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Youth 3.0


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a look at recent advertising and what it could imply, popular business strategy

Published in: Business, Spiritual
  • Boy, one of the awesomest presentations, I have seen in the recent past
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Youth 3.0

  1. Cultural markers in youth marketing <br />4 trends in advertising for the youth culture in 2009<br />
  2. Analysis of conversations <br />by big brands <br />with distinct youth subcultures<br />Youth... those persons between the ages of 15 and 24 years.&quot; <br />- United Nations General Assembly<br />
  3. Youth... those persons between the ages of 15 and 24 years.&quot; <br />- United Nations General Assembly<br />
  4. 1<br />youth subculture<br />THE WEASEL<br />
  5. the weasel<br />Distinguishing action: The reverse swing<br />Sex: Gender neutral<br />Key behavioral insight: Cant wait for anything!<br />Forget existing conventions, in the brave new Indian world order all solutions are lateral. It’s a ‘how-to’ generation at its scheming best<br />Some brands that try to solve this cultural tension: …<br />
  6. Campaign for fastest Indian bike at 140 Kmph. <br />Priced at 70k a piece in all black.<br />
  7. That’s the Government of India website ‘conquered’ by an app on<br />
  8. Similar story with Pulsar 180<br />
  9. Bajaj bikes have always tried to be a choice between tradition & modernity - <br />
  10. Now relatable to a rare slice of life Hero Honda ad<br />
  11. Chahothosabkuchhhaiaasan<br />Yehhaiyoungistanmerijaan<br />A positive approach to the same issue<br />ps: Tendulkar out . Ishant & Rohit Sharma in the team<br />
  12. Sexy weasel<br />
  13. 2<br />youth subculture<br />THE Out of the closet Indian<br />
  14. Fast Track Hands – His story & her story<br />
  15. Distinguishing action: Russell Peters & Roadies fans<br />Sex: Gender neutral<br />Key behavioral insight: The mating game begins younger, maybe at 15, is now more acceptable to talk about & bharatiyasanskar can sometimes be conveniently glossed over a good laugh.<br />In a 2007 pepsi ad Deepika wasn’t all too happy to let Ranbir in to her room. But in two years much has changed with the American Pie inspired Virgin Aunty ad.<br />On a side note, the India today sex survey 08 says the average age of losing virginity in urban India has come down to 18 years!<br />
  16. Advertising’s savitabhabhi - Virgin Mobile Aunty’sfacebook fan page<br />
  17. Google search data for 2009<br />Jobs vs Sex vs Movies vs IPL vsFacebook<br />India searched three times more for sex than for a new job <br />
  18. Axe’s morning wake up call service where hot models call up in the morning to whisper ‘Don’t forget to use Axe today’ <br />
  19. Desi story for desi pheromone <br />
  20. 3<br />youth subculture<br />Application<br />
  21. Distinguishing actions: Facebook philosophy & Facebook photography<br />Sex: Predominantly male. <br />Key behavioral insight: Everybody has the same BFF now – facebook. The greatest congregation of human kind, ever, albeit virtual. <br />Web consumers spend large amounts of emotional energy on social networking sites. So brands that aspire to advertise through the mainstream social networking channels need to satisfy every user’s emotional requirement of 15kb of internet fame. <br />For eg; FUEL should make a website only for B&W party pictures; and promote it with a free online app that converts pictures into B&W. via facebook connect Keep it basic:)<br />
  22. Online app to make your own ‘winner’ videos & win the new Mach3<br />
  23. Online app to have an orgy with hot girls<br />
  24. Just for the record: <br />Google search data for India, 2004 to present<br />FacebookvsOrkut<br />
  25. Just for the record: <br />Google search data for India, 2009<br />FacebookvsOrkut<br />Facebook is still in its growth phase in India<br />
  26. 17,000 followers for an Indian Member of Parliament<br />
  27. While behenjis still protect their updates<br />
  28. 4<br />youth subculture<br />The year of the COUCH Tomato<br />
  29. Distinguishing actions: Mostly harmless ,reacts slowly to all kinds of stimulus, almost find it cool to be d-uh; knows who is Megan fox and occasionally uses the phrase fugly.boring<br />Sex: Predominantly ‘good boys’<br />Key behavioral insight: <br />January & February - Recession as the excuse <br />March – Roadies 06<br />April – Elections 09<br />May – IPL 09<br />June - T 20 world cup<br />July - Monsoons<br />
  30. Good boys, Evil soft drink <br />
  31. Women though have been more successful in finding mid points between tradition & modernity <br />