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Brand Activation


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Brand Activation

  1. 1. Brand ActivationOrientation15th Aug 2011Fahad Riaz Ansari
  2. 2. 4 Ps…
  3. 3. Promotion…Promotion includes all communication and sellingactivities to persuade future prospects to buy theproduct. Promotion decisions include:■Advertising■Media Types■Message■Budgets■Sales promotion■Personal selling■Public relations■Direct marketing
  4. 4. Below the line..?
  5. 5. Brand Activation..?
  6. 6. “A marketing interaction between consumers and the Brand Activation is the brand, where consumers can understand the brand better core marketing process and accept it as a part of their through which we bring a lives.” brand to life - consumer LIFE! - through a variety of “A marketing interaction between brand experiences. consumers and the brand, where consumers can understand the brand “Brand activation is a better and accept it as a part of their lives.” process that starts with a very lucrative idea of making your targeted consumers to“Brand Activation a relatively new"term" in the industry. Its pretty simple try your product and it endsreally; its all about bringing the with the repeat purchase byspirit of brands to life the same consumers
  7. 7. for this reason!the term "brand activation" has entered thelingo in the current marketing scenario, and isrevolutionizing advertising…..Brand activation is not a theory; it is apractical and logical form of integration thatenables a company or its brand to focus ondelivering activities, rooted in the fabric of thebrand, that engage with customers..
  8. 8. Radio Channels Television Magazines (50+) Mobile/SMS Newspaper Cable TV Web Online Point of SaleIntegration of Media Billboards Word of MouthInstore / Onstore Out of Home merchandising Events/Sponsorship Sampling PR Road Shows Direct Marketing Cinema
  9. 9. Attack Plan Event Marketing Outdoor media Float drives SPV operationsInstore Promotions Channel Marketing Stall operations Support Merchandising
  10. 10. objectivesenhance brand image & equityprovide brands with unique brandplatforms through which they can gainmaximum mileage for their product.activate brands in a revolutionary way ofstanding out of the clutter and obtainingdifferentiation and competitive edge.Enhance and induce brand trial tospecific target market.
  11. 11. platformA physical or emotional space inconsumers’ lives that enables thebrand to interact in a distinctive andmeaningful way. activation idea Creative theme derived from the Activation Platform, that can work across channel-specific activities, to achieve the brand’s marketing and communication objectives
  12. 12. process
  13. 13. process
  14. 14. BrandBrief
  15. 15. Getting the rightagency on-board..Execution PowerAccount ManagementStrategic PowerTransparencyResponsiveness & speedCreative PowerCost effective
  16. 16. Key project costelements..Fixed - VariableFabricationHuman Resource.AccommodationTransportation / Logistics.Tax Management.Service Fee / Commission
  17. 17. evaluation..PunctualityQuality of Human Resource/Staff (Briefing, Appearance, Skills)Activity Communication and ReportingField Supervisory ControlsGeographic knowledge of town/area of the AgencyTimely Maintenance (Re-action time on Props, stalls etc)Support (Field Issue Handling / Flexibility)Coordination with Company Field Staff, Distributor, Warehouse.Consistency of field Staff as agreed.Ethical PracticesProactive approach towards the projectRelationship of Agency towards Field activity Staff. (payments, food, logistics, etc)
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