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Maximize Your Membership


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This presentation tells you how you can get the most out of your CMA membership.

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Maximize Your Membership

  1. 1. Maximize Your MembershipCMAs mission is to provide to trade creditors the best possible knowledge, networking, services, and professional development resources for effective business credit management.
  2. 2. Ronald Regan – speaker at NACM Credit Congress in Los Angeles, CA 1964
  3. 3. Membership in NACM
  4. 4. NACM Benefits• Professional development – Credit Congress (May 19 – 22, 2013) – Professional Certification Program – Credit Learning Center online programs• Information resources – Business Credit Magazine – Blog – eNews – Resource Library (log on required)
  5. 5. NACM Resource Library
  6. 6. CMA’s Public Website
  7. 7. CMA CommunityDiscuss credit issues and solutions with hundreds of CMA’s activeCommunity Members.
  8. 8. CMA Linkedin Group
  9. 9. CMA Blog (Daily News)
  10. 10. Encyclopedia of CreditAccess to over 500 articles on credit tools, processes, best practices,laws, forms, and many other business credit related subjects.
  11. 11. CMA’s Interactive Website
  12. 12. Your anscers home page
  13. 13. 1 Webinar included with membershipCMA’s Education Department offers a variety of fee- based and complimentary webinars every month.Your annual membership entitles your company to one fee-based webinar each year.
  14. 14. Professional Development• NACM Certification (CBA, CBF, CCE)• CAP/ACAP Courses• Online Courses Available from CMA and NACM• Seminars• Western Regional Credit Conference• Cheryl Hammond, Education Counselor (831) 475-9482
  15. 15. Free Ride to WRCC 2013Earn a free conference registration byreferring a member by September 30
  16. 16. 15 NACM Credit Reports included Annual membership includes: 15 NACM National Trade Credit Reports; or 25 NACM Reports for full AR contributors• Over 7 million current tradelines from 40 NACM locations• Historic Trends• Credit Score• $14.95 each; $9.95 each for full AR contributors (save $5 a report)• Easy access through anscers
  17. 17. Reports Tab – Search NACM Reports
  18. 18. Reports Tab – Search NACM Reports
  19. 19. Contribute your accounts receivable• Earn discounts on NACM Credit Reports and get additional 10 reports• Save time and money contributing data to credit groups/networks• Strengthen the CMA and NACM trade databases• Contact Paul Guillen for more info: (818) 972-5366 or
  20. 20. Reports Tab – Search anscersX Reports
  21. 21. anscersX – New!anscersX Combined Business Credit Report – No contract to sign, Nominimum order, and Value Priced from $29.95 - $51.95From Equifax:• Company demographic andaddress information• Trade Experience• Public Record Data (Legal & Tax)From Dun & Bradstreet:• Paydex Score• Payment Analysis by Industry(trade experience)From Ansonia Credit Data:• Trade Experience from variousindustriesFrom CMA:• Trade Experience
  22. 22. Free Credit Report Assessment• NACM Trade Credit Report• anscersX• Experian• Equifax• D&B• Monitoring/Alerts• Portfolio Scoring• Decisioning• Canadian/Int’l Reports Contact Terry Campos for a FREE assessment and FREE sample reports to help you decide. (818) 972-5361
  23. 23. Food & Hotel-Restaurant Groups 1966
  24. 24. anscers® Credit Group Home Page
  25. 25. CMA Credit Group Services• RFI (Request for Information)• RFI Reference list• anscers® Credit reports• Meeting Review Report• Group Monitored accounts• Group Alerts• Facilitated meetings• Education
  26. 26. RFI (Request for Information)Gathering creditinformation can betime consuming andlabor intensive.anscers® RFI letsyou make allRequests ForInformation easilyand quickly online.
  27. 27. Submit RFIs to…• Your Credit Group and Credit Networks• Trade references on your credit applications• Trade references already on file with anscers®• Any other companies in your industry
  28. 28. anscers® Credit Report All RFI responses are aggregated and immediately available on one report.
  29. 29. Group Alerts• Bankruptcies• Ownership changes• Collections• NSF Checks• Slow pays• Custom comments• Instant email notificationsLooking for a group or network? Contact Diana Escobar at(818) 972-5342 or
  30. 30. Additional CMA Services/Benefits• Commercial Collections• Construction Forms Filing Services – Launched new software 2011 – File liens in 49 states• Business insolvency services – ABCs and Work-outs – Liquidations – BK info through PACER• Check Guarantee and Credit Card services from UTA
  31. 31. Collection Accounts on anscers
  32. 32. More Details - Claim Notes •Claim Status Updates •Detailed Collector Notes •Remittance Transaction History •List of Claim Letters sent •Questions? Contact Kim Lamberty (702) 259-2622
  33. 33. CFFS (Liens) on anscers
  34. 34. CFFS Enchancements •View/Print Completed form requested •View/Print Project History •Request Additional action •Print Progress Releases – for Free! •Usage Detail Report – view/print your own monthly invoices •Questions? Contact Amber Jackson (702) 636-4334
  35. 35. Participation is valuable• Serve on Committees – Nominating (December 2012) – Membership (Contact Dina Amadril at• Post to CMA social media sites• Apply to the Board of Directors (applications will open December 2012)• Boards of Governors – Northern CA contact Jodi Owens at – Nevada contact Kim Lamberty at
  36. 36. CMA’s Facebook Page
  37. 37. Customer Support (800) 541-2622 For more information about CMA, visit our web sites: Or Contact: Mike Mitchell, CAE President and CEO (818) 972-5340