Terra Prima Partners LLC - Vision Statement


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Terra Prima is a venture capital and private equity firm that helps entrepreneurs turn breakthroughs within emerging Renewable and Sustainable Life and Physical Science Technologies into world-changing businesses - Here is a short synopsis of the who what where and why.

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Terra Prima Partners LLC - Vision Statement

  1. 1. I N V E S T I N G I N S U S T A I N A B L E S O L U T I O N S T H A T W I L L C H A N G E T H E W O R L D 2 0 A U D R E Y A V E . O Y S T E R B A Y N E W Y O R K 1 1 7 7 1 U S A T E L : + 1 2 1 2 8 8 8 7 1 5 7 INVESTING IN SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS THAT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD Our Vision - The Effective Enterprise Terra Prima is a venture capital and private equity firm that helps entrepreneurs turn breakthroughs within emerging Renewable and Sustainable Life and Physical Science Technologies into world-changing businesses. We seek out innovation in • Nanotechnology (bio and material), • Clean water technology and real assets, • Water conservation and treatment, • Clean power technology & generation, • Energy efficient infrastructure • Distributed energy storage, • Renewable power services, • Transportation, materials, recycling & waste, • Next-generation transportation and • Sustainable agricultural technology At Terra Prima we monitor the global technological frontier for shifts that uncover opportunities ahead of the curve. Think of Terra Prima Partners as your catalyst; we are ready to help you change the game, change the industry or change the world. OUR INVESTMENT STRATEGY Terra Prima Partners invests in what matters, launching companies that can change the world while offering the potential for extraordinary investment returns. We are tolerant of short-term vicissitudes and market volatility, keeping the focus long, on the power of human ingenuity to effect change. The key ingredients we seek and assemble are: • Big breakthroughs • Passionate entrepreneurs • Transformative technologies • Massive, untapped markets. We look for emerging technologies - technical innovations which represent progressive developments within a field for competitive advantage – and converging technologies - previously distinct fields which are in some way moving towards stronger inter-connection and similar goals.
  2. 2. 2 OUR KEYS TO SUCCESS With offices in New York, Boston, San Francisco and Toronto, and associates in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, our network of thought-leaders and decision- makers in emerging technologies is unparalleled, branching out through leading Fortune 500 senior executives, entrepreneurs, researchers, and influential private and public equity investors. WE WORK WITH THE BEST ENTREPRENEURS To optimize the success of our investments, we offer entrepreneurs an accomplished team of dynamic, in-the-know business partners who are passionate and global-minded about environmentally friendly, sustainable technology. We strive to build lasting relationships with our entrepreneurs leveraging the entire Terra Prima team and its knowledge base, contacts and business insights to build our portfolio companies and projects. OUR VIEW OF THE OPPORTUNITY Increased worldwide demand for energy, growing human impact on the environment and a desire by all nations to have access to energy, food and water free from threat are all key factors driving rapid growth in emerging technologies, energy infrastructure and project finance. To meet these rising challenges, companies require capital, sophisticated and innovative leadership, and strategic foresight, including input from knowledgeable foresight practitioners. EMERGING TECHNOLOGY We strive to identify the concept at the core of emerging technologies in energy, agriculture and water, and related infrastructure projects: what is the base of the new technology, can it grow rapidly, does it open untapped market potential, what is the practical impact and how will it change lives. We focus on emerging technology in which development has reached a high probability of technical success for new products and applications that might have substantial markets within 5-10 years with proper business scaling and market reach. THE FOUNDING PARTNERS The founding partners at Terra Prima Partners LLC are a highly motivated group experienced in business management, economics, strategy, technology, entrepreneurship, investment banking and fund management. Together we have created an investment partnership to achieve extraordinary results. Please visit: www.TerraPrimaPartners.com for more information. Thank you.