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Reliance Credit Network


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Training session for the Reliance Credit Network service on Originally presented by Mike Mitchell, President of CMA, at the Reliance Credit Meeting on September 11, 2014.

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Reliance Credit Network

  1. 1. Credit Management Association presents Reliance Credit Network 9-11-14
  2. 2. Streamline and Synergize Credit Communications • CMA offers a Reliance Credit Network comprised exclusively of all Reliance companies and locations that grant and manage credit. • Authorized credit representatives at all Reliance credit locations can: – save time accessing all Reliance company trade data from one central site, including full agings and credit alerts. – instantly exchange requests for updates and credit alerts with the entire Network and with custom lists of contacts. • The Network is fully hosted on, a web site specially designed to meet the reporting needs of credit professionals.
  3. 3. The Challenge: Connect 75 Reliance AR Locations
  4. 4. The Solution: Reliance Credit Network on
  5. 5. User Home Page
  6. 6. Reliance Credit Network Page • Reliance Credit Representatives have instant and unlimited access to all Reliance trade data… • …AND access to all data in the anscers® database • Send requests for updates (RFI) • Send credit alerts (slow pay, collection, NSF, bankruptcy, etc.) • View a roster of all companies in the Reliance Network (includes contact info)
  7. 7. Scenario #1: Opening a new account • All Reliance divisions/branches have unlimited access to CMA’s anscers® trade database that includes: – All Reliance division/branch trade data (Date Open, Last Sold, High Credit, Balance, Current, 1- 30, 31-60, 61-90, 91+, Terms, ADP, Comments) – All trade data supplied by CMA members – Credit Alerts
  8. 8. Sample anscers® Credit Report Members of the Reliance Credit Network can easily identify the source of the trade lines by hovering over the anscersID with the mouse.
  9. 9. Scenario #2: Updating an account • anscers® RFI lets you make all Requests For Information easily and quickly online to: – multiple groups in one click. – credit application trade references -- no more faxing! – A customized RFI distribution list that includes only companies and locations that sell to your customers – helps reduce unnecessary email traffic.
  10. 10. Sample RFI page on anscers®
  11. 11. Add New RFI – Easy Search Tool
  12. 12. Quick, easy 3 step submission process
  13. 13. Trade experience response form
  14. 14. All responses are aggregated and immediately available on one report.
  15. 15. Lots you can do on AR View
  16. 16. Broadcast critical Alerts to the entire Reliance Network in one click • Bankruptcies • Ownership changes • Collections • NSF Checks • Slow pays • Custom comments • Instant email notifications
  17. 17. Sample Credit Alerts on anscers®
  18. 18. Network Roster
  19. 19. Benefits of Reliance Credit Network • Fast, easy, unlimited access to one centralized trade database that includes all Reliance Company locations. • Quick, easy process for requesting and posting updates to trade data if up-to-the-minute information is required. • Saves time making separate phone, fax, and email inquiries to multiple Reliance locations and other trade references. • Trade data is secure. • CMA monitors all user comments to ensure anti-trust compliance. • All Reliance Credit Network companies will receive CMA member rates regardless of NACM Affiliation.