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WikiLeaks Multimedia


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This presentation offers some highlights about WikiLeaks: the organization's purpose, key events in its history, interviews with its founder, glosses about the Bradley Manning controversy, links to the collaboration between Der Spiegel, The Guardian, the the New York Times involving the U.S. Embassy Cables and Iraq War Logs. This presentation offers little analysis because its contents supported an interactive discussion about the organization's significance. Note: this organization's constant evolution warrants crucial updates. Feel free to customize it for your purposes. Suggested uses include: discussions about hacktivism in an information technology course, lectures on new media journalism in a mass communications course, conversations about social philosophies of anarchism in a political science or rhetoric course.

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WikiLeaks Multimedia

  1. 1. A Wave of Infoanarchism WikiLeaks' War on Secrecy "With every leak, we tried to extend the frontiers of what we could do into previously unknown terrain. Then we would push ahead in the same direction with our next leak. What is public, and what is private? We were trying to stir up controversy about this very question. And it was better for the debate to center on Sarah Palin's e-mail account than on the data of private consumers. We were convinced that we were strengthening the project by pushing the limits of what was acceptable, and getting our way in the end. We became increasingly brazen. no one could shut us down." - Daniel Domscheit-Berg, Inside WikiLeaks, page 50.
  2. 2. WikiLeaks and Social Networks Facebook Page: Twitter Page: Youtube Pages: WikiLeaks' Endorsed Sites: - WikiLeaks Archive ( - WL Central Crowdsourcing Site (
  3. 3. WikiLeaks Timeline ● Founded in 2006 ● 2007, WikiLeaks announces 1.2 million documents ready to leak ● 2007, Guantanamo Bay Handbooks leak in November ● 2007 Daniel Domscheit-Berg and Assange Meet at the 24th Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin ● 2008 leaks hundreds of documents about Cayman Islands Subsidiary of Swiss Bank Julius Bar ● 2008 Leak Child Pornography Filtering Lists ● 2009 Accidentally Leaks Donor List ● 2009 Leaked 9/11 Pager/Text Messages ● 2009-2010 Iceland Modern Media Initiative ● 2010 Leaked Collateral Murder (edited) on April 5 ● 210 Bradley Manning is arrested on May 26 ● 2010 War Logs and Embassy Cables: July 26, October 22, November 28 ● 2010 Domscheit-Berg and others leave WikiLeaks ● 2011 Julian Assange Legal Issues in Sweden and UK, August and December ● 2012 Julian Assange is living in Ecuador Embassy ● 2012 Assange claims he will leak Gitmo files
  4. 4. Ecuador Grants Asylum, New Release of Gitmo Files (Top Left to Right) U.S. Archive's Censors WikiLeaks, Anonymous 'breaks up" with WikiLeaks (Bottom Left to Right), Current News in WikiLeaks
  5. 5. Extended, Unedited Interview Julian Assange on the Colbert Report
  6. 6. Julian Assange Solo Interviews Ted Interview (Parts 1 and 2): Top Left to Right Dutch Broadcaster NOS, ABC1: Bottom Left to Right
  7. 7. Goswami Interviews (Parts 1 and 2): Top Left to Right 60 Minutes Interview (Parts 1 and 2): Bottom Left to Right
  8. 8. Julian Pilger, Mark Davis Interviews: Top Left to Right Russia Times: Bottom Center
  9. 9. Assange and Daniel Ellsberg on Larry King Live (Top Left to Right) Assange and Ellsberg/Assange and Slavoj Zizek on FrontlineClub (Bottom Left to Right) Julian Assange Collaborative Interviews
  10. 10. BBC Documentary: Secret Life of a Superpower: Parts 1 and 2 (left to right) WikiLeaks Documentaries
  11. 11. The Julian Assange Show (Russia Times), Speech at Ecuador Embassy: Top Left to Right Berkeley Lecture: Bottom Center Julian the Journalist and Orator
  12. 12. Sydney Peace Foundation and the Walkey Award WikiLeaks' Awards
  13. 13. Hillary Clinton, President Obama (Top Left to Right) Candice Miller (R-MI), Tom Flanagan, Fox Pundits (Bottom Left to Right) WikiLeaks/Assange Critics
  14. 14. White House Briefings President Obama's Remarks (Extended) White House Response to WikiLeaks and Assange
  15. 15. The Read Me File attached to over 250,000 U.S. Embassy Cables and over 500,000 Battlefield reports states, "This is possibly one of the most significant documents of our time, removing the fog of war and revealing the true nature of 21st century asymmetric warfare. Have a good day." Why did he do it? (I also recommend visiting his Wikipedia page, which offers a cohesive narrative of events and Manning's associations. Screenshots of his Facebook Page WikiSecrets: Frontline PBS Documentary Current Judicial Coverage (Guardian UK) Bradley Manning Controversy
  16. 16. Manning's Associations
  17. 17. War Logs and Embassy Cables Books about Collaborations with WikiLeaks Open Secrets: WikiLeaks, War, and American Diplomacy. Edited by Alexander Star. (NYT) "Unlike most of the military dispatches, the embassy cables were written in clear English--sometimes wit, color, and an ear for dialogue. "Who knew" one of our English colleagues marveled, "that American diplomats could write?"" (Keller 14) "This time around, the Obama Administration's reaction was different. It was, for the most part, sober and professional. The Obama White House, while strongly condemning WikiLeaks for making the documents public, did not seek an injunction to halt publication. There was no Oval Office lecture. On the contrary, in our discussions before the publication of our articles, White House officials, while challenging some of the conclusions we drew from the material, thanked us for handling the documents with care." (15)
  18. 18. War Logs and Embassy Cables Inside Julian Assange's War on Secrecy: WikiLeaks. Edited by David Leigh et al. (The Guardian) "The extent of the redaction process and the relatively limited extent of publication of actual cables were apparently overlooked by many commentators--including leading American journalists-who spoke disparagingly of a willy-nilly "mass dump" of cables and the consequent danger to life. But, to date, there has been no "mass dump." Barely two thousand of the 250,000 diplomatic cables have been published and, six months after the first publication of the war logs, no one has been able to demonstrate any damage to life or limb." (Rusbridger 6)
  19. 19. War Logs and Embassy Cables NYT The Times Dealings with Assange The War Logs State Secrets The Guardian WikiLeaks and Links to Leaks The War Logs U.S. Embassy Cables Der Spiegel WikiLeaks Coverage U.S. Embassy Cables Iraq War Logs Afghanistan War Logs
  20. 20. Iceland MP Birgitta Jonsdottir, Australian PM Julia Gillard (Top Left to Right) Ron Paul, Noam Chomsky, and Michael Moore (center Left to Right) Pro-WikiLeaks Protests in Sydney (Bottom Left and Right) WikiLeaks Deliberation
  21. 21. Inquiry If you'd like to contact me after this talk, please visit: (for access to this presentation)