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A Template for Research Presentation (Google Presentation Format)


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Edit this Google Presentation for delivering your research. This simple how-to template helps you organize your talk for academic contexts that require you to deliver findings. Ideal for conferences or even graduate seminars.

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A Template for Research Presentation (Google Presentation Format)

  1. 1. My Scholarly Title Here Name Advisor's Name
  2. 2. Tell us about the when’s and where’s, who’s and what’s, or how’s that tend to characterize how your topic began (if applicable) Context
  3. 3. Tell us a bit about how you came to the research question (personal experiences will help the audience engage) Background of Research
  4. 4. Define your terms (Consider your audience and what they expect) Definitions
  5. 5. Offer us a super brief summary of what others have done before! Literature Review
  6. 6. Tell us how you analyzed, determined, assess, or otherwise produced your results. Methodology
  7. 7. What did you discover? Caution us about what you couldn’t find, tell us about your constraints, etc. Findings and Limitations
  8. 8. How will your research be used? What are its implications? Conclusion
  9. 9. Sometimes people will give you "comments" that are disguised as a "question." When this happens, let the asker know that you would really love to engage them further, and will accept their 'question' as a comment. Remind them they can contact you via email if they are genuinely interested in a dialogue about their problem. Questions?
  10. 10. Solicit audience response to build your professional network. Include your email address, a link to your LinkedIn profile, link to Academic Room or, link to your twitter, and so on. Encourage contact. Contact Information
  11. 11. 1. Will ask you why *someone* wasn't cited in your lit review or presentation. Possible Response: I am happy to revisit this person's work, would you mind directing me to a source you think would help my project. Anticipate Audience Response...
  12. 12. 2. What are some ways to apply your research? Some Strategies: - Come prepared to make a case for utility. - Work makes a methodological contribution * subject selection * approach - Name specific treatments, organizations, or policies you see your work benefitting Anticipate Audience Response...
  13. 13. 3. How do you know your results are accurate, is your method flawed? Some Strategies - operating under a time constraint - having a limitations section in your powerpoint will really really show you are trying to be sensitive to critique Possible Response How might you strengthen this method to address that concern, I would love to ensure that my results are as accurate as possible, or even potentially useful for generating ideas for another project. Anticipate Audience Response...