What google+ social network means for your business


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I'm fairly obsessed with Google's new Google+ social network. I even wrote up 50 ideas and speculations about Google+ on my own site.

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What google+ social network means for your business

  1. 1. What Google+ Social Network Means For Your BusinessWritten by batteryfast.comFriday, 08 July 2011 06:57 -What Google+ Social Network Means For Your BusinessIm fairly obsessed with Googles new Google+ social network. I even wrote up 50 ideas andspeculations about Google+ on my own site. For you, Id like to talk about what parts ofGoogle+ I see working and not working for small business. First off, I know you might be rollingyour eyes at having to consider another  social network . But for you, my friends, I say that itsworth it. Or it will be. Stick with me on this.What Is Google+? Google+ is a social network, closest in style to Facebook, where one can post status updatesincorporating text, video, photos. and/or links. Comments appear below such posts. You candetermine who to follow and group them in "Circles" so that you can choose where to place yourattention. Plus, you can send your messages out to a specific individual, to a specific circle, toall your circles or to the public at large, meaning that you control both the output and the input ofthis messaging. What makes  Google+ a bit more interesting than other networks isthat, well, its Google, which means that its integrated with the No. 1 search engine, the No. 2search engine (YouTube) and several other Google products that used to not make much sensetogether, but should soon. (Think about communications plus document collaboration whenadding Google Docs).Why is it sexy?Google+ has some real potential to be amazing, partly because of Googles dominance insearch. Theres a bit more to it, though. Google was measuring page rank heavily based onhow many people were linking to the page for information. But this, of course, was easy to 1/4
  2. 2. What Google+ Social Network Means For Your BusinessWritten by batteryfast.comFriday, 08 July 2011 06:57 -game, plus Google realized that this didnt count the value of transient links coming from placeslike Twitter and Facebook . By Building Google+, Google has built a system to betterunderstand what humans want to share, and how many humans choose to participate with thatsharing. Thus, theyll know rather quickly the value of content shared through their platform bythe actions people take there, which is much easier to track (deeply) than stuff done off-site.Because Google+ pulls together more and more pieces of Google technology into oneenvironment, it means that users can easily (without thinking much about it) educate advertisersabout their likes and dislikes. Thats not EXACTLY a benefit to you, until you decide to placeAdSense ads. But think about it: Facebook ads really work well insofar as how well and deeplythey can target the demographic you seek. With  Google+ , the level of depth of knowledgeabout each user is going to be off the charts. And, because its google, and 163 million people(give or take) already have Gmail accounts, it means that Google+ will get to a big user basereasonably fast. Im already seeing grandmothers (no lie; she has 14 grandkids) on there, andthats not just the nerd crowd.Google+ isnt yet ready for businessProfiles in Google+ are set up for personal accounts. There arent business profiles (officially)yet. But that "yet" is written in soft crayon on a hot frying pan. Business pages will come soon.Think about it. Google Places gives small businesses a very detailed presence inside of Googlesearch, and the ability to port that Places data into your business profile account will be supersimple. It WILL come, and it will be for you.In the meantime, set up your personal profile in there the moment you can, and then do yourbest to start following some of the people using the heck out of the service (like me). Weresharing lots of ideas on how this might eventually be great for your business. FellowOPENForum author John Jantsch is in there, to name just another reason why you should geton that.Other Business News: - Acer as07b41 laptop battery 2/4
  3. 3. What Google+ Social Network Means For Your BusinessWritten by batteryfast.comFriday, 08 July 2011 06:57 - - dell vostro 1500 laptop battery - Dell d630 laptop battery - Toshiba pa3534u-1brs laptop battery CloudTag: Google+ , Social Network , Business ,  Acer as07b41 battery ,  dell vostro 1500battery ,  Dell d630battery , Toshiba pa3534u-1brs battery Battery Wiki Related Articles:  - New Apples iPad, not iPad 3, in the works (Rumor) - Sony Vaio Z Review: 6 Reasons this could be the Ultimate Travel Laptop - Save Battery Life by Putting Wi-Fi to Sleep, New Software SleepWell - To Take Care of Your Laptop Battery | Battery Wiki - 5 Reasons the All-New Nook is the Best Dedicated Ebook Reader - Battery Wiki | Increase Laptop Battery Life in Easy Steps - Laptop Battery Life - Maximize | Battery Wiki - How to Repair a Battery Pack | Battery Wiki - Tablet wars: Amazon readies tablet, RIM lowers PlayBook estimates, iPad rolls on - Laptop Battery Life Problems | Battery Wiki - Best Travel Laptops for 2011  3/4
  4. 4. What Google+ Social Network Means For Your BusinessWritten by batteryfast.comFriday, 08 July 2011 06:57 - 4/4