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Case Study of a fundraising integrated campaign for Barnardos, Ireland

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  1. 1. BarnardosChange a Child’s Life Agency: Publicis D
  2. 2. Change a Child’s LifeThe ChallengeTo achieve a much needed cash injection prior to year-end and togrow the Barnardos’ database to help guarantee future support.
  3. 3. Change a Child’s LifeThe Target MarketWomen aged 35+ in the middle to upper income brackets.They are direct mail and DRTV responsive and are likely to donatevia direct debit or with cash gifts.
  4. 4. Change a Child’s LifeThe ThinkingA carefully targeted direct marketing campaign was launchedinitially with DRTV and supported by DR press advertising, outdoorposters, digital activity, Direct Mail, DR inserts in major national andregional titles plus radio and a microsite to achieve the three-foldobjectives of:• recruiting new donors• raising money• raising profile and awareness
  5. 5. Change a Child’s LifeThe MailingA core part of this integrated campaign was the use of Direct Mail tothe existing donor base as well as a cold insert in selected andtargeted national and regional press titles.The creative reflected the ATL message but the letter deviceallowed us to tell the story of Conor in more detail.A standalone donation form and business reply envelope were alsoenclosed for ease of response.
  6. 6. Change a Child’s LifeThe ResultsThere was a 1,000% increase in donations compared to previoustelevision campaign in 2009.Cash donations were over target by 147% whilst direct debit donationsexceed 2,000% compared to the previous campaign.Overall the campaign was a phenomenal success with Direct Mail andDR inserts being used to support the ATL campaign for the first time.This helped us engage with prospect donors and educate peopleabout the vital work that Barnardos do. Having a 360° approach to thiscampaign helped to make it a very memorable and profitable one.
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