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Interior design in India


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Indian homes tell rich stories of evolution and experience

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Interior design in India

  2. 2. Indian homes tell richstories of evolution and experience
  3. 3. What is interior design for an averagehome in India? What is perceived notionof high end interior design by an averagecity dweller? Is it an extravagantexpression of “new rich” in town or aneffort of “not so rich class” to live classyrich life?
  4. 4. Whatever it is they usually feel proudshowcasing their home interior anddécor, no matter whether they are richor not so rich, no matter whether it’sextravagant or modest.
  5. 5. When it comes to average middle class homeinterior you will find few similarities, anoverwhelmingly stuffed home, because theyneed and inherit too many things to make theirlife vibrant and cope with so many rituals, socialevents, festivals, changing seasons etc.
  6. 6. They don’t generally discard old household itemsin India since they have emotional valueattached to it like furniture inheritedfrom grandparents, no matter whether theyhave already bought a pair of PVC chair and ansteel wardrobe last festive season on a megadiscount offer they will keep the old furnitureand items as well. Minimalistic interior is eithernot their choice or maybe they can’t afford it.
  7. 7. You will find multipurpose household items,like the steel or wooden trunk which is used tostore many non-seasonal household stuffsalong with hardly used inherited and memorialitems and which can also be used as TVstand or temporary bed in case of long socialvisits like couch surfing.
  8. 8. You will find same contemporary interiorlighting unit or decorative fixture in majorityof houses which they all buy from the sameneighborhood market. Almost similar finishes,similar wall colors and textures, similarwindow grill design, similar exposed interiorlighting, may be little different furnishingbased on little varied choices of occupant.
  9. 9. You will sense a fusion of different culturewith miniature painting of Rajasthanhanging on the wall to Feng shui windchime hanging on door. But they seemquite content in their home, that’s whatmatters! No matter how limited is thespace inside home; they have huge spacein their heart to welcome you.
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