India and it's neighbouring countries


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it's a ppt basically for class 9 !!!

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India and it's neighbouring countries

  1. 1. India has always beenknown as a“peace-loving country”.
  2. 2. India is situated in the southern part Asiaat the head of the Indian ocean. It is theseventh largest country in the world.India is the only country after which anocean Is named.
  3. 3. India championed thecause of peace in the world. Being a large intry,India has a long border and many neighbourswith whom has traditionally maintainedfriendly and good-neighbourlyrelations.
  4. 4. Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan, orJamhouri Afghanistan, is a landlocked country,located in Central Asia. Pakistan is to its east andsouth, Iran and Turkmenistan to its west,Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan to its north. Thecountry has a small border with India and Chinato the north-east.
  5. 5. Union of Myanmar, (formerly known asBurma) Myanmar,is located in East Asia, with a coastline alongthe Bay of Bengal. It is flanked by India toit’s east and Bangladesh to its west, Chinato its north.
  6. 6. Republic of the Maldives, lying about675 km south-west of Sri Lanka, consists ofmore than 1200 small coral islands (199inhabited), grouped in 19 atolls, in thenorthern Indian Ocean.The capital city of Maldives is Male, andthe country has Presidential form ofDemocratic Government. The predominantreligion is Islam.
  7. 7. Peoples Republic of China, or ZhonghuaRenmin Gonghe Guo, is the most populous country inthe world and the third largest in area. China is madeof 22 provinces, 5 autonomous regions and fourmunicipalities. It occupies most of the habitablemainland of East Asia. Two-thirds of the territory ismountainous or desert; only one-tenth iscultivated. The eastern half of China is one of theworlds best-watered lands.