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How to Update Drivers in Windows 10


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This post will show you three ways to update drivers in Windows 10/7, including drivers for Wi-Fi connection, graphics, bluetooth, USB, audio card, motherboard.

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How to Update Drivers in Windows 10

  1. 1. FonePaw Technology Limited1 How to Update Drivers in Windows 10/7 Driv ers are essential f or the Windows operation sy stem to communicate with y our hardware dev ices. When y our Wi-Fi, graphics, bluetooth, USB or other driv er is outdated, f or example af ter updating y our computer to Windows 10, y our PC could hav e these problems: the PC is unable to connect to Wi-Fi/bluetooth, f ails to recognize smartphone connected with USB cable or has audio or graphic issue. This post will show y ou three way s to update driv ers in Windows 10/7. Part 1: Should You Update Your Drivers? When should I update my driv ers? Should I alway s keep my driv ers up-to-date? Many users hav e questions like that. Basically, it is not necessary to keep y our driv er up-to-date all the time. The latest v ersion won't come with any dramatic perf ormance improv ement but just some simple bug f ixes. You need to update y our driv ers only when:  You play computer game and need to keep y our graphics driv ers up-to-date to ensure best gaming perf ormance;  The outdated driv ers cause problems on y our computer. Part 2: Automatically Update Drivers on Windows 10 If y ou are using Windows 10, the Windows system automatically checks f or latest driv ers f ory our computer by def ault. The driv ers will be updated automatically with Windows Update. Howev er, the univ ersal driv ers that updated by Windows 10 are not alway s the best f or y our hardware dev ices and some of them may cause trouble on y our computer. So many users pref er to manually updating driv ers f or their computers. To disable automatic driver installation on Windows 10, y ou can:  Click Control Panel > Sy stem and Security > Sy stem > Adv anced Sy stem Settings;  From the pop-up window, choose Hardware > Device Installation Settings;  Choose No f or the question whether to let Windows to download driv er sof tware and realistic icons f or y our dev ices.  And click Sav e Change.
  2. 2. FonePaw Technology Limited2 Part 3: Manually Update Drivers in Windows 10/7 You can also manually update a driv er with a suitable driv er f ile that y ou download f rom the hardware manuf acturer' website. Here is the step-to-step guide to manually update driv ers in Windows 10/7. Step 1. Find and download driv ers f rom manuf acturer websites. You should f irst hav e these inf ormation: the model of the hardware that needs updated driv er, the model of your computer (Dell, HP, etc.), operating system of your computer (32-bit/64-bit v ersion of Windows, Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP). For example, if I need to download a driv er f or my Intel graphics card, I will go to and f ind graphics driv er f or Intel (R) HD Graphics 520, 64-bit Windows 10. Step 2. Unzip the driv er f ile that y ou hav e downloaded if y ou downloaded a zip f ile. Step 3. Nav igate to Dev ice Manager on y our Windows 10/7.  On Windows 10, right click on Start icon and choose Dev ice Manager.  On Windows 7, click Start and right click Computer > Manage. Choose Yes f or permission f rom User Account Control and select Dev ice Manager. Step 4. Choose the device that y ou need to update driv er f or. For example, if y ou need to update the graphics driv er, f ind the dev ice under Display adapters category . Step 5. Right click on the dev ice and choose Update Driver Software. Step 6. From the pop-up window, choose Browse my computer for driver software and click Browse to choose the driv er f ile that y ou hav e downloaded. Step 7. Select the driv er f ile and click Next to begin updating the driv er.
  3. 3. FonePaw Technology Limited3 Part 4: Update Drivers in Windows 10/7 with Drive Talent If y ou are not tech-sav v y and just need to f ind a simple way to update a specif ic driv er, you can turn to a driver updater, which can automatically identif y the outdated driv ers on y our phone and update them to a stable & newer v ersion in one click. It will s av e y ou lots of trouble to f ind and download a suitable driv er f or y our computer. Here we recommend Driver Talent, a comprehensiv e driv ers management tool f or Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista. It can scan out outdated, missing or corrupted drivers f or both y our hardware dev ices and peripheral dev ices so that y ou can quickly locate the problematic driv er and update it in one click. Besides updating driv ers, Driv er Talent also does a good job on back up drivers, fix problematic hardware like display adapter, sound card and view information of hardware such as CPU, Motherboard and more. Step 1. Download Driv er Talent. And launch the program on y our PC. Step 2. The program will show the inf ormation of y our computer operation sy stem. Click Scan f or the program to begin scanning driv ers f rom y our PC. Step 3. All update-able driv ers will be scanned out. Choose Stable Driver option on the bottom to f ilter out only the stable v ersion. Or y ou can choose Latest Driver option to display only the newest v ersion. Step 4. Choose the one that y ou need to update and click the arrow down icon to select a of f icial or WHQL driv er. You're suggested to choose the f irst one, which is recommended by Driv er Talent. Click Download to begin downloading the driv er. Step 5. Af ter downloading, click Install to update the driv er.
  4. 4. FonePaw Technology Limited4 Note:  If y ou need to update driv ers f or USB, key board, mouse, wireless dev ice or other peripheral dev ice, y ou can choose Peripheral Drivers category . If you hav e trouble connecting the dev ice to y our computer, click Repair to repair the driv ers.  Choose Toolbox and y ou will f ind more tools to f ix driv ers display adapter, sound card, game play ing issue. If y ou hav e no internet connection on y our computer, try Driv er Talent f or Network Cardto install the network driv er without internet connection.