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Ignition Tiny Tots 10% Treat Campaign - Yveanne Walshe


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An overview and insight into SuperValu's Tiny Tots campaign. Brought to you by Yveanne Walsh - Account Director at Ignition - integrated ideas people.

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Ignition Tiny Tots 10% Treat Campaign - Yveanne Walshe

  1. 1. SuperValu Real Rewards o 221 stores nationwide o Fob based loyalty program o Almost 1 million active Real Rewards members o Leading grocery share with 23% of market (as of 24.04.16, Kantar)
  2. 2. What… …is the objective? o Identify customer segment within the Real Rewards membership base with potential for  Long-term loyalty  Increase in sales o Develop mechanic to offer this group a ‘Real Reward’ for loyalty o Test the mailing with five stores with view to national roll out o Possibility of looking outside current Real Rewards membership
  3. 3. Who… …do we target? o Conduct strategic analysis of Real Rewards database to identify best potential growth segments -  Identified families as key high-value segment o Conscious of current CRM campaigns targeting existing family segments to increase their spend o What segment can we access outside of the Real Rewards database – what 3rd party can we link with to speak to a new audience?
  4. 4. New Parents!
  5. 5. Why… …New Parents? o Long term potential as family grows o Large focus on growing Baby Category in first half of 2015 so already a lot of in-store presence o Accessibility to the Eumom membership o Key stage of their lives  Acknowledge and support them - make it about THEM, not just baby
  6. 6. How? o Send out physical Discount Card offering 10% off total ALL grocery spend o Develop name to communicate offering o Create engaging design in line with in-store Baby Category POS o Mine data for viable members  Active members  Who STARTED purchasing identified Baby Category products in last 3 months  Who continued to purchase within recent weeks  Full name & address only
  7. 7. Why… …Direct Mail?? o Very small numbers o Delivery of physical discount card o Engaging personalised communication
  8. 8. Tiny Tots 10% Treat Campaign
  9. 9. o Bespoke envelope o Immediate engagement o Tiny Tots name front and centre
  10. 10. o Key message that this for the parent, not the child o Digitally printed  Small numbers  Quality of print  Highly personalised
  11. 11. o Plastic card for quality and durability o Explicit mention of 10% on the card o Personalised barcode to track customer redemption and purchase information o Shorted T&C’s for easy accessibility