Quantum Leap Performance Solutions Profile


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Quantum Leap Performance Solutions Profile

  1. 1. Quantum Leap Performance Solutions<br />Company Profile<br />
  2. 2. About Us<br />Quantum Leap Performance Solutions (QLPS), is a part of Quantum Leap Group of Companies. QLPS is aimed at providing Learning Solutions for Organizations to uncover the Human Potential for achieving Organizational and Personal Excellence. <br />Established in 2007 QLPS has facilitated growth and impacted results of organizations across various sectors by implementing its Scientific yet Generative Approach.<br />Our Vision:<br />To be the most Trusted Partner in exploring and expanding human potential through Transformational Thinking and Leadership Practices.<br />Our Sister Concern:<br /><ul><li>Elixir Human Capital Solutions – A Talent Management and Career Fitment Solutions Company</li></li></ul><li>Our Expertise<br />Diagnosis + Design + Delivery = Development <br />We facilitate Fool-Proof Learning Processes.<br />
  3. 3. Our Developmental Solutions<br />
  4. 4. Leadership Development Programs<br />SERVE Management<br />for Senior Managers, Project Managers and Process Managers.<br />S – Stretch Ideas<br />E – Engage People<br />R – Responsibility for Results & Relationships<br />V – Values in Action<br />E – Effective Planning & Decision Making<br />ABC Leadership<br />for Team Leads, People Managers and Team Builders<br />A – Accountability for Results and Standards<br />B – Belonging for Relationships and Cohesiveness<br />C – Creation for Continuous Improvement & Proactive Thinking <br />Follow Up<br />C E <br />O N <br />M H <br />P A <br />E N <br />T C<br />E E<br />N M<br />C E<br />Y N<br /> T<br />L<br />A<br />B<br />S<br />
  5. 5. Leadership Development Programs<br />3.Manager as a Coach Certification<br />Coaching Skills today is an imperative approach in Effective Management and Leadership. The Objective is to support your Organization in building Performance and Growth Centric Management and Leadership Style with Coaching at it’s Core.<br />4. Mentoring and People Development<br />To equip Managers and Leaders with a the Competence of Mentoring at the Workplace.<br />5.Step Up Management<br /><ul><li>To equip First Time Managers and Leaders with the Foundational Management and Leadership Skills</li></li></ul><li>Functional Excellence Programs<br />1. For Sales <br />For B2B Sales, Retail Sales, B2C Sales, Outbound Call Center<br />Sales Paradigm Training<br />Sales Process Training<br />Breakthrough Sales Project<br />Key Account Management<br />Customer Relationship Management<br />2. For Customer Support<br />Customer Service – Level 1 & Level 2<br />Culture Sensitization<br />Customer Service Competency Benchmarking<br />Customer Service Quality Auditing and Coaching<br />Customer Service Quality Management System <br />
  6. 6. Functional Excellence Programs<br />3. For HR<br />Competency based Interviewing skills<br />4. For Trainers & Coaches<br />Competency based Learning and Development Practitioner<br />Certified Performance Coach<br />Coaching Skills – Level 1 & Level 2<br />Certified OD Practitioner<br />NLP Practitioner Training<br />Train the Trainer<br />Certification in Behavioral Training<br />
  7. 7. 1. Outbound Learning Programs<br />For Teams, Organizations, Inductions, Offsite and Leadership Development <br />Team Connect – An Outbound Team Building Program<br />Ignite – A Leadership Boot Camp<br />2. Business Communication Programs<br />Performance Communication - A Business Communication Course<br />Powerful Presentation - A Presentation Skills Course<br />Email Writing Skills<br />Business Etiquette<br />English Lab<br />Voice & Accent Training <br />Soft Skill Programs<br />
  8. 8. Soft Skill Programs<br />3. Personality Development Programs<br />P.O.I.N.T Performer – An Outbound Personality Development Program<br />Lifetime – A Transformational Workshop<br />Emotional Intelligence<br />4. Personal Effectiveness Programs<br />Relationship Paradigms – An Interpersonal Relationships Program<br />“HEAD”ing Forward – A Creativity Course<br />Super Plan – A Planning, Time and Stress Management Program <br />Think Win-Win – A Negotiation Skills Program<br />Culture Sensitization Training<br />Feedback Skills Training<br />
  9. 9. The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team Assessment<br />The Trimetrix Axiology Assessment – Behaviors, Motivators and Competencies Assessment<br />Workforce Effectiveness Index<br />Core Develop<br />Core Select <br />Psychometric Assessments<br />
  10. 10. Why Choose Quantum Leap? <br /><ul><li>Process Driven: </li></ul>Our focus is to cause lasting meaningful change, thus we believe that Learning has to supported most after the Training when participants encounter situations that Challenge the Learning.<br /><ul><li>Operational Implementation Focus:</li></ul>We understand that the objective of the Learning is its effective Implementation and Impact of Operational Excellence, thus our Learning Design is structured to have Operational Implementation at its core.<br /><ul><li>Clear ROI:</li></ul>We follow a clear system of Co-Created Deliverables at the beginning of any Coaching & Development Process and establish adequate Monitoring and Review Systems to allows you track your Return on Investment.<br /><ul><li>Scientific yet Generative Approach:</li></ul>Our Coaches come from accredited backgrounds in various L&D Systems, Philosophies and Sciences adding to which is our Core Competency of Coaching & Transformational Living that enriches our Learning Processes with Structure and Dynamism.<br />
  11. 11. Client Breakthrough:<br />Breakthrough Results achieved by CAE Simulation Technologies Pvt. Ltd.:<br /><ul><li>Schedule Compliance: Increased by 27%
  12. 12. Quality: Improved by 21%
  13. 13. Communication Effectiveness: Improved by 23%
  14. 14. Revenues: Increased by 30%</li></ul>All in the span of 3months!<br />“Very powerful with simple and effective tools and skills. Very practical, yet Extraordinary.”<br />Prasad Choragudi, Managing Director, <br />CAE Simulation Technologies Pvt. Ltd.<br />
  15. 15. Client Breakthrough:<br />Breakthrough Results achieved by Sudhir Papers Ltd:<br /><ul><li>Increase in Revenues: 51.74%
  16. 16. Reduction in Process Cycle Time: 44.82%
  17. 17. Reduction in Inventory: 48%
  18. 18. Increase in Production: 33%</li></ul>All in the span of 8months!<br />“The enlightenment through the Quantum Leap Concept is a path breaking approach for us from our routine way of working & living”.<br />Rajiv Gupta, Managing Director<br />Sudhir Papers Ltd.<br /> <br />
  19. 19. Our Credentials<br /><ul><li>We are a team of Trainers, Coaches and Consultants with rich backgrounds in Management, Psychology, Engineering, HR and Entrepreneurship
  20. 20. Our team members are certified in:
  21. 21. 6 Sigma Green Belt by American Society for Quality
  22. 22. Psychometrician and Assessor (CAPM) from International Association of Applied Psychology
  23. 23. Certified in Balanced Scorecard by Carlton Advanced Management Institute, USA
  24. 24. Certified in Learning & Development by Carlton Advanced Management Institute, USA
  25. 25. Certified in Behavioral & Motivational Analysis by Target Training International, USA
  26. 26. RESULTS COACHING SYSTEMS by Franklin Covey, South Asia and accredited by INTERNATIONAL COACHING FEDERATION
  27. 27. NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner from NFNLP, USA
  28. 28. CADET (Creating and Developing Effective Teams) by TITANS International
  29. 29. CHANGE LEADERSHIP by V-Team International, Malaysia
  30. 30. Registered Organizational Development Consultant (RODC) certified by Indian Institute of Organizational Development (IIOD) affiliated to Institute of Organizational Development (IOD), Florida USA
  31. 31. Certified in Train-the-Trainer NLP by Neoway Academy
  32. 32. Trained by Anthony Robbins - the world’s best success coach for “UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN”
  33. 33. Presented a paper to LaTrobe University, Australia and JGI on the “GAME CREATION TEACHING PEDAGOGY”; This white paper was published in “Innovative Teaching Pedagogy in Business and Management Education”</li></li></ul><li>We have worked with:<br />
  34. 34. Complete List of Clients<br /><ul><li>Rediye Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  35. 35. Right Source Global
  36. 36. Rotary UDYOG - PIA
  37. 37. SainiImpex Pvt. Ltd.
  38. 38. Sindhi Chamber of Commerce
  39. 39. Southern Electronics Pvt Ltd
  40. 40. Spheris India Pvt. Ltd.
  41. 41. Stylus Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  42. 42. Sudhir Papers Ltd.
  43. 43. Synchem Pvt. Ltd.
  44. 44. Talisma Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
  45. 45. Titan India Ltd.
  46. 46. Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts Ltd.
  47. 47. Teleprospects Ltd., UK
  48. 48. Valtech India Pvt. Ltd.
  49. 49. 24 X 7 Customer India Pvt. Ltd.
  50. 50. Aankit Granites Ltd.
  51. 51. ACT TV Pvt. Ltd.
  52. 52. ADRA, A&N Islands
  53. 53. Andaman & Nicobar IAS & Police Force
  54. 54. Avon Data Cables Pvt. Ltd.
  55. 55. BhartiAxa General Insurance Company Ltd.
  56. 56. Binary Spectrum Softech Pvt. Ltd.
  57. 57. Bizz World, Mysore
  58. 58. CAE Simulation Technologies Pvt Ltd
  59. 59. Capco India Pvt. Ltd.
  60. 60. Carewell Technology Products
  61. 61. CISCO Systems Inc.
  62. 62. Center Stage, Bangalore
  63. 63. Direct Dialog
  64. 64. Dearbon Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
  65. 65. Encompass Events Pvt. Ltd.
  66. 66. FI Design & Development Pvt. Ltd.
  67. 67. G. S. Limited
  68. 68. Global ITES Ltd.
  69. 69. HMT Ltd.
  70. 70. IIHT Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
  71. 71. IndegeneLifesystems Pvt. Ltd.
  72. 72. Infineon Technology India Pvt. Ltd.
  73. 73. Jain Heights Structures Pvt. Ltd.
  74. 74. K2 Network Pvt. Ltd.
  75. 75. Klauz Pvt. Ltd.
  76. 76. Kodiak Networks Pvt. Ltd.
  77. 77. Komtech Plastics Pvt. Ltd.
  78. 78. Kyocera-Wireless India Ltd.
  79. 79. Logica Pvt. Ltd.
  80. 80. Loungediary.com
  81. 81. Macmillan Publishing Solutions
  82. 82. Mainstay Teleservices Pvt. Ltd.
  83. 83. Manipal E Commerce Pvt. Ltd.
  84. 84. PCS Securities Pvt. Ltd.
  85. 85. People First – Bangalore & Chennai
  86. 86. Phoenix DMC Solutions
  87. 87. Pontus Knowledge Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  88. 88. PRDC Pvt. Ltd.</li></li></ul><li>Thank You!<br />info@quantumleap.co.in<br />www.quantumleap.co.in<br />