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DMCM and NeoPost Ireland


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DMCM and NeoPost Ireland

  1. 1. Market overview of franking machine market•Market leader/key competitor (58%) - Neopost (40%) - Other (2%)•Anecdotal feedback on main competitor from prospect – Issues in a number of areas – Backed up by internal feedback from sales team•But needed anecdotal to become scientific – Internal workshops – Scientific research
  2. 2. Devise compelling campaign that would:•Drive the benefits of doing things differently with Neopost•Get stand out by ensuring creative impact/doing it ‘differently’•Get it to right person - identify/qualify competitors customers•Be remembered as some competitors tied to long terms contracts•Tailor creative based on fact (ask don’t tell)•Generate a response•Positively predispose recipient to take a follow up call
  3. 3. • Quantitative – Campaign target of 2.2% response target – Projected sales of €24K (over the 6 months)• Qualitative – Highlighting the key pain points (from research) – Demonstrate Neopost understands their issues – Has a solution that will address and rectify them – Position Neopost for potential future sales
  4. 4. • Analysed and profiled existing Neopost database• Identified 3,500 direct competitors in franking machine space• After internal workshop competitor customers emailed survey – Key issues with current supplier – Non-responders called and surveyed directly• Information uploaded directly to Neopost CRM system• Enriched database• Leveraged in to the DM piece in a creative way
  5. 5. • Many interesting competitor insights identified• Issues with customer service on a number of levels• These insights drove the campaign proposition• Resulting in development of an umbrella creative theme
  6. 6. • Direct mail only – Identified exactly who we needed to target – Spending budget on other channels represented wastage• Results bear this out as does the medium – Showed creativity/innovation DM can bring to their marketing – Doesn’t always have to be a DL or C5 envelope!• Supported by landing page – Integrated in to the web site –
  7. 7. Quantitative•Response rate of 3.3% (50% up on objective)•Initial immediate sales of €37K were generated – > 50% ahead of projections•ROI €151,364 overall from targeted sales of €24K!Qualitative•Highlighted the key pain points•Demonstrate Neopost understands and has solution•Position Neopost for potential future sales
  8. 8. • Data strategy built on solid foundations of• Scientific research on the target audience• Leveraging it to build up knowledge of the competition (CRM)• Creative proposition addressed known issues in fun way• Offer and competition incorporated• Testimonials work• Timing in manageable waves• Immediately impactful creative/different was engaging/interesting• Call to action with limited deadline