Contractor camp inspection check list rev 9 12 16.00hr


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  • Useful suggestions ! Speaking of which if you want a PA DoR REV-183 EX , my wife encountered a template document here Pennsylvania Form Transfer.
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Contractor camp inspection check list rev 9 12 16.00hr

  1. 1. Contractor Caravans/ Temporary Facilities Check List Yes, No/ Yes -Sl. No. Description N/A But Missing Good Poor Area, Design and Layout of Accommodations and Temporary Facilities 1. Are there proper approvals for the Accommodation Area? 2. Does the area confirmed, marked and fenced? Is the lay out meeting UAE, ADNOC & ADOC temporary facilities 3. requirements? 4. Is there proper approval for the layout? Does the design includes all necessary facilities like Fire Detection and 5. alarming Systems, Fire Fighting Means, Escape means, Drainage systems etc? 6. Are there proper accesses for emergency vehicles? 7. Does the design adequate for Emergency Evacuation? Is there proper illumination for walk ways, access, Egress, living and 8. I common areas? Is the living area separated from the sources of Fuels, Equipments and 9. storages? 10. Is there the storage of any Hazardous Materials? Is it allowed to store? 11. Are there the proper approvals & precautions in place for storing H.M? 12. Are there proper waste handling and disposal facility? Are they adequate? 13. Does the design approved by all concerned? 14. Are there proper notifications of facilities? 15. Are there proper parking areas for all vehicles and Equipments? 16. Are the parking areas marked and posted with reverse parking signs? Design and Construction of Caravans/ Temporary Facilities 17. Are the caravans design and specifications approved? 18. Are the caravans constructed as per Approved design? Is it constructed to comply with BS or otherwise made of materials, which 19. will not significantly contribute, to the growth of a fire Are the caravans having automatic Fire/ Smoke Detection and alarming 20. systems? 21. Are there proper accesses to the caravans? 22. Are there Air conditioners? Are they adequate? 23. Are there sufficient lightings inside and outside the caravans? 24. Are there sufficient power sockets for occupants? 25. Is Floor space per occupant meeting requirements? 26. Does Pest control done 27. Are the furniture’s minimized to reduce the risk of fire? Are the floors of temporary buildings raised above ground and space 28. beneath covered with non flammable materials? 29. Are there suitable fires/ smoke detection and warning systems? Emergency plans procedures 30. Are the Emergency arrangements, procedures approved? 31. Are there proper emergency evacuation arrangements as peer approval? Are the evacuation routes and assembly points posted with signs in 32. prominent locations? 33. Are the Evacuation routes & Emergency procedures displayed in
  2. 2. prominent areas?34. Are there proper alarm/ alert systems to alert the people?35. Is there sufficient access to all areas for the Emergency Vehicles?36. Is the assembly point marked? Are there signs to the Assly. Points? Fire fighting systems37. Are there any fire tanks, fire hydrants or other fire fighting systems?38. Are the firefighting arrangements provided as per design/ Plan?39. Are they adequate against the all potential sources of fire?40. Are the firefighting equipments meets the standards?41. Are the fighting system installed by competent personnel?42. Are they tested for proper functioning and certified? Fire extinguishers Are there adequate Fire extinguishers for offices, Accommodations,43. common areas?44. Are there appropriate type of extinguishers and Adequate capacities? Are the extinguishers in good condition? Are they inspected? Are there45. valid Third Party Certificates?46. Are they installed at appropriate heights (1-1.2m from the ground)?47. Are the installed locations visible, easily accessible?48. Are the extinguishers installed without any hindrances?49. Are the extinguishers protected adequately?50. Is inspection tag/ label attached to the extinguishers?51. Are there proper signs and usage Instructions for Extinguishers? Gas Cylinder Storage and Installations52. Is the area approved & away (Min. 10m) from residential buildings?53. Is the area safe and free from ignition sources? Are the Flammable Liquids and LPG Stored in Purpose-Designed? Roof54. covered? Ventilated well? Does the store have a paved or compacted base, and is it clear of weeds55. and rubbish? Is the storage area at least 10 meter from temporary and permanent56. buildings?57. Are there proper, adequate ventilations as per norms and guide lines? If flammable liquids are not stored in compounds, is the quantity less than58. 50 liters (or half a days supply, whichever is less) and is it kept in a fire resistant cupboard or bin? Are cylinders of oxygen and containers of similar agents kept separately59. from LPG? If not, are the recommended precautions taken? Is there any electrical installation? Are the electrical fittings and devices60. are of intrinsically safe? Are suitable fire extinguishers provided at the entrances? Are the capacity61. and quantity sufficient?62. Are there proper warning signs and instructions in storage area?63. Is separate storage area available for Empty containers?64. Is there any means to restrict un authorized entries?65. Is there proper pressure reduction/ manifold system?66. Are there non return valves, flash/ flame back arrestors in the fuel lines?67. Are all the fittings and appliances confirming to the requirements?68. Are the installations done by competent person as per regulations?69. Are the installations Safe? Are they tested for leaks? Certified?70. Are there any automatic gas/ smoke / fire detection systems installed?
  3. 3. 71. Are there adequate controls on unauthorized entries and usages? Fuel storage72. Is there proper approval for fuel storage?73. Is the area safely away from ignition sources and Temporary buildings?74. Is the storage container approved? Inspected? Tested and certified?75. Is the container marked clearly with the type of fuel and capacity?76. Is there proper filling and handling arrangements?77. Are the installations, safe and having all necessary safety features? Are the fuel tanks installed on stable structures/ grounds and properly78. secured?79. Are the installations done by competent personnel, tested and certified?80. Are there proper adequate Fire precautionary measures?81. Are there suitable fire extinguishers in adequate capacity and quantity?82. Is there enough illumination and ventilation?83. Are the Electrical Installations appropriate? Are they Safe?84. Is the area adequately protected against weather and un authorized entries?85. Are there proper warning signs like No Smoking, etc? Power Generators, Electrical Appliances and Installations Is the area approved? Is it away from Assembly points, residence86. buildings, Flammable materials, Ignition sources, etc.? Are the equipments Installed on the stable ground? Are they protected87. from weather and un authorized entries? Are the equipments fit for the zone? Approved to use? Adequate in88. capacity? Are the Equipments fit to use and free from defects, leaks, etc? Are they89. inspected by third parties? Valid certificates available?90. Are the Equipments installed as per manufacturer’s recommendations?91. Are the installations carried out by the authorized, competent persons?92. Are the vents/ exhausts of equipments free from any obstructions? Are there even flooring, clear/ safe access, walking and working space93. around?94. Is the Illumination adequate? Is the ventilation sufficient?95. Are the mains and DBs appropriate? Approved?96. Is there any chance for overload? If yes, is there overload protectors? Are the heaters and electrical devices installed safely in well ventilated97. locations? Are they earthed properly?98. Are there sufficient sockets available for all requirements?99. Are the lights, fixtures and other electrical items approved? Are the open air installations such like Passage lightings adequately100. protected against prevailing weather conditions?101. Are the cables having adequate capacities? Are they approved?102. Are the cables laid, installed properly and safely?103. Are there any joints in cables? Are the joints insulated, sealed properly? Are the safety devices like fuses, RCD, ELCB, Emergency switch, etc104. fitted to the Equipments, mains and Installations?105. Are the ELCBs available for each unit/ blocks/ Caravans?106. Are all the Equipments, devices and Installations earthed properly? Are the installations, termination, testing and commissioning done by107. competent persons? Are the installations tested? Certified?108. Is spillage tray available for all Equipments?109. Is there any proper refueling arrangements/ provisions?
  4. 4. 110. Are there proper persons available to operate service the equipments?111. Are there adequate fire extinguishers/ fire fighting means?112. Are there proper warning signs and Instructions? Kitchen and Dining113. Are the Fire Exits / Escape Routes clear? Marked?114. Are there Fire Detection & Alarm Systems as planned & Functioning?115. Portable Fire Extinguishers (Auto Cooker Hood Fire Ex System)?116. Are the Lighting levels / Emergency Lighting adequate?117. Air Conditioning / Ventilation appropriate? Adequate?118. Hygiene / Food Handlers (look, dressing & Health Certification)119. Are there any hand wash, First aid facilities, emergency information’s?120. Is there proper and sufficient Pest Control means – (Neon Fly Catchers)?121. Are the separate Food Preparation Facilities for different foods? Is there proper Food Storage Area? Is adequate space? Are Temperatures122. controlled? Is there any means to monitor Temperature?123. Are there adequate freezers for storing different category of foodstuffs?124. Is the area clean and hygiene?125. Are there proper drainage, screening and cleaning arrangements? Is there separate, hygienic area for cutting, cooking, etc for different126. menus?127. Is there proper dish washing, sterilizing facility?128. Are the gas installations done as per codes and standards?129. Is there proper shut off system for all equipment’s (Gas cooking units)? Are the installations done by competent persons? Are they tested?130. Certified?131. Are there proper hand wash facilities with soaps and tissues?132. Are there proper waste handling systems, bins, etc? Store rooms and storages133. Are the storage rooms provided as per requirements? Approved?134. Are the items stored in safe manner? Like in containers etc. Is there proper lighting, ventilation, etc? Is cool enough for food stuff135. storage?136. Is there adequate freezers/ chillers available for storing meats, veg., etc?137. Are the freezers provided with temperature indicators?138. Is there adequate pest control/ fly control measures?139. Is there safe, separate area for chemical storages? Is there labels?140. Are the fire precautions adequate? Appropriate? Recreation rooms141. Are there recreation facilities? Adequate? Sports/ fitness areas?142. Are the safety aspects considered? In place?143. Are there adequate seating arrangements? Is adequately cooling?144. Is the illumination adequate? Appropriate?145. Are the accesses and egresses safe? Adequate? Marked and Illuminated?146. Are the emergency procedures, escape routes posted?147. Is there adequate fire fighting means? Signs posted? Smoking Areas148. Is the smoking area approved?149. Is the smoking area away and free from flammable materials?150. Is there ash tray or other suitable means for extinguishing Cigarette?151. Is there proper seating arrangements? Is adequate?152. Is there suitable, sufficient Fire Extinguishers? Accessible?
  5. 5. 153. Are there proper warning signs and health safety instructions posted?154. Is the smoking area adequately covered/ protected?155. Is illumination adequate? Electrical Installations protected? Ablution blocks, Baths and Toilets Are the ablution and toilet blocks comply with standards and156. requirements?157. Are the wash and toilet facilities adequate for the inmates?158. Are the fittings appropriate and functioning properly?159. Are there proper doors, locks and cloth hanging facilities? Are there water storage facilities with adequate capacities? Are they160. protected against extreme weathers?161. Is there sufficient pumping, shut down arrangements?162. Are the drain lines been tested against leakages?163. Are the drainage facilities adequate? Are there maintenance arrangements? Drains and sewage164. Is the sewage systems provided are as per the approved designs?165. Are the sewage lines tested against leaks? Are the sewage lines and facilities adequate without the threats of166. overflow? Are the vents proper?167. Are there proper sewage pits, screening and cleaning arrangements? Health care168. Are there proper clinic/ First Aid facilities?169. Is the clinic/ first aid room fully equipped? Comply with standards?170. Is clinic/ first aid room have clear access to Ambulance, etc?171. Are there proper signs and contact information’s?172. Is there proper illumination in all areas, as per norms and requirements? Is there any monitoring systems? Is the noise level tested? Is the noise173. level in the acceptable limits? Is there any chance for high or continuous vibrations? Are the equipments174. installed in such a way that the vibrations are minimum?175. Is the cooling in accommodation rooms adequate for occupants?176. Is the accommodation clean, hygiene and living conditions acceptable?177. Is there adequate washing facility for all occupants?178. Are there adequate basins, bathrooms and washrooms?179. Are the ablution blocks confirming to the regulations? Welfare Facilities / Drinking water / Washing and drying180. Is purified drinking water available for all persons? I181. Is the quality of water tested? Is it acceptable?182. Is there the facility to cool the water? Is it adequate?183. Is there proper access, maintenance feasibility, etc?184. Is there proper means for drinking/ filling?185. Is the area clean and hygiene without any stagnation?186. Are the electrical installations safe and protected?187. Is there proper signs and illuminations? Hot works188. Is there any hot works planned in Accommodation areas??189. Is there safe area? Is it approved? Is it away/ free from flammables?190. Are there proper permits, fire precautions, controls in place?191. Are the existing services protected/ covered adequately?192. Are there proper warning signs and barricades?193. Waste Management
  6. 6. 194. Is the waste management system incorporated in design and approved? Are there proper waste segregation, collection and disposal arrangements?195. Are they sufficient? Areas marked with signs?196. Are there separate bins/ collection means for each category of waste?197. Are the bins marked/ color coded for the appropriate type?198. Are there any potential threats from waste storages?199. Are the flammable wastes stored away from the ignition sources?200. Are there proper arrangements for the disposal of municipal wastes?201. Are there suitable arrangements for hazardous wastes? Is collected waste, awaiting disposal, kept away from temporary buildings,202. stores and equipment? Free from any health threats?203. Are the collected wastes protected from animals, etc? Warning Signs204. Are all the areas including restricted areas marked/ posted clearly?205. Are the access and egress points marked clearly? Illuminated?206. Are there proper warning signs against all potential hazards/ sources?207. Are there proper directional, do’s and do not’s signs?208. Are there prominent signs of assembly points and directions?209. Are there the signs of mandatory PPE’s required?210. Are there HSE Notice Board – Policy, Posters, informations?