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  1. 1. 29/10/2011 05:18 How To Choose the Best Desktop Replacement Laptop? How To Choose the Best Desktop contenders for this prize do I believe will come out Replacement Laptop? top? I’ve reviewed a few desktop replacement laptops The Samsung RF711 is our first contender and in the last few months that span the entire gamut it’s by far the budget model of the three costing of price, performance and build quality. Desktop only around $1,000. When you compare this to replacements can be extremely useful, especially for a desktop what you’re getting seems quite incre- IT Pros or people who are just unwilling to banish dible value for money. A 2GHz Core-i7 processor the trusty old desktop PC from their living room, and 6Gb of DDR3 ram backed up with an nVidia Ge- but know that sooner or later it just has to go. Force GT540M graphics chip with it’s own 1Gb of memory. It’s a very pretty machine too, though in Let’s begin by discussing the benefits of a desktop fairness all the laptops in this review are head-tur- replacement laptop. These machines simply aren’t ners. What is lacks however is all that you need for about being big and powerful any more. Sure they security peace of mind. There’s no TPM chip, no come with full HD screen sizes of 17 inches and fingerprint reader and no smartcard reader. Finally upwards and new Core-i7 processors that are a the budget for this machine stops at a 1600 by 900 match for anything found in a modern desktop. not-quite HD screen. Both of these are relatively new innovations and they make the desktop replacement truly compel- ling for the first time. Having used some though I quickly came to realise that there’s so much more to it than that. Storage is critical and all the machines I’m going to talk about here come with dual hard disks; with one even having space for a solid state mini card as well. Then there is build quality. If you are going to spend workstation money on a laptop you want to guarantee that it will take a few bumps and scrapes. You want to be able to drop it, or in my case stick it under a running tap accidentally (don’t ask, it still worked thankfully) and know that you can carry on working.joliprint Finally there’s security and you want to feel reas- Moving up to the Acer 8951G at around $1,400 does sured that your data will be safe and secure from give you a fingerprint reader but still no TPM but prying eyes and thieves. So which of the three main you do get a full HD 1920 by 1080 screen, a slightly Printed with faster Core-i7 processor running at 2.2GHz and Page 1
  2. 2. 29/10/2011 05:18 How To Choose the Best Desktop Replacement Laptop? more ram at 8Gb. There’s an nVidia GT555M gra- phics chip with 2Gb of dedicated memory and the biggest screen I’ve ever seen on a laptop at 18.4 inches. Style is also the order of the day here with the extra $400 buying you a brushed metal case, upped from the plastic of the Samsung. All three of these machines are very well equip- ped and all come with Blu-Ray, USB3 and huge num- bers of ports. This isn’t the only place where they’re similar too. Battery life on all three is remarkably similar as is performance. It really is difficult to tell these three machines apart in day to day use to see which is faster. This ultimately becomes the crux of the argument over which is best. The Dell has all the security features and the rock-solid build quality that any Finally, and really at the very top of the tree stands any IT Pro would ever need. The price premium the hefty Dell Precision M6600 workstation which for all this over the other two though just doesn’t those of you who read my reviews regularly will make it worth all the extra cash. The addition of the know is actually my own machine. This is a mons- fingerprint reader, which is fairly useless without ter with a 2.5GHz Core-i7 processor, 8Gb of ram a TPM chip in my opinion and the brushed metal and an nVidia Optimus 4000M graphics with 2Gb of not really adding anything to overall rugedness GDDR5 dedicated memory, up from the DDR3 of also rules the Acer out of the running. It’s just not the other machines. It’s configurable to an almost good enough to pip the Samsung to the post. comical degree too with mine sporting a TPM chip, fingerprint reader, contactless smartcard reader, Having used all three and realised there’s actually GPS, SIM card slot for mobile broadband and a four- very little, if anything at all, in it in terms of perfor- point multi-touch screen. The metal case is comple- mance differences it just has to be the Samsung that tely bomb proof with the most solid construction wins. Desktop replacement power, twin hard disks I’ve ever seen on a laptop. All this comes at a hefty and powerful graphics coming in at under $1,000 price though of around $4,000. is just too good not to win. My recommendation ifjoliprint you’re looking for a desktop replacement laptop is certainly the Samsung RF711, and you can use the $3,000 you save to pay for a decent case, a good insurance policy and a foreign holiday. Printed with Page 2
  3. 3. 29/10/2011 05:18 How To Choose the Best Desktop Replacement Laptop? See Also: CloudTag: Best , Desktop , Replacement , Laptop , Toshiba pa3534u-1brs battery , Dell inspiron 1525 battery , Compaq 484170-001 battery Tags: Best, Compaq 484170-001 battery, Dell inspi- ron 1525 battery, Desktop, Laptop, Replacement, Toshiba pa3534u-1brs batteryjoliprint Printed with Page 3