Team: BrandWagon, IIM Kozhikode, RPG Blizzard 2012- Phase-I


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RPG Group's Brand Strategy

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Team: BrandWagon, IIM Kozhikode, RPG Blizzard 2012- Phase-I

  1. 1. TEAM NAME: BrandWagon IIM KOZHIKODECASE: RPG Group-Brand Strategy, Phase-I Anshul Kumar Apurba Gorai Atul Sharma Ph: 8086087963 Ph: 8943305059 Ph: 8943453454
  2. 2. PROBLEM STATEMENT  Various audiences of RPG’s Brand are unaware of its existence and its composition  Very few unique traits for which the group is known as a whole  Inexistent saliency of RPG Enterprise as a parent brand of its group companies OBJECTIVES  Identifying chief drivers of awareness for a group like RPG  Identifying target segment that the group caters to  Giving a roadmap to RPG to increase the brand awareness in the massesRPG BRAND REINFORCEMENT LOOP Important to group branding *Source: Research, Weber Shandwick
  3. 3. CHIEF DRIVERS OF AWARENESS FOR A GROUP Increased Awareness Increased top of the mind recall by a customer Brand Awareness refers to the strength of a brand’s presence in the consumer’s mind A group is only a brand if people think of imagery and associations when they think of that particular groupGroup Personification (Reputation) by people: Indicator of Awareness Brand Iceberg for a group Groups work extensively for the hidden elementsTATA- A mature, reliable, honest, socially concerned, middle-aged and amiddle class man •NameMahindra- 30-35 years of age, strong, rugged, semi-urban and a •Advertisingtrustworthy man •Logo VisibleRPG- Personification is difficult, hence the recall is less •Brand Identity •Environments •Products and Services •Brand Values Needs Hidden •Management Control Structure •Internal Communication to reach •Business Process here •Investor Relations •Customer Relations •Training Quality •Staff Motivation •Knowledge Management •Recruitment Policies RPG needs to move up the ladder •HR Policies and Processes •Technology *Source: B2B International On this branding ladder, the challenge is to move beyond the graphic symbols and metaphors to get to the more difficult *Source: cultural uniformity that customers and potential customers recognise and value. Increased value of the hidden elements Increased top of the mind awareness of a group
  4. 4. KEY DRIVERS OF AWARENESS FOR A GROUP Stakeholder Touch Point Corporate Brand Group Brand Awareness Group Brand Reputation Stakeholders Behavioral intentionsExperience•Product and Services-•Company Representatives- They are the corporate touch points for buyers, suppliers and investors•Online and other auxiliary services- Social Media presence, Corporate web site, workshops and seminarsCommunication•Advertising & Media-•Name, Colors and Symbolsand LogosOthers•Influencers- Previous/experienced users of the group’s product and services, employees•Scholarships and Rewards- Sir Dorabji TATA Scholarship, Aditya Birla Group Scholarships, OP Jindal Scholarship, KCMahindra Education Trust•CSR- Mahindra Finance, TATA Steel CSR initiative, Aditya Birla Group Model Villages•Competitors- Competitive rivalry raises awareness specially in the B2B Space•GroupInstitutes- *Source: Customer and non-customer perspectives for examining corporate reputation Hamed M Sharma, Salah S. Hasan
  5. 5. KEY DRIVERS OF AWARENESS FOR A GROUP Stakeholder Touch Point Corporate Brand Group Brand Awareness Group Brand Reputation Stakeholders Behavioral intentionsEmotional Appeal- Group brands associated with nationalism, empowerment, socialupliftment, trust and sportsProducts and Services- Quality, value offerings and differentiation in the form ofinnovation, R&D etcVision and Leadership-Alignment of groupvision with that of the business divisionsSocial and Environmental Responsibilities- Green Initiatives, Workplace Health SafetyStandards, workplace environment (open corporate culture, growth opportunities, flatorganization)Group Performance- Market Leadership, Profitability, Strong Fundamentals and portfolio ofsuccessful brandsunder a group *Source: Customer and non-customer perspectives for examining corporate reputation Hamed M Sharma, Salah S. Hasan
  6. 6. KEY DRIVERS OF AWARENESS FOR A GROUP Stakeholder Touch Point Corporate BrandGroup Brand Awareness Group Brand Reputation Stakeholders Behavioral intentions Intensions Positive Word of mouth Outcomes Stakeholder loyalty to group Intension to invest Driven by Group Stakeholder commitment to group Reputation Intension to seek employment Intension to purchase organizational products and services Long term exposure to awareness builds up group reputation- >positive group reputation helps in setting up stakeholders’ behavioral intentions->Positive reinforcement of these intentions lead to desired outcomes such as commitment and loyalty to the group brand. All the three parameters discussed above create brand awareness for a group *Source: Customer and non-customer perspectives for examining corporate reputation Hamed M Sharma, Salah S. Hasan
  7. 7. TARGET SEGMENTS FOR A GROUP Internal Target Segment External Target Segment Employees and Management SuppliersStrategy & Goals for Brand Awareness CustomersCreate an Organization culture that creates group Investors awareness (For ex. Google) Investment AnalystsTo communicate a consistent Value system within the organization Potential Employees To align the employees with the stated values of Society the corporation (mission and vision) Standardized policies across all the group Government companies that help in creating a brand identity Strategy & Goals for Brand Awareness •To communicate the group’s offering of services and products, quality and reliability •Emotional connect with the target audiences •The policy of criteria based associations (explained later) of the sub-companies with the group- Assures investors of the robustness of the brand •Organization culture and perceived fairness within the organization to be communicated to the potential employees •Image of a community citizen and a local contributor *Source: Aspara.J, Tikkanen.H , Adoption of corporate branding by managers, Brand Management Volume 16
  8. 8. BUILDING A STRONG RPG B2B BRAND *Source: RPG’s brand promise must be relevant A Brand is only valuable if it is able to offer a clear benefit which is of to a real need value to the customers and the other stakeholders RPG’s brand promise must appeal to In B2B markets, the decision is more rational. But a strong brand can tick the rational and the emotional all the rational boxes and offer emotional benefit of working with RPG RPG should be in a state of constant RPG should evolve to ensure that the brand promise continues to be evolution relevant in a changing environment RPG should analyze Gap between Identifying areas that would make the business partner outstanding Vision and Reality RPG should Measure and Respond Regularly monitor the health of the group brand and sub-brands. Use insights to make sure that all brands remain relevant and compellingHolistic Brand Strategy Publicity Emotional Brand Communication Connect PR/Advertising RPG Standards of RPG Web Site/ Web Banners Innovation; Collaborators Customers R&D Interactive Excellent Employee Marketing Training Networking The Branding Triangle Publications *Source:
  9. 9. ROADMAP OF A SUCCESSFUL CORPORATE BRAND FOR RPGBrand BrandAffinity RelevanceSuccessful Corporate Brand Glorified As the RPG group evolves, monitor the brand health and keep Brand it updated to maintain the relevance Monitoring the brand health to stay relevant in changing times Use colors, symbols and do corporate brand Aligning the other group companies of endorsement for group companies other RPG with the rejuvenated corporate brand than CEAT also; like Raychem, RPG of RPG and communicate the uniqueness LifeSciences etc of the brand RPG and its promise Revitalizing the RPG brand by identifying relevant Mixture of aspirational group brand characteristics and leveraging upon the Brand image of RPG and CEAT brand insights CEAT brand insightsIdentifying the brand promise ofthe flagship company (CEAT) Selection Criteria: Success, Quality, Strength, strong customer orientation and strong Value proposition (CAIRO
  10. 10. THANK YOU!