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Product presentation on enterprise and digital solution


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Mobizdom Technology caters to enterprise need of the business on the instant communication need and we are even helpful for complete digital marketing solutions to brands and enterprise. We help our clients acquire, connect, engage and serve customers through our variegated product line.

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  • We are business consultant for enterprise business on VOICE, EMAIL and Messaging along with USSD and help even companies for their digital needs
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Product presentation on enterprise and digital solution

  1. 1. ENTERPRISE MOBILITY AND DIGITAL ABILITY Solution for all screens
  2. 2. ABOUT US Mobizdom Technology is a digital marketing company with aim on marketing expertise to enterprises, SMEs and Brands in screen universe We service your enterprise need on the business side and digital needs on the reach side Our Enterprise mobility solution helps you address your instant communication need and reduces the effort and response time. ME solutions are device agnostic. Enterprise Messaging Virtual Mobile Number Transactional Emails Voice solutions And Digital Media (SEO, SEM, Social media, PPC, CPM ) A Comprehensive solution to companies right from Acquisition, connect, engage and serve
  3. 3. INSTANT AND EFFORTLESS COMMUNICATION Brands and enterprises are more susceptible to vagaries of ecosystem So are there customers. Reach them when they need you
  4. 4. OUR SCREEN SOLUTIONS Messaging (Outbound and inbound) for both National and International Outbound Transactional Alert, Reminder, OTP, Mobile authentication and verification etc. Promotional: Awareness, discount, promotion and Mobile couponing, WAP link (MVC) embedded messaging for brands or video commercial XX-ICICIP Dear customer, premium receipt against your policy number10233 has been dispatched If not received tomorrow evening.SMS<PNR> 10233
  5. 5. Client MVC Client video on customer mobile LG INBOX LG Exchange Carnival. Bring your old LG appliances & exchange for new. Click on cell to view the full OFFER. Contd…
  6. 6. CONTD…. Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) -Inbound 9XXXXXXXXX For brand identity, reply for poll, contest, enquiries through keywords, text to screen for social or business gathering, sales updates, inventory and stock alert, balance enquiries Etc lm XX-SHOPPEE Do you know, where is the tallest Building being built? Answer to win 625 SMS cont <answer ) to 9xxxxxxxx 9xxxxxxxxx Cont china
  7. 7. EMAIL SOLUTIONS EMAILING Managed campaign to TGs by Mobizdom for brands, SMEs and enteprise Transactional to Opted-in subscribers, payment confirmation, policy reminders, Alert, reminder, OTP, activation link etc
  8. 8. VOICE SOLUTIONS Mobizdom offerings  Voice services  Run inbound voice campaigns – Virtual receptionists, missed calls, click-to-call, automated IVRs  Outbound campaigns – payment alerts, password confirmation, announcements  Customized inbound or outbound voice campaigns based on customer requirements
  9. 9. DIGITAL SOLUTIONS Performance based campaigns Mobile Video Communcation (MVC) Socia media marketing SEOs, SEMs, PPC, CPC We propose solutions based on the needs of clients
  10. 10. Enhanced communication with video on mobile leading to high level of customer engagement & brand retention Mobile Video Communication
  11. 11. OUR PLATFORM We have strong unified platform which covers  SMS campaign management  Send SMS to targeted users  Promotional campaigns as per TRAI guidelines  Transaction campaigns  Shortcode/longcode PULL services  Email campaign management  Run media rich content marketing campaigns  Target users based on profile – gender, profession, geography, age  Capture user behavior - Open, link clicked, unsubscribe Link E-mail campaigns with analytics tools
  12. 12. Thank You Best Mobizdom Team