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Using PhoneGap Command Line


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Using PhoneGap Command Line the quickly way to develop your mobile application with PhoneGap

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Using PhoneGap Command Line

  1. 1. PhoneGap Command Line Anuchit Chalothorn
  2. 2. Tools ● Node JS ● Apache Ant ● SDK ○ XCode for iOS App ○ Android SDK for Android App
  3. 3. Install Node.js Download and install Node.js from
  4. 4. Install Apache Ant Download and install Apache Ant from *** Mac user, use brew to install ant ; brew install ant
  5. 5. Install PhoneGap Install PhoneGap by using Node Package Manager sudo npm install -g phonegap * Windows user use : npm install -g phonegap
  6. 6. Create New Project Use PhoneGap command line to create new project eg; HelloWorld. then dev your code in www directory. phonegap HelloWorld com.example.helloworld
  7. 7. Install PhoneGap plugins Use PhoneGap command line to install plugins phonegap plugin add <url-plugin> * List of plugins :
  8. 8. Build Project to Mobile App Use PhoneGap command line to build project to Mobile Application, after build you’ll get native application in platforms directory phonegap build android * Change android to another platform eg: ios
  9. 9. Run Project on Device / Emulator Use PhoneGap command line to run project on your device phonegap run android * Change android to another platform eg: ios