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Professional     Profile      of <br />Mujtaba Sattar (Anonto) |Founder CEO,Inforev<br />“I have known Ananto now for abou...
CEO at Citycell(Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd)
Former CCO, Banglalink |Director Sales & Marketing GrameenPhone.</li></ul>“I have found it a joy to work with Anonto & Inf...
Head of Global Program Management, Mobile Phones Marketing at Nokia
Former Head of Content and Services , Nokia APAC</li></ul>“During your first interaction with Mujtaba, he comes across as ...
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Profile anonto

  1. 1. Professional Profile of <br />Mujtaba Sattar (Anonto) |Founder CEO,Inforev<br />“I have known Ananto now for about 6+ years. Very dynamic and creative person. He has very sound and deep knowledge about applications and contents and have given several creative solution adopting to the needs of the market and client. I am sure in the years ahead he along with his units will contribute even more towards the needs of the market and also do good for the people of Bangladesh by helping giving appro solutions which benefits the masses and helps bridge the digital divide. I wish him every success.<br />“November 12, 2009<br /><ul><li>MehboobChowdhury ,
  2. 2. CEO at Citycell(Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd)
  3. 3. Former CCO, Banglalink |Director Sales & Marketing GrameenPhone.</li></ul>“I have found it a joy to work with Anonto & Inforev in Bangladesh during my time as Head of Content & Services of NOKIA in APAC. As a content and IT service provider, I found Anonto and Inforev to be eager to ensure they provided a top notch service and flexibility to meet the customers' needs. More importantly as a business partner, Anontowas very trustworthy, and this will be a main success factor. I wish Anonto and his company all the best.<br />“February 21, 2010<br /><ul><li>Damian Tay ,
  4. 4. Head of Global Program Management, Mobile Phones Marketing at Nokia
  5. 5. Former Head of Content and Services , Nokia APAC</li></ul>“During your first interaction with Mujtaba, he comes across as a very prompt professional with high business acumen. You can clearly gauge his experience and skill-set in the VAS domain which is beyond comparison. He can truly help companies build a whole VAS empire from scratch. With passion for mobile technologies, specifically VAS domain, Mujtaba is quick to resolve issues & bottlenecks, thereby finding solutions. I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.<br />“December 27, 2009<br /><ul><li>AbhishekSood ,
  6. 6. Head of New Products & Innovation at AirCel, (India)
  7. 7. Former Manager, Products at Indiatimes(Times Internet Limited)</li></ul>“Mujtaba was one of the pioneers providing content in the Bangladesh market when the industry was at its infancy. Inforev was one of the most innovative content providers in the market introducing new and interesting services for our customers helping GrameenPhone to reach content revenue targets. I have known Mujtaba to be a hard working and intelligent business partner and entrepreneur. Although GP was a business partner for Mujtaba, Mujtaba always went the extra mile to treat us like his clients; courteous, professional and punctual. I am also pleased to see that now Mujtaba has taken his entrepreneurial capabilities to the next level by doing business in Malaysia. I would definitely use his skills again and I wish him all the best for the future...<br />“December 10, 2009<br /><ul><li>Kafil H S Muyeed ,
  8. 8. Former CMO/Director, Marketing Division - Telenor ASA , Grameenphone</li></li></ul><li>Professional Profile of <br />Mujtaba Sattar (Anonto) |Founder CEO,Inforev<br />“Anonto is our VAS partner in Bangladesh, and steadily migrating to Singapore, Malaysia as well. He's part of the original core group of VAS founders of Bangladesh. Having successfully transformed a start-up fledgling business into a force to reckon with, I wouldn't be surprised to see him & Inforev suddenly spurting into a multinational force to reckon with. Looking at him you couldn't guess the firepower he contains. Nerves of steel, always thinking, I've found few people who truly understand "VAS" like he does. "Never say die", he always finds a way around problems. Never micro-managing, he effectively leads Inforev. A founder CEO who "leads from the front". I've never found any problem or situation that fazes this tall man. Tall he stands, and taller he will be. I am lucky to know him! Best wishes<br />“November 15, 2009<br /><ul><li>AmitAgarwala ,
  9. 9. Founder CEO, Admale, India.
  10. 10. Former Core Team Member, Outlook development at Microsoft USA</li></ul>“Mujtaba is a detail-oriented manager who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without losing sight of the strategic objective. He can think of out of the box like no other I have seen. With proper support he can build an empire of VAS services not only for Bangladesh but also for other countries. I wish him all the success in his career.<br />“November 16, 2009<br /><ul><li>Mahmud RajibChowdhury ,
  11. 11. Former Manager, Content & VAS at GrameenPhone.</li></ul>“Mujtaba has been one of the icons of IT solutions in Bangladesh in this decade. He is very thorough with systems and has a good knowledge about business which is very rare among IT professionals. Hope to see him fly higher in coming days.<br />“February 15, 2010<br /><ul><li>Rahat Khan ,
  12. 12. Corporate Key accounts at WARID Telecom
  13. 13. Former Corporate Key accounts at GrameenPhone</li></ul>These are Professional Recommendations<br /> or Endorsement earned By Mr. Mujtaba <br />Sattar (Anonto) at the Professional <br />Network<br />
  14. 14. Professional Profile of <br />Mujtaba Sattar (Anonto) |Founder CEO,Inforev<br />This is the story of a 18 years old Boy, Just admitted into BUET after completion of his HSC from Notre Dame College- with definite determination to become an IT / SaaS Entrepreneur who has already working as a freelance Techno Consultant Since his College Days for Many companies…..<br />As for his Dream to be an entrepreneur, the sky was the limit but with no tangible investment or access to finance, he started from the scratch, his Dream Called “Inforev” in 1999 which later become Private Limited company in 2002 and he Drove & is still Driving his Dream/Company from Zero to The Inforev Limited, that stands before you Today- - In last 11 years and Still Today, He lives for Inforev, He Lives at Inforev, He Lives By Inforev & He lives of Inforev ! ! ! <br />| Inforev (M) SDN BHD [Malaysia] | Inforev nG |Titan Systems |<br />Affiliates<br />The Team<br />| Corporate Office: 27 | Data Centre: 16 | R & D: 12 | Inforev (M) SDN BHD: 12 |<br />Inforev Limited is growing phenomenally and is expanding towards Africa, Middle east, Europe, Russia, India, East & South East Asia, Eastern Europe & Latin American region by offering its mobile VAS services in those regions. Soon we will be having regional offices in those new regions of our operations. In terms of number of Personnel, we are expecting to Double the number with in next 12 months due to the obvious essence of expansions mentioned & expecting to grow exponentially with time. <br />Mujtaba is also:<br />1. Founder Vice President of Content Providers & Aggregators’ Association of Bangladesh (CPAAB) <br />2. Member, Software Engineering Institute (SEI). <br />3. Well known orator / Key note Speaker on Convergence of Mobile Technologies- Presented Key note paper at ASOCIO ( Asian Oceania Computing Industry Organization ) ICT Summit 2004 at Colombo, Sri Lanka, CAN ( Computer Association of Nepal) Info Tech 2005 at Nepal, ASOCIO ICT Summit at Thailand etc. <br />
  15. 15. Mobile Operators hosting our Services on their Network Globally: <br />Valued Brand Clients/Partners: <br />
  16. 16. Professional Profile of <br />Mujtaba Sattar (Anonto) |Founder CEO,Inforev<br />GrameenPhone (Telenor ASA) has awarded us as the Most innovative in VAS For extraordinary contribution to enrich their VAS portfolio <br /> 1stMobile Governance M-VAS of Bangladesh:<br />Inforev is proud to offer First mGov election VAS with <br />The National Election Commission.<br />Text / SMS Service (over SMPP / IP)<br />IVRs / Voice Portal (over SS7/ PRI / R2) <br />MMS 2 Short Code Service (over MM7) <br />Micro Browser End2End Mobile Web / WAP & CMS<br />On Device Portals (Micro Client) <br />RBT Platform & Content <br />mBank- SMS & Alert Banking<br />MobiAd- Converged Mobile AD Platform<br /><br /><br />mCorp- Corporate Mobility Solution<br />Missed Call Alert (MCA) <br />mWeb Traffic Monetization <br />Inforev Limited is connected with all the Mobile operators (GrameenPhone, ROBI, Banglalink, Citycell, Teletalk & WARID) of Bangladesh and also connected with the operators at more than 25 Countries Globally our versatile short code for all the operators is 2233 though we maintain other 50 different short codes with these operators as well and we have revenue sharing Value Added Service (VAS) provisioning agreement with all the Mobile operators. Let me also mention here that we have offered around 100+ SMS based services in Bangladesh and the ever first and so far the only company to offer MMS based service in Bangladesh and I believe it proudly announces Inforev as one of the largest Mobile content Aggregators/integrators and solution providers of the country. We also provide RBT (Ring Back tone) content and GPRS/WAP based rich contents as well as IVR (Interactive Voice Response) based voice services & those are ASR (Automated Speech Recognition) enabled.  Being driven by our reputation, The Mobile Operators have chosen Inforev again and again to be the SMS/MMS carrier and Solution provider for their own Banded services. Thereby Inforev holds the record of handling huge number of daily SMS Traffic to the tune of hundred thousand. Being one of the reputed ICT solution provider company, we believe that we have the most robust, reliable and redundant technical infrastructure compared to other Content carrier. Inforev Ltd. is proud to mention that we have offered the First Mobile Governance Project with The National Election Commission. We are also closely working with The MOA (Ministry of Agriculture) & The Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) to disseminate agriculture information throughout the country over Mobile phone to the concern farming community & to track Pilgrim (hajji) over SMS etc. We have also done mobile automation of Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh in association of world’s Data Base Giant Sybase 365, The British Council Bangladesh and Cyprus, LM Ericsson Bangladesh Ltd, British American Tobacco etc. NOKIA has chosen Inforev Limited as their exclusive partner for SMS, rich and J2ME Content solution provider as well as web/ICT Solution Provider Company for their NOKIA Bangladesh Chapter. We have a Master Agreement with NOKIA for the said purpose. <br />