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EComm 2010 Presentation on Augmented Reality. I covered some of my earlier thoughts and then introduced a thought about local money and how I think it is different from normal money.

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  • 20100421 ecomm pressy

    1. 1. ?Who will own our Augmented Reality? @anselm EComm America April 21st 2010 SFO
    2. 2. Your next 10 minutes • @Anselm Hook • Programmer and Theorist • Worked at @ning, @meedan, @platialmaps, @ea and @makerlab • Was suspiciously near Eyjafjallajökull
    3. 3. AR: fear or flight? • I am excited by AR but have concerns: • Where will the data come from? • Will we see each others attentive acts? • Who will take the money?
    4. 4. Is that a reality in your pocket? • AR promises many things: • A single unified view. • A zero click interface to reality. • The best near-field view. • The data that is most important to your quality of life.
    5. 5. Augmenting understanding
    6. 6. Double Click to Destroy • If successful AR will have big impacts: • Street signs will rust away. • People will see through walls. • Hybrid vigor of mixing perspective. • Attention will become the currency. • If you’re not in it you may be considered a second class citizen.
    7. 7. Google Goggles hints at the trend: • A family of image analysis engines. • A big pile of data and computation. • Can tell you where to buy that book. • Can tell you where your wine comes from. • Soon will be able to tell you what people nearby think of a piece of graffiti. • In five years you can look at a person and know if they are on a terrorist watch-list. • (Google as likely winner plays the straw-man here)
    8. 8. But where will the data come from? • When you look at McDonalds through your AR Glasses... • Does Ronald McDonald hug you? • Or do you get a stern admonition from the local organic grocer? • Or a map of deforestation in the Amazon?
    9. 9. It’s a bird it’s a plane! • In the real world gaze is often a social act. • One persons gaze directs others to the same target. • This is not currently the case with search on the web. • We live in a panopticon. • ( Panopticon == bad ... btw)
    10. 10. We need to Federate Attentive Acts • The search act should go to multiple parties you trust ( or trust by proxy ). • If you point your phone at a statue of Nefertiti... • The University of Cairo could respond with an article on her life. • If you stare at a Pizza Joint - other better local Pizza joints that your friends trust - message you and offer you a deal.
    11. 11. We need to define an Open AR Stack • AR protocols actually want to transmit behavior not just pretty 3d models. • Servers need to agree to run each others behaviors not just transport bits. • Define a shared minimum feature set. • See work led by Tish Shute on ARWave. • See ARML and other related work. • Talk to a Video Game Programmer (Please).
    12. 12. There are unclear challenges in monetization of AR • Complete this equation: Adwords is to X as WWW is to Augmented Reality • Candidates include: AdMob Foursquare Craigslist? Facebook Like?
    13. 13. The problem with ‘Money’ • Money is a severing between place and its resources. • As you get closer to a geography it seems harder to separate the money from it. • At near scales people just negotiate softer and less fungible transactions. • The value in a place is in making it better not in extracting wealth from it. • We tend to be place-makers - investing into place not taking from place. • Attention is the currency of geography.
    14. 14. Retire with Foursquare • For example: • I cannot buy the Mayorship of Zante’s off of @hoan for love nor money nor pizza. • @hoan cannot get a discount at New York Nail even though it is next door.
    15. 15. No smart solutions yet.
    16. 16. Closing thoughts • The best way to protect freedom of speech is to federate search. • AR is about publishing “verbs” - interactive actionable digital agents not publishing 3d models. • AR seems to be more biological. Biomimetic approaches may be best. • You won’t make money by translating tired old Web paradigms to AR. • AR is something new yet again and has different patterns. We need to take the time to learn them.
    17. 17. Thank you for your time! • Join me at: http://augmentedrealityevent.com/speakers/ • http://blog.makerlab.org#augmented_reality_thoughts • http://anselm.typepad.com#trapped_in_venice_what I would pay for a solution • http://www.slideshare.net/TishShute/where20-panel-10-reasons- why-ar-not-a-flash-in-the-pan • http://www.slideshare.net/anselm/pechakucha- presentation-750335#Image_Wiki_Project • http://www.hook.org/essays/smartmoney.html
    18. 18. Important Citations • @dianneisnor http://gigaom.com/ 2010/04/05/lbs-2-0-dont-just-map-it- manipulate-it/ • Jesse Schell’s mindblowing talk http:// www.ted.com/talks/ jesse_schell_when_games_invade_real_life. html