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Discover Your DNA Potential


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A Venture Lab (Stanford) 2012 class project for OAP.

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Discover Your DNA Potential

  1. 1. Sequence your genes, appreciate your future
  2. 2.  Our venture lab project is a start-up that will change the way you look at your DNA. We will offer services that tell you about your ancestry history and your susceptibility to certain diseases. We want to offer it to the masses. Our dream team consists of Mohammad Al-Ansari, Emad Al- Shihabi, Susan Ling and Francesco Vallania Photo credit / Flickr @
  3. 3.  Know more about your ancestors – your family tree, your origins. Know about possible certain hereditary or genetic diseases that you are susceptible to. Participate in research that will help find the cure for incurable or in-research rare diseases. Be a part of the cure. Photo credit / Flickr @mmmcrafts, @IYLIAAA
  4. 4.  We created an online survey form using Google Forms to gauge interest and familiarity with the concept of DNA sequencing, its benefits, and if customers have used it before. We shared this survey over Facebook, Twitter, Email, other online media outlets, including our Venture-Lab blogs. We also conducted phone interviews with potential customers and recorded the results in the survey form. Photo credit / Flickr @odegaard library, Twitter, Facebook
  5. 5.  We did not have a target market set – we wanted to see interest from all around the world. We received 86 responses from North and South America, Europe and Asia. The market survey ran for about 1 week. Photo credit / Flickr @Doug88888
  6. 6.  There is significant interest in the subject. Customers are familiar with the concept, and a few have already tried it. Customers are interested in knowing about susceptibility to diseases and their ancestry history. Photo credit / Flickr @sean dreilinger
  7. 7.  Data privacy is a MAJOR concern (as we expected) A large percentage of customers are willing to participate in research studies in lieu of subsidized DNA tests (unlike what we expected) Most customers are also willing to pay up to $1000 for the service. Photo credit / Flickr @Alan Cleaver
  8. 8.  We revised our original model to focus on subsidized testing offered through partnership with clinical research organizations. We will focus on regulations and policies for data privacy. We will implement safeguards against data leakage or unauthorized access as a top priority. We will narrow down our target market through a more in-depth survey to prepare for more interviews. Photo credit / Flickr @syntaxoflife
  9. 9.  There is obviously a market for our product, with very strong initial interest and feedback from the market. With a few business model changes we can launch with a lucrative The idea is still in its infancy and there is huge potential ahead. So the answer is an astounding, big, YES. This project is a possible OEP candidate and we will be moving forward with it. Photo credit / Flickr @Joe Shlabotnik
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