 32. Concepts Study | Ideation & Detailing | Quick sketching The edible ArilEach seed has surrounding water laden pulp ranging from white to deep red or purple. This is a way nature shows the life cycle of a Aril (seed). White colour shows pre maturity and to purple maturity. Dark purple with weathered skin shows that it is rotten. packaging in nature: punica granatum Persistent Calyx Leathery exocarp: protects the seeds stacked inside from outer nature. Sectional view of a Aril (pulp) Seed Sectional view of a seed Stamen Cluster ( ovary inferior ) Fleshy Mesocarp: Protects the Aril from outer jerks. Size: About 9-10 cm in diameter which ergonomically comfortableto holfd and cut. The Edible Aril: The size of a single pulp is small because it ontains fluid and if it would be in larger size, when cut or hewed it would spoil the hands of user to avoid wastage nature has packed the juice into small small pockets i.e. aril. Also if some part becomes infected the rest can be still used as the seeds are stacked in chambers saperated by fleshy mesocarp. 55 Chambers to contain Aril ( Seed ) concept: major project 56
  33. 33. PROTOTYPE Real | Shape is inspired from the celestial bodies where the watch is at the core being center of energy ready to spread! shape Oval shape retains the watch to stand at 45 degrees. 57 Rubber ring groove Body Titan Logo To provide better grip To press fit the upper half divided into 2 hemispheres one top & another bottom Laser etched on the wood surface 58
  34. 34. 8 | Products HOLD “ IT Simple Design Project | 6 Weeks | 2010 Design installation for college ambience or a utility product I ns p i r a ti o n : F i bo n a c c i s e r i e s , i. e. 1 ,1 ,2 ,3 ,5 ,8 ,1 3 ,. . . . 59 “ Project a.Utility Product Comes into multiple variations which can house 5, 13, 21 pencils. Injection moulding to be done for mass production and standard bush to be used in the holder. Laser cut Acrylic (2mm), assembled. Stabilo Colour pencil holder | User can play with the form because of the mobility in between two units arranged in fibonacci series. 60
  35. 35. Sand casting Pattern in MDF is made; carved, finished and sand casted in Aluminium & Brass. Filed and finished to shine! Concept Bike: Axle less wheel system 7 Weeks | 2010 61 62
  36. 36. | Internship “ Summer Internship | 8 Weeks: June - July 2012 63 Streamlining Visual Merchandising practices for a corporate set up “ B Louis Philippe symbolizes elegance, class, status, and a lifestyle that is distinctly majestic and opulent. The brand draws its name and inspiration from King Louis Philippe of France, who was famed for his generosity of spirit and his appreciation of the arts. It is the home brand from the house of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle. The project is divided into 4 parts: 1. Organization set-up & Brand understanding 2. Design Wall Planograms 3. Design AW’12 Window display 4. Technical drawings for props 64
  37. 37. Wall planograms 2400 mm 2400 mm It helps in business planning, permutation & combination helps in exploring new ways to display and attract customers to pause, look and buy. 2438 mm 1220 mm 1220 mm suits lenin (art-leisure) Total SKU: 38 8 Suits + 30 Trousers 65 luxure wall panel Dark brown antique finish Total SKU: 65 (46 shirts + 18 Suits + 1 Bust form) Total SKU: 38 16 Side hang Shirts + 32 Stacked shirts 66
  38. 38. aw’12 window display Design window concept for Louis Philippe stores on the the theme of ‘British Motor Racing’. Final implementation Across 120+ stores in the country 2400 mm 1220 mm 67 68
  39. 39. initiative After the completion of the project, Luxure wall panel and Front facade of Chennai Market City store was designed on Corel & 3ds Max. I n s pi rat i o n 69 70
  40. 40. C | Awards Jewellry Design Contest- 2011 Finalist Inspired from LOTUS flower, concept for Turban/ belt. This concept was submitted for the cateogary “RAMP/ INSPIRATIONAL/ AVANT GARDE” The piece is made in gold plated brass with Swarovski Elements. 71 72
  41. 41. Design 2: Inspired from GOLDEN EAGLE, concept for neckpiece/ Brooch in the cateogory of “RAMP/ INSPIRATION/ AVANT GARDE”. The Piece is made in gold plated brass with Swarovski Elements. Crystals of worth Rs. 10,000 has been sponsored for final round. Concept Sketch 73 74
  42. 42. 10 | Graphics “ “ Project Wall Art Client project | October 2011 Conceptualize & execute wall art for the Prime Focus office canteen, Bangalore In sp i r a t i o n : Mo v i e p o s ter fro m their clientle for w hich the y ha d d one 3d conversions & sp ecia l eff ect | G roup P roject: Tha nks t o P ooj a & P r a c h i 75 76
  43. 43. sketch Rendered Hand drawn & transfered on sketch book 77 process Outline drawn on the wall over projected image With emulsion paint over the area of 15’ x 12’ 78
  44. 44. Section E ILLUSTRATIONS & OTHERS www.anshuman022.tumblr.com 79 80
  45. 45. 81 82
  46. 46. BMW cONCEPT cAR 3ds Max | inspired from African python 83 84
  47. 47. Inspiration: Ocean life | Medium: Rotoring Pen: 0.1 mm | Paper: Moleskin Diary 85 86
  48. 48. Doodling Inspiration: Turtle Back | 2010 Chalk Sculpture | 5 cm length | 2009 87 Audrey Hepburn | Rotoring pen Moleskin diaryl 88
  49. 49. Section F www.anshumanclicks.blogspot.com 89 PHOTOGRA PH Y 90
  50. 50. National Geographic Magazine Showcased in ‘Photo of the Month” segment - 2010 91 92
  51. 51. sTREET conceptual product Giving pause to light architecture HDR image Fastrack Watch NIFT: 2nd Prize winner in anual fest - SPECTRUM’ 2011 Finding happiness in small-small things, truly expressed. Survival of the fittest 93 street Man welding in fabrication shop 94
  52. 52. Work Experience Anshuman Kumar Companies/ Client based paid projects Product + Experience/ Space Design Consultant Career Objective: My aim, my aspiration Directed creatives for Branding & collaterals | Design Consultant - 2 weeks Cupcakery, Bangalore -2012 www.behance.net/anshuman22 www.anshuman22.tumblr.com Product Designer : Developed packaging system | Design Consultant- 48 weeks Prime Focus Technologies Pvt. Ltd. -2011 Artist: Wall grafitti at Bangalore office, headed a team of 3 | Design Consultant- 2 weeks To excel in design industry where my knowledge, skills and attention to detail are manifested. Indrion Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. -2010 - Conceptualized Sensor based USB modules | Design Consultant- 2 weeks - Designed brochure for new launch of wireless ambient light sensor modules, etc “ Great design is eliminating all unnecessary details- Minh D. Tran” Skills I bring a wide variety of skills to work with. Software ◉ Illustration: ◉ Modelling: ◉ Drafting: ◉ Graphic: ◉ Multimedia: Academic Projects: Autodesk Sketch Book Pro/ Designer, Wacom pen tablet Solid Works, Rhino, Keyshot, 3Ds Max Auto CAD 2013 Phtoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Corel Draw Flash CS6 Design/ Soft Skills ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ Graduation Project -2013 Designed and developed experimental product for NOKIA | Design Consultant- 4 weeks 8th International Children’s Flm Festival, India -2013 Double Gold Medalist Graduate with Distinction (Jury’s 1st Choice for 4 University Awards at NIFT, Bangalore Convocation 2013) +90 90369 61450 anshuman022@gmail.com NOKIA with UniKwan Innovations Pvt. Ltd. - Bangalore Education Design thinking & strategy Illustration, Rendering & Sculpturing Innovative in different material combination and prototyping Multi tasking, good presentation skills Observant & an open mind Dependable, Self motivated, Flexible & Team Player Good sense of form & proportion Where i learnt,what i know. Education details prior NIFT TATA ELXSI, Bangalore | 18 weeks | 2013 ◉ Design Collection: on the theme of ‘Work from home’- iPad stand, Workstation, etc. ◉ Casting: Concept bike with axle less wheels. ◉ Range design: Aroma Diffusers/ Containers (Home Decor products) ◉ Multi- utility Laptop Case: Light weight, spacious, solution to over heating. ◉ Ambient lighting for living space: inspired from a flower and the golden ratio. ◉ Craft Based Project with Sisal Fibre; range of workstation, crockery set, lighting. NIFT- National Institute of Fashion Technology (Bangalore) U.G. Programme in Fashion & lifestyle Accessories C.G.P.A. - 9.36 ( Topped among all 9 NIFT centers in India ) Qualification. School/ College Board 10+2 th 10 Diploma in Painting. (5Yr) D.A.V. Public School (Ranchi) CBSE 2009 -13 9.36 Marks Year of passing 62.8 % D.A.V. Public School (Deoghar) CBSE Rabindra Bharati Kornik University. (Deoghar)) (West Bengal) 2008 82.8 % st 1 Division 2006 2004 ◉ Industrial Design | Experience Design Summer Internship Recognization after i worked for them. Interests/ Hobbies LOUIS PHILIPPE- Madura F & L, Bangalore | 8 weeks | 2012 ◉ Design window display for AW’12 season ◉ Design product fixtures, Wallplanograms & technical dawings for their retail space. ◉ Choi’s Package Vol 6: Publication of “Aroma Containers” - California ◉ Awarded for Best NIFT Graduation Project ◉ Won Best All Round Performance- Gold Medal (NIFT Student of the Year) ◉ Awarded for Most Exemplary Application of Design Methedology, NIFT ◉ Awarded for NIFT Best Academic Performance- Gold Medal ◉ Work featured on “Industrial Design Served” by Behance ◉ Swarovski “Jewelery Design Contest”- Top Finalist ◉ Photography: Awarded 2nd Prize, NIFT ◉ Best Logo design and Ambience, NIFT ◉ Distinction in “Royal Australian Chemistry Quiz” ◉ Awarded for Best entry in “All India Camel Colour Contest” Things which i enjoy and love to do. -2013 -2013 -2013 -2013 -2013 -2013 -2011 -2011 -2010 -2008 -2003 Personal Profile All the basics about me. References to build trust. ◉ Afficionado of Luxury Automobiles, Watches & Gadgets. ◉ Doodling, Miniature art, Chalk Carving ◉ Macro Photography ◉ Coin Collection ◉ Playing Chess, yoga nd D.O.B.: 22 March 1991 Gender: Male Linguistic Profiency: English, Hindi Permanent Address: S/o Sadanand Chourasia Arvind nagar, Harmu Housing Colony Ranchi- 834002, Jharkhand Shipra Roy (F & L.A. Dept. Center Co-ordinator) Assistant Professor, NIFT Bangalore “All good things comes to those who wait” Dr. Yathindra L. (Link Chairperson) Associate Professor, NIFT Bangalore
  53. 53. Thank you for your valuable time!
  54. 54. Anshuman Kumar Product + Experience/ Space Designer www.behance.net/anshuman22