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Greek mythology 2


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Quiz on Greek Mythology part 2

Published in: Education
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Greek mythology 2

  1. 1. Myths have always existed to justify the humanbein’s existence. Greek gods have existed andworshipped by millions of Greeks who whether askedfor security, or thanked for the graces conquered.Actually gods had absolute power above humans.Netherless they admired so much their followers thatsometimes they could even come to Earth to interactwith them. Zeus was one of the most famous toseduce women who generated his descendants whoused to be part humans and part gods. One goodexample was Perseus. In the middle of something,these “half divine, half human” beings have alwaysbeen an inspiration to everyone of us who particularlyhave a keen on them and have the dream to be young,brave, handsome. NEXT NEXT
  2. 2. The gods and human beings were so alike,whether in shapes of in personality, that itwas confusing to identify who was who. Zeus,Poseidon and Hades were brothers and dividedtheir possessions after the death of theirfather, Chronos. Zeus decided to inherit theskies, Poseidon the seas and Hades got theworst part; the underworld. These kingdonshave been ruled by them since then, so sailorsused to pray for Poseidon, the most gracefulwas Zeus and Hades was forgotten, but at theend, every mortal had to meet the underworldgod, Hades after all. NEXT NEXT
  3. 3. He was one of Chrono’s divinity children and heused to rule the underworld. Poseidon Poseidon Zeus Zeus Hades Hades Good start! NEXT NEXT
  4. 4. They were companions of Pan and Dionysius. InMythology, they are associated with pipe playing.ChironsChirons centaurs centaurs Satyrs Satyrs Very NEXT NEXT good!
  5. 5. She was the first one to be swallowed by Chronoswith her siblings. Her brother Zeus determined shehad to be worshiped in every home.AphroditeAphrodite Hestia Hestia Hera Hera NEXT NEXT Excellent
  6. 6. Men and women from Athens were offered in sacrificeto this creature which lived in Crete, but it was defeatedby Theseus later. It was King Mino’s half human son: cyclop cyclop kraken kraken Great! NEXT NEXT Minotaur Minotaur
  7. 7. He was the Roman name for the Greek demigodHeracles, son of Jupiter (the Roman equivalent ofZeus and Hera). Admired by the Romans and alsoworshiped in Gaul and Spain for his strenght. Ulysses Ulysses That’s it! Hercules Hercules NEXT NEXT Perseus Perseus
  8. 8. Greeks thought he was the father of time.He also used to eat his divinity-children. Zeus Zeus His divinity children were:Zeus, Hades,VolcanoVolcano Poseidon,Hera,ChronosChronos Hestia and Demeter. Yes! NEXT NEXT
  9. 9. She was one of Chronos’s daughter andthe goddess of the harvest and seasons. Aphrodite Aphrodite Hestia Hestia Demeter Demeter NEXT NEXTCongrats!
  10. 10. He was the invulnerable son of the NymphThetis and Peleus and he was the great warrior of the Troyan war, but his heel was hisonly weakness. Achilles Achilles Hercules Hercules Wow! NEXT NEXT Perseus Perseus
  11. 11. He made Demeter’s daughter his lover and she haslived in the underworld with him part of the year. Volcano & Volcano & Venus Venus Ulysses & Ulysses & Penelope Penelope Hades & Hades & Persephone Persephone NEXT NEXT Very nice!
  12. 12. He defeated the Minotaur and no humanoffers were fulfilled to it since then.UlyssesUlysses Perseus Perseus Theseus Theseus THE END