Ignition - integrated ideas people and SuperValu


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Ignition - integrated ideas people and SuperValu

  1. 1. 2012 An Post Winners’ BreakfastCampaigns Presentation by;David O’Sullivan, Sean Collins,Director Customer Insights & CRMManagerIgnition-integrated ideas people SuperValu (Musgrave Retail Partners)New Ways to Save every day Spend Less with SuperValu
  2. 2. Campaign Background What is SuperValu Real Rewards? SuperValu is part of the Musgrave Group, Ireland’s largest grocery and supermarket retail chain. SuperValu comprises 190 individually owned and locally based, retail stores operating across the 26 counties and headquartered in Cork. Real Rewards is SuperValu’s fob based Customer Loyalty programme which first started in 2009. For each €1 a customer spends, they collect a point towards benefits such as low cost Getaway Breaks and 5% off Voucher once they reach 400 points.
  3. 3. Market Background An already cut-throat grocery / retail market was further compromised by biting recession & growing promiscuity amongst shoppers. SuperValu saw opportunity to engage Real Reward members on a much more direct, personal & commercial level & cultivate value/credibility in the programme by delivering direct benefits through a simple, measurable channel. In 2010, SuperValu undertook test mailings to evaluate Direct Mail at the 3 key family spend occasions of Easter, Back to School & Christmas. Voucher redemption was on average greater than 20% for the 3 mailings.
  4. 4. The Green Light for Direct Mail These impressive voucher redemption results convinced SuperValu that Direct Mail as a strategic channel for Real Rewards would;  Enhance long term relationship with shoppers  Increase shopper retention  Build loyalty  Increase spend over time through realisable target spend. SV board gave a green light for a limited 2011 Real Rewards Direct Mail campaign, but were conscious of it need to deliver Real Results Feb 2011 in response to budget & government cuts, New Ways to Save Everyday was launched on TV. It was integrated visually with DM & featured a store owner with a blackboard, which was used to house the savings. This was the first of many Real Rewards mailing campaigns undertaken, which eventually totalled over a million people being mailed that year.
  5. 5. Using Data as a Creative element The overriding key issue for the successful development of the campaign was the effect use of the Real Rewards database Data analysis of purchasing behaviour created 3 clearly identifiable consumer spending segments; New Members, Mid-High Spenders & Lapsed shoppers Voucher Value & realisable target spend increase assigned to each shopper Letter to ‘do all the talking’ and was a vehicle to connect and involve RR shoppers in value voucher offerings through a high degree of variable alpha-numeric personalised data within a simply tailored letter format. Letters harnessed the potent and powerful impact of conversational copy with the data, in a template format originating from each local store / Manager, that welcomed, engage & incentivized each particular type of Real Rewards shopper.
  6. 6. Getting the Data-Basics right 35k M ks id-High k s uchers, 2 W Spend ch ers, 2 W emb ers – 2 Vo ers – 3 s 4 Vo u23k New M V oucher s, 3 Wk psed S hopper s 32k La
  7. 7. Personalisation… Knowing the Customer needs 4 lower value Vouchers catered for smaller more frequent shopping patternsVariable Voucher Savings Total Total savings available with Localised 5% voucher Store Name Name of Local Owner or Manager Personalised Variable Voucher Value Vouchers Shoppers’ 2D Barcode for Target Spend post mailing analysis
  8. 8. New Ways to Save… Real Results Voucher Redemption Averaged 19.7% across 3 letter types Big benefit was that during an off peak period shoppers bought into SuperValu because of the relevance of the offer and its timing after the budget and government cuts. 15% of the lift generated was maintained in the following 8 weeks within the +55 year old segment (Lapsed Shoppers) targeted 12% of the lift in spend generated was maintained in the following 8 weeks in the reduced spend segment (Lapsed and Mid Level shoppers)
  9. 9. Real Rewards Pre-Christmas Campaign Spend Less with SuperValuWinner of Gold for Best High Volume Presented by Sean Collins Customer Insights & CRM Manager
  10. 10. From the ground up…. SuperValu “A brand you can trust” In challenging times, maintaining loyalty is imperative 800,000 active members through 190 independent retailers  > 1 Million Real Reward transactions /week  100k 5% off Vouchers earned every week Challenge to SuperValu was how to build from this platform  Communications “on brand”  Value at the centre  Relevance obvious to the consumer
  11. 11. A passion for Retail … For 190 retailers; ”if my wife get this….”  Must enrich the offer  Must not alienate member segment  Must have appeal to non-Real Reward members In 2010 we were told, “Here’s a bit of rope ….”  Easter, BTS & Christmas  Success was clear by end of day one of BTS  Management team convinced to invest in this channel  Retailers … coming on board but more work to do… ‘Kicking & screaming…’ into a CRM plan for 2011 Won total trust by the first week in February. Ownership / Passion - Delivered numerous DM pieces
  12. 12. “Got it right in 2010 – Can you do it twice ?”• Q3 & Q4 where always going to be about winning 1 week• Market won’t be taken by surprised again in 2011• Consumer wanted “To spend less for Christmas & take the fear out of January”• Momentum had to build from earlier so process started in October & run into January – Win back those who wavered in Oct – Grow engagement with mid loyal in Nov. through max relevance : Multiple different offers x 5 different groups reflecting current behaviour – Convert mid to top & hold top @ Christmas and… – build momentum into January
  13. 13. Integrated message through all channels  Over 1/3 of active members mailed  Many different Saving : Spend offer levels  For each of 5 different groups  New Members  Top /Mid/Etc. >30 variable value offers & targets
  14. 14. Integrated message through all channelsKeep the message simple Back Page Getaway Breaks Offer Spend less! Customised member data >30 variable offers & targets
  15. 15. Real Rewards, Real Results we can Vouch for• Own shoppers VFM ratings @ record high pre Xmas• >25% voucher redemption• Higher than expected sales lift amongst those mailed• Met the challenge of equalling SuperValu’s best ever Christmas week in an even tougher 2011….• And beat it...• SuperValu share rose to 20.2%• 2012 collaborative mailings with suitable suppliers
  16. 16. Driving Real Value for suppliers Strong co-branding Customer selection down to current item level purchase behaviourReal value to drivestrong engagement 2D Barcode links member to redemption