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List of ideas to make use of a slice of bread

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Bread (nx power lite)

  1. 1. IDEAS ABOUT WHAT TO DO WITH A SLICE OF BREAD / M.T.1. Title :Bread slice in “nutritional hero campaign"Idea: To do a campaign to promote the nutritional benefits of bread as part of ahealthy diet emphasizing its role in food pyramid, general benefits i.e. fiber content,and particular benefits given by special breads i.e. made with flaxseed or quinoaingredients.2. Instructional Cooking valueto make a great dessert.Use the bread slice to make a recipe and publish it online. I would pick to makebread pudding, and mail to my creativity team colleagues a piece by expressdelivery!!! (pass me your address!)
  2. 2. 3. We may also add sensory value to the bread slice transforming it into a moreexotic dish. For example, a recipefrom FerranAdria from El Bulli, proposedchocolate sea salt and olive oil, which is described here: would add a touch of pumpkin marmalade mixed with fresh watermelon cubes tohave an extra textural contrast, and to be absolutely unique.4. Bread connecting to charitiesThe idea of bread as a feed the world could be exploited. For example to organize aone per year collection of funds for charities,using the loaf of bread as a symbol ofthe campaign (ie. via a funny picture). To avoid that the slide expires and gets moldywe could do it through facebookto collect donations for CARITAS or other charitieson a special international bank account. Instantaneous facebookI-BREAD animatedlogos will be added to one’s profile (hopefully with a viral effect).This could enhancethe social media exposure of other charities already existing such as: To use the slice to make abread logo for any company by decorating / paintingone side.
  3. 3. 5. Unusual educational use. For example in a physics class at the university to getlaser practical demos, as a target
  4. 4. 6. Dog training customizable face cover, to prevent temporarily and voluntarilyundesirable biting behavior in dogs: Training and entertaining value by using a rounded slice as a frisbee.
  5. 5. 8. Sliced bread as a part of a masterpiece of modern art, i.e a F-1 example or a snail.
  6. 6. 9. Use the sliced bread to connect to anyone in your neighborhood who ownbirds.10. Enhancing the perception of awareness value by designing a campaign aboutBlind people needs / BREAD => B-READ = Blind read!This would require to use not just the image but also the word BREAD. The new “B-READ”, would be a hopefullysuccessful campaign for promotion of Braille or Blindreading. It would aim to connect resources to help the blind learning how to read. Bis about Braille or Blind and correspond to the B letter, while the rest of the wordBREAD is actually READ. May be it’s worth to use the textural surface of awholegrain bread to convey the reading perception sensations that any hands canperceive… A non-blind person can feel that when touching a slice of bread, a-la-Braille.
  7. 7. 11. A new product invention that brings a “subliminal message” of love to give toyour loved ones each breakfast should be great.12. A new song video… made with the slice of bread in center stage,in a similar spirit as a wedding cake can we used in this song“As We Break This Bread - Wedding Cake Cutting Song”which is part of this video: Start a design project about the rewards of sharing and that use the bread sliceas a musical instrument, that s a true design challenge...
  8. 8. 14. Make a pair of edible glasses (without lenses), using the slice of bread, for yoursummer weekend! If you casually visit the zoo that weekend, look for the bearsection to feed it to them… and please, if you do so watch your hand!15. We can make an expensive sandwich –>using your new Iphone 5 to get ascratching protection system in place.As a (second) daily organic cover of your new Iphone 5. It actually will absorbimpact well to prevent scratches… since Apple discovered that this new version hasa problem why not to proactively tackle this issue with our slice resource? Besidesyour conventionalIphone5 cover, you should split in two a slice of bread, and coverboth sides of the beautiful device with it, just then enclose the I-sandwich into a newcontainer, and there you have an unbreakable modern phone in your own hands!If you find ham in your way to the office, you are set for lunch, but don’t drop yourIphone. 16. Launch a new bread shampoo invention based on the revolutionary propertiesof wheatin bread. If you add oregan the scent in your next team meeting may beunforgettable.17. To promote a fasting diet of 1 slice of bread per day. Optional: 1 orange and onekiwi (once per month). Value=>health for obese people.18. A once per year 51 Slices of Bread speed eating competition for the Guinessrecord
  9. 9. 19. The slide of bread as a tasting sample that can be handed in a shopping mallalong with an explanation card with details of an invitation for a bread cookingcourse for diabetic persons in that city.20. Split the slice in half and can make beautiful earings! It may become popular inMilano Fashion week perhaps?21. With added smoked salmon and champagne you may well organize the perfectdinner.22. To do a promotional spot add about potential wheat allergies caused by a breadslice.23. Awareness. Shape the bread slice into a shape close to the shape of Africa. Then,hang the bread so it has a somehow pendular movement if there is wind. Rotationshould be a bit limited by the hanger…. Project its shadow from different colourchanging lights into a 50 meters screens in the airport where financial summits areheld i.e. G-20. The projection screen may include a real time video of the bread.24. Attach it to a helium balloon, and put a short message saying that there is a 10million dollars rewards who finds it, and sign it as Felix Baumgartner if you wish. Besure to include an incomplete phone number. Release it, and wait. And wait. Andwait. Eventually, in the best case may be on the newsthe following week.PerhapsFelix actually pays a reward if it went out of the stratosphere it came backas a burnt toast. Don’t quote me!