Logo Templates Packs Available At LogoSmartz


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Logosmartz offer huge discount on its individual logo template packs and Mega Template Library Pack. Rush now to logosmartz.com to avail this limited period opportunity.

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Logo Templates Packs Available At LogoSmartz

  1. 1. Logo Templates Packs Available At LogoSmartz
  2. 2. LogoSmartz is an online shop which deals in logo making products, i.e. logo making software and logo templates. It provides many different logo template packs which are listed as follows: -  Accounting & Finance Templates Library  Food and Beverages Templates Library  Computers Templates Library  Animal & Nature Logo Templates Library  Healthcare & Beauty Templates Library  Sports & Leisure Templates Library  Real Estate Templates Library About Logosmartz Template Libraries
  3. 3. Accounting & Finance Templates Library This library consists of logo samples suitable for banks, investment agencies, lending companies and money- related companies. The samples are 50 in number and are fully customizable.
  4. 4. Food &BeveragesTemplates Library This library contains templates for making logos for hotels, cafes, restaurants etc. The templates are 50+ in number and are unique and attractive. These are also customizable according to the needs of the users.
  5. 5. Computers Templates Library This logo templates library contains templates for making logos suitable for businesses such as software businesses, IT companies and companies in communication field. The library has 50+ creative and innovative templates that can be personalized on the basis of users’ requirements.
  6. 6. Animal &NatureLogoTemplates Library If you want to make logos defining animals or nature or environment, this library consists of 50+ logo samples. You can make the samples more creative by adding your own creative skills and innovative ideas.
  7. 7. Mega Library Pack This pack is the collection of all template libraries which are discussed in the previous slides. This contains templates for health and beauty, sports & leisure, accounts and finance, real estate, computers, nature, animals, etc. The whole pack is of $49.95 only. For more Information, visit us at LOGOSMARTZ.COM
  8. 8. Healthcare & Beauty Logo TemplatesLibrary This library is suitable for the businesses like spas, saloons, gymnasiums, health resorts etc. Since these businesses need to create very beautiful logos, there are more than 50 related samples to design beautiful logos. If you have much creative skills, you can even add your own templates to your software library.
  9. 9. Sports & Leisure Logo Templates Library Similar to other template libraries, this library also contains 50+ related templates for businesses such as sports institutions, resorts, sports clubs, athletic organizations, etc. These templates are also fully customizable as per the needs of the business.
  10. 10. RealEstateTemplatesLibrary This library consists of logo design template suitable for businesses in the field of construction, designing, architecture, property dealing etc. The templates are highly customizable.