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Rozier presentation

  1. 1. • Born in Eatonton, Georgia• Parents were sharecroppers• Leader in Civil Rights Movement• Wrote novels, short, stories, poems, and essays• Pulitzer Prize-winner
  2. 2. What Influenced Her Writings?• Sexism• Racism• Abuse From Black Males• Life Experiences• Struggles of Black American Women
  3. 3. Published in 1970Walker’s First NovelMain Character: Grange CopelandStory about black male violence and racism over three generationIncluded sexism and abuse
  4. 4. Meridian(1976) Walker’s second novel Main Character: Meridian Hill Focused on the struggles of a black woman during the Civil Rights Movement This novel revamps the process a young female activist took to deal with racism and sexism The character. Meridian, is a reflection of Alice Walker
  5. 5. The Color Purple(1982) Alice’s third novel Main Character/Narrator: Celie Walker received a Pulitzer Prize for this novel Novel tells the story of a young black girl, Celie, that is raped and abused by her father and husband Celie writes letters to God for guidance on her hardships Celie forms a bond with a woman name Shug and tells about her abuse from her husband
  6. 6. The Color Purple(cont.) Shug is one of Celie’s husband past lovers Celie is encouraged by Shug to defend herself from her husband’s abuse Celie decides to leave her husband, and she becomes an independent black woman Walker encourages women to bond and form relationships in this novel
  7. 7. Book of Short Stories  Published in 1973  Collection of short stories that describes the pain and abuse of thirteen black women  Focuses on issues such as gaining respect, fulfilling hard-to-achieve dreams, and obtaining lifes necessities  Describes white and black relations and how women
  8. 8. Book of Short Stories (cont.)  Published in 1981  Collection of fourteen stories that focused more on ordinary feminist  Stories describe the lives of women who are troubled but not defeated Walker’s stories were centered on issues such as abortion,
  9. 9. Poems Published in 1968 Various poems in this book were influenced by Alice’s abortion and attempt to commit suicide Describe the misery and separation of her life experiences and her
  10. 10. Poems (cont.) Published in 2010 One of Walker’s most current book of poetry Addresses many topics such as family, leader
  11. 11.  Walker is noted as the leading voice among African American women writers. Many of her writings were criticized, but she didn’t let the criticism stop her. Alice believed that all hardships can
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