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Operation manual for arm balance


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Operation manual for arm balance

  1. 1. rV ?Ag4-@6-L4 t4:89 FROI4: ra|@aL66?81?,5958 lilrphant 6IEJgCIIIIffi & #AJE IIANI)I,IN(;g t[FJH IJAI,ANCII I,ilTI WAHAPOHN Pl.A$l.lg_ I.JD.,LTD A 6l I MODEL: AT}S TYPE t WORKTNG TYPEI VECUUI4 AJIN POWBR TEC 358"178, Galsan-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea (2nd Seongseo Industrial Complex) TEL: +82"53 .582"-7316 FAX:+82-53-582-7318 Customer Service Cenl,er - TEL : 053).682-7317 Website; http:l / MANI]AL(VAL]UIIM) Ajirr Powcr Tec
  2. 2. D.a TO: 8016528LA5954/tc L4:@9 FRot"l: ->/ /u Iilcpl:ant-4.!gSClIlE & E#fi IIANDLIN(ifitl8f tr I]ALANCI1 Lilrl N{ ANl.IA I.( V ACI,]( IM ) Aiin Power Jec
  3. 3. 74:@9 FROM: 1O:O@1.66?A7B,695A /,r EHE lllepharrt-tlgddlril =& IIANDLINCIE-LIEE BAI,ANCIJ Lil?fL Whats Arm Ealance?This arm balance is a kind of haudler designed [o handle a wide variety of works inquick, accurate and safe manner iu all directioas with a 3-dimerrsional parabolic moveircnt,without controlling any switch, while the works are slightly held by only compressed air.2. Cautions and check ooints before ooerationIt is an air type of automatic balance to be controlled by only compressed air (airpressure: More than 5KSflstQ, not including electric or hydraulic pressure. In particular,this automatic balance features a sirnple circuit and less trouble. For safety, nevertheless,the following should be checked, to which careful attention must be paid.(1) Cautions bcfore operationThe arm balance should be operated by ouly skilled operator who read and understand thisoperation manual tlroroufhly, Especiallv. all the cautions for safety should be observedcarefully. l) All people should keep ou[ of the units working area wlrile it is in operation, n When the unit is irr use, the operalor should waLclr ou[ for overhead hazarrls from its vertical arrn (second ann). J] I)o not work while thc opertators head is near the units vertical arm. 4) Do rrot shut off the compressed air lirre while l.he unil is in orleration. lr) I)o not disconnect any hose of air line while the compressed air line is connccted. 6) Even while the compressed air line is shut off, [he hr:se connectecl to the unit,s contrrtl 4Ir cylincler should nol, be removed or discorrnected for safety (due to hish pressure). 7) Only skilled technician slrould he allowed to open tlre door of its control box,.. st Nobocly should he allowed to access thc machine while it is in use, ..0) When the unit is in use,- the operator should keep on paying attentign to any troublc around its assembled parts and arm connec[ori. 10) Do nr:[ try to lift any work havier t]ran the unit capacitli, 11) Before operation, make sure that the previosly worked model is sarne as the model to be worked. If different, adust the working condition of the unit to be proper for , the work to be done. If their weight is different, reset the 2nd air pressurb. it ttreir I size is incompatible, reset the adirlsting part of attachment, t2) Whpl thc. operator is repiaced with, required for the previous operator to I explnin all possible trouble to the nextoperator" 13) Ther:e is difference in system between the control circuits of the uni[, such aw clamp circuit, vacuum circuit and hook & fork circuit, When an attachment is replaced with a new onemr therefore, it is surely required to contact the maker for detailed information about replacement. L4) The initiai preset pressure of the compresseri air line may be adiusted.MANUAI.(VAOIIIIM) Ajirt Powcry Tcc
  4. 4. v, llrepharrt- clE d +llllE & EgEl IIANDLIN(;*-tli&E BAI,ANCII LIFIls) The filter of the air supply unit should tre replaced Ueriodically (t timdmont.h) and , be always dehumidified. if-it is kept in inadequate. condition,.the main control valve I of fhe iintrot boi may be troubled so that the unit can not be operated in good condition.16) Do not operate any control part while the unit is in operation17) Ifthe unit is mohile, it should be needed to make .the qcljust b-trlts (4 places) of the bottom mount be in full contact with the installed floor. before operafion.18) Wheri the machine is not ih use, keep ina safe place after breaking the. unib (lf noi-Uniuiririii-ln-i-saie-place, Ure unit ryay be.frce-rotated in the lower-leveled direction an-d cause physical iqiurT or damage).rs) If it is flecessary to shut off the supply air; then set the attachment of the machine to the lowest pdosition before its shutoff.20) If there is the leak of air at any unnegessary place, immediately stop working,- -[,r iitun, ti,l.i unit trome poiitiori, shut off tha air supply, and reFrrdr the leak of air
  5. 5. 1) Malte sue thal allthe bolts are in tight condition and tighten if loosenerl before operatiotr, D Check if the is well-balanced, by moving the arm upward & downward and rig|t & left. 3) Check if there is any air leak or damage in btre pipirrs parts if the body arrcl compressor. If nece*ssary, take proper action for the leak or damage before operation. 4) Meks sure that the air pressure supplied to the air unit of the bocl5, 1s normnl condiotion, 5) Ifthe bocly is installed in inclined condition, the arm also is inclined to Lhe low-leveled direction. I[ is necessary, therefore, to set the overall leval of tl:e base to eero (0) and then make sure that the arm is in stop eonditirn before operation. 6) Be sure that the welding part of the arrn is normal and immediately rerrair if necessary. 7) The air filter: is so sensitive to moisture and other frrreign matters so thert special care must be taken not to be exposed to them. (In particular, they should cause the balance circuit to be troubled) 8) Do lift the work havier than the maximum capacity (If done, the operator can freel much heavier), e) 10) The filter and regulator should not be exposed to any oil. Only an oilless Lype of parts are used for this rrrachine. If cxposed to oil, therefpre, the balance circuit can be troubled. 11) Wlrerr the air supply sucldenly stops while in the loaderl, prdss the switch to take down the &rm on the floor and unload the work (Durine unloading, the arm will move upward approximately 200 mm, to which careful atterrtion must be paid).MANI.JAI,(VAt]UI.IM) A.iin Power ler:
  6. 6. T0:8O15628LA695O /u Eleplraurt- Ctg # A! Ill E & TIANT)I,TNGE "I}EE BAI.ANCII LIFI =SEHow to operate the arrr balance(1) Composition ..,.]$ ${t hnlrih It il lUSl illll $rll llni .lr-ts"&I.r9!l.r 9lrlBr-: e.4F/I{.lsll !!B!u- .r l 1 I -lti, I Gmuod-mobile & rct tYPc .vauurilu(*ri) l lll qqtlhnl B(x lultLi.l:di v^-ltrn 1rtr 1l(llr t[liLlr-l!a] (o) )th llrtr | [ vrrl*ti) .. 1,61r.1 rrrr,, - .- ---.--- ./ - ( ilorr)rJP !FIL0-(fi lt{.r!Lltl r,.1p9,;,;,g1rp1,1, u.u (,rur)ttr,yrt ut t-t, , ,*t,t,,,.t t u ./w(r{l:) .frf,^rf 0u/,)tt rt lin(,*,it _y^j,_t:l,l, ho;d,,,ltlil I llr$ Y/. (.(:r{trl P^t[r.r lry // MAlll F;t.rtt r AIIA( HML.f.ll [l[rT Ajin Power ltx:MNNUAL(VACTNM)
  7. 7. TO: EE1562BLA595O A 74:1,O :#aroncri : P-ME-01 :vrfiuurJfrrifr.rru{rilfufrosoil:r1l lfirf}.2s47 A4u tnro{uo?91 9/ut fl15ttfl tll : floot When the the adjust bolts (4 places) of the base to be in contact with the prqlerly adiust the adjusL arm becmes so sharply rota[ed, then, it is required lo (If rrot exactly adiusted it bolfs on the lower bottom [o be in propei conclition cloesnt matter, thanks to its own breaH unit attached tlre /; 4/ Mounr frLZ X vll/2,,-sizecl air nipple to the side of air supplv nrachirre post, and tjlen conrrect it to the olz-sieed urethane l:one. (g) Open the stop valve located irr the outlet of air unit Check if air is supplied to the arrunit and then set it to the air pressure of G) SKgf/dTl. (, Move the arm upward and downward by holding the handle, (g) Ii the arrn moves normally without stop, the machine i-s ready to operate box, at all, other tharr There must be flo any leak of air within the air control the balance circuit and some parts because the air leak has a fatal effect on both operators safety. The contxo iglrt, condition .rAir pressure should nor exceed max. o.?Mpa for the safely of air unit *Normal air pressure : 0,6Mpa (6Ksf/stf)* Aiin Power Tec MANI.,IAI,(VACUI.IM)
  8. 8. A t4l.7A FROII: TO:6@1,66?81.@5950 F H o d) o_ 0) (f 7 o o nn o- C d Z rEt E kt F- tr" 0- Z LJ I = () t-
  9. 9. A 74t78 FROl,l: TO:@8165?8I?,595e P:8 ul,, Itlcphant-t!g Sdlfil# & #tJE f"lANDLtNCiS " tt&tr IIAI.ANCII LIIII (3) How to operate When the, work is not loaded [o the attachmenli (1) Trv to move the arm upward and downward. (D How to adjust the arm when it moves smoothly, but moves either upward or downward by removing a hand: When thc arm moves upward: Turn iounterclockwise [he unloader setting valve (N010) of the main body pafi shown in the figure until the arm Etops irr a miclclle position. When tlre amn moves downwardl Turn clockwise the Unloader Setting Valve (N010) qf the main body part shown in the figure until the arm stops in a micldle position. x If the same force is required for both the up and clown motions by moving the handle upward ancl dowrrward, the unloader setting valve can be considerecl to be adjusled in the best condition. Whsa_lhe_:ryqk_is. lqnded to the athshmcnt: 0) Move the hanclle tqr make the vacuum pad be in contact witlr the work. €) Ress the Vacuum On Switch (NOl). 6) While pressing the switch, the work should be allowed to be loaclerl. Release the swilch when the loaded work and arm moves upward auLcmatica]ly (Then, do not force the handle to move, if possible) O Wherr the work moves eit}er upward or downwarcl without the arm stop in lhe midclle position; When Lhe work and arm rnoves upward: Tunr the loader setling valve (NO4) of the attachment part counterclockwise to be adiustecl until the ann stops in a certain position after moved When the wor:k and arm moves downwardi Turn the Ioader setting valve (N04) of the attachmeut parl clockwise to be adjusted until th9 arm stops in a,certain position after moved. (D Move the work to a place for the purpose of storage, @ Press the Vacuum Off Switch for 1-2 seconds or longer. (D When the work is unloaded from the vacuum pacl while pressing the switclr, rotate the handle to release tlre switch. G) Repeat the above procedures. €) When sLoppirrg the work, set the the Brake Switch to the Orr position to preverrt the arm from being rotated to the right and left, MANI]AL(VNCUIJM) Ajin Iower It:r:
  10. 10. TA:frA766?8t46959 P:9 ,/n Iilephanr clEdcllilE & truE ilANDLIN[ig-HeiE nAl.ANC:li r,lF.rDescription of other control parts O Up Speed Controller The arm moves upward by pressing the Vacuum On Switch while the work is loaded to the attachment, This valve is used to conkol the. up speed, Clockwise : To deceleratB speed - Courrterrlockwise: To acceJerate speed (A f)own Speed Controller The arnr moves downward by pressing the Vacuum Off Switch while the work is loaded [o the attachment, This va]ve is to control the down speed. - Clockwise : To clecelerate speed - Coun[erclockwise: fo accelerate speed(4) Bepair and maintenance ts Check points before operation - If the filter and regulator lines are exposed to moisture - If there is the leak of air within the air piping connector. - If the bolts and nuts of the marln bodys driving parts are tight. - If all the valves of the attachment are working in good condition. Particularly, if the valves (V-3-M5) used to detect the work is working in normal condil.ion. ElMonthly check points - Clean tlre filter and regulator elements, - Make su"re that the air hose of driving parts is damagerl.I{ANTJAL(VACTUUM) Ajin lrower "lec
  11. 11. TO:88165?8tA595A P:1.D ,/u lilepharrt-Cl g dl cllllE & I{ANI)t,tNGt.-t}#g HAt,ANC:ti l.l.llf =gE4. Troubleshooting Trouhle Corrective Action When the work is no[ I, Check if lhe dir supplypressure exceeds SKct/er,f. loaded, the up ancl down 2. Iurn the unloader setting valve of tlre main body part clockwise/counrcr* movement is not done or clockwise to adjust the balance, 5o heavy, 3, Check if there is any damage of lhe machine clement,q (sr"rch as bearings), l.DqHnward: lurn the loadtr settirtg valve of the attachrneflt part clockwise to be adiusted until it stops [n a middle psirion. Z.Uoward: Tum the loader setting valve of lhe altachment part counterclockwis After the ruork is loaded, to be adjusted until it stops irr a middle position. lhe work ancl arm rnove S,If it is not adjusted by the above two methods, therr Lurn the vscuum sensor upward or downwarcl. (N05) counterclockwise to be arliustbd by one degree at a time, arrd press tlre Vacuum On Switch to adust the balance. Repea[ lha above procedures until the work is done in normal conclition. The work moves downwards I.Ilherc is tlre air leak oI the v66r;urn line. Corrective action should be tsken to when the air supply is solve the air leak. stop6d while the vacuum is Z.When air is inducecl into the inside of vaclrufll pad while the vacuum is on, tn. tlre work moves downward (For example, cartoil boxt vinyl, etc.). l..Check if the air hose is twisted between the handle switch pnrt to the main Tlie worl< is not loacleri control box (2nd and 3rd arrn nre prohibited frcrm 350 rotation. Particularly, :ven by pressing l.he the pilot line hose is frequently twisted byrcarelesu handlins ol atving pert. Vacuun: On Switch. 2. Make sure the pilot line hose is properly conrrected, Ihe amr and wor* move {ownward shortly while the LCheck if there is any l,eak of the vasuum pad and line, and then wotk stops in loaded corrcctive action, if necessary. ;ondilion.IVIAN UN t. ( VACI.]I.]M ) Ajirt Power l er: