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Internet Credit (skip tracing) Tools


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Internet Credit (skip tracing) Tools presentation given at Reliance Annual Credit Meeting 2014,

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Internet Credit (skip tracing) Tools

  1. 1. Internet Credit (skip tracing) Tools Dina Amadril Credit Management Association
  2. 2. Our Target 3D Metal Fabrication 1120 N Cosby Way Anaheim CA
  3. 3. Verify - Google Street View
  4. 4. Travel around the building in search of assets – Some nice trucks here. That could be good info to have later.
  5. 5. nets us some company descriptions, demographics and a phone number. - FREE
  6. 6. confirms address and phone – provides web address and owner name. FREE
  7. 7. Further info from some demographics. Note these contradict what we saw on
  8. 8. Taking a trip to their website. Leaves us scratching our head. Geek note: must have no IT on staff.
  9. 9. Visiting for a WhoIs search on their domain name.
  10. 10. Results of the WhoIs search of their domain name. We find a previous address.
  11. 11. Since there was no website – let’s use the Wayback Machine To view what their site looked like previously.
  12. 12. An “about us” page from the past. Identifies 3 principals .
  13. 13. Not much luck here on the LinkedIn Profile for the owner.
  14. 14. A 401K filing for 2011 showing net assets at year end.
  15. 15. Rich with information – but they also hit you with multicharges.
  16. 16. Too many David Martins.
  17. 17. Searching for business entity filing with Sec of State.
  18. 18. Now that we know the owners middle name – more info Is available for us at – some Free – most paid..