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Using Sencha Command


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Using Sencha Command to develop your mobile app or mobile web, this slide include PhoneGap integration too.

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Using Sencha Command

  1. 1. Sencha Command Anuchit Chalothorn
  2. 2. Tools ● Sencha Cmd ● Sencha Touch SDK ● Mobile SDK ○ XCode for iOS App ○ Android SDK for Android App ● Phonegap (optional)
  3. 3. Install Sencha Cmd Download and install Sencha Cmd
  4. 4. Install Sencha Touch SDK Download Sencha Touch SDK and extract SDK to web server directory eg: htdocs
  5. 5. Create New Project Goto your Sencha Touch SDK directory and use sencha generate app HelloWorld ../HelloWorld * You must change dir to <web-root>/touch-3.x.x first, project create in <web-root>
  6. 6. Create New Controller Generate controller file for your sencha app sencha generate controller controller_MainApp * You must change dir to your <web-root>/your-project-dir first
  7. 7. Create New Model Generate model file for your sencha app sencha generate model model_MainApp field-name:type * You must change dir to your <web-root>/your-project-dir first
  8. 8. Create New Form Generate form file for your sencha app sencha generate form form_Contact field-name:string * You must change dir to your <web-root>/your-project-dir first
  9. 9. Running Simple Web Server Using simple web server feature in sencha sencha web -p 8000 start * You must change dir to your your-project-dir first
  10. 10. Build Sencha for Web App Build Sencha for using as Mobile Web sencha app build * Build result in your-project-dir/build/production/
  11. 11. Build Sencha for Native App Build Sencha for integrate with Mobile App sencha app build -run native * Sencha using iOS Emulator to load Sencha Web App
  12. 12. Integrate with PhoneGap Sencha can work with PhoneGap by using a single command :) sencha phonegap init com.example.Hello * Sencha ‘ll create PhoneGap build config in
  13. 13. Build Sencha Mobile App After integrate with PhoneGap, you can using build command to build your native mobile by using phonegap build sencha app build -run native * Config for your platforms
  14. 14. Remote build with PhoneGap Config your then use the build command phonegap.platform=ios, android, bb10, wp7{username}{password} * After build finish you’ll get a giant QR-Code, so cool :)