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How print media is related with the advertisement industry. What is the growth and which are the major factors affecting media.

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Print advertise

  1. 1. AdvertisementIndustry and Printmedia
  2. 2. Introduction• Advertisement or promotion is the bestway to increase the rechability of theproduct.• Print media from last 100 years is theimportant medium to promote a product.• Print is the 2ndmost preferred medium afterTV add in India (FICCI KPMG 2013).
  3. 3. Distribution of add industryAdd IndustryTV 46% Print 26% 28% others
  4. 4. Medium• News paper add• Magazines• Pamphlet• Stamp
  5. 5. Growth• The growth of Print advertisement is 9.6% in2013. In 2012 it was 7.3%(FICCI 2013)• In comparison to other medium growth rate isslow.• So print media needs better innovation inadvertisement .
  6. 6. Competition FICCI KPMGMedium PercentageTV 12.5%Print 7.3%Film 21%Music 18.1%Radio 10.4%OOH 2.4%Animation and VFX 13.9%Gaming 17.7%Digital Adds 40.9%
  7. 7. Attraction• Attracting Features of print media• Magazine1. TIME2. Forbes3. Cosmopolitan4. Sports Illustrated• Pamphlet cum Brochure• Animated graphics
  8. 8. Innovation• Times of India came up with a great optionALIVE APP.• This app navigates directly to the sourcepage and displays the video of currentimage.• Animation in printing may be the next andbetter option.
  9. 9. Agency’s Perception• According to the most of agencies inDelhi NCR top rated news paper1. TOI2. Hindustan Times3. Dainik Jagran(Hindi)4. Hindustan(Hindi• The cost adds depends upon the no. ofreaders.• The cost of different pages is different.Front page has the higher cost.
  10. 10. Company’s Perception• Now a days companies are shifting from print media todigital media.• Companies are spending 60% of their cost to digitalmedium.• Share of print media is 15-20% only.
  11. 11. Customer’s Perception• Customer’s visibility is on front page andlast page.• Rest pages have lower chances togenerate more visibility.• Customers are shifting to other newspaper due to more adds and less news.
  12. 12. Threat• The biggest threat for print media is digitalmedia.• Growth of print media is 9.6% and digitalmedia is 59%(FICCI KPMG 2013).• Growth of TV in the rural sector is also themajor concern.