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  1. 1. 31/10/2011 03:53 Top Ten Tips to Reduce iPhone 4S Battery Problems, Improve Bugs in Apple Software Top Ten Tips to Reduce iPhone 4S Battery Oliver Haslam of iDownloadBlog suggests that the Problems, Improve Bugs in Apple Software iOS 5s GM release introduced a bug into the system. “Switching [the ‘Setting Time Zone’ function] off Apple users have been complaining about battery may mean that your iPhone will no longer set its problems on the new iPhone 4S, noting rapid battery own time zone when you travel,” Haslam said, “but drain and other glitches in the new iOS 5 software. that’s a small price to pay for having your iPhone last more than 12 hours on a full charge.” Haslam believes the time zone issue is the primary reason for the iPhone 4S’s battery problems. “We have tested this method on four different iPhone 4S handsets, including an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 3GS,” Haslam said. “All have reported drastically improved battery life after switching ‘Setting Time Zone’ off.” See Also: Some other commenters, however, say that switching A flaw in Apple’s location services system seems off location and time zone settings make little dif- to be the main source of blame. The “Setting Time ference, and that the iPhone 4S battery problems Zone” option of “Systems Services,” which is found cannot be solved with this measure alone. Discus- under the “Location Services” menu option, seems sions on Apple’s support boards offer many tips to be on and running all the time, even when there’s to improve battery life, including multiple tested no chance that users have moved to a different time theories on what could be draining the iOS 5 battery zone or even a new location. so rapidly. Users are reporting iPhone 4S and iOS 5 devices getting very warm, while others report half Constantly seeking the iPhone 4S’s location is a the previous run-time on their phones even with huge drain on the smartphone’s battery, because the device on standby. the software performing that function uses a com- bination of technologies — Wi-Fi, mobile mass data Apple has not made any official comment on thejoliprint (which compares the strength of signals from the iPhone 4S battery problems. In the meantime howe- three nearest phone masts and then triangulates ver, here are the top ten tips from the Apple support them), and GPS sensor input — to determine the boards on how to improve battery life and stop so user’s correct time zone, according to The Guardian. many system bugs in the new iOS 5 software. Hope- Printed with fully, these tips will help stop batteries from draining Page 1
  2. 2. 31/10/2011 03:53 Top Ten Tips to Reduce iPhone 4S Battery Problems, Improve Bugs in Apple Software so rapidly as Apple works to solve problem with the 4. Switch From Vibration Setting bugs in its new mobile OS. You would think having your phone on “vibrate” Top Ten Tips to Reduce iPhone 4S Battery might save battery power, since you’re not having Problems: the Apple product use the ringer. Instead, vibrating your phone can sometimes drain the battery faster, especially if you use it for other things as well. To turn off the vibration, go to Settings -> Sounds. 5. Set Brightness Level at Medium or Low, Not Auto or High Keeping your iPhone 4S brightness on “Auto” means that when it’s dark, your screen automatically in- creases its brightness, which drains the battery and can lead to more long-term battery problems. Keep 1. Turn Off “Setting Time Zone” brightness at medium or even low, and never set it on high. Go to Settings -> Location Services -> System Ser- vices. Click the option to turn off “Time Zone Set- 6. Turn Notifications Off tings.” Once you’ve turned it off, your battery life may improve by as much as 40%. Notifications are one of the best and most conve- nient things about the iPhone 4S and iOS 5, but it 2. Turn Off Wi-Fi costs users a lot of battery power. Turning off your push notifications — or all of your notifications — Another big drain on iPhone 4S batteries is wi- will save you some battery life in the short term reless Internet (Wi-Fi) technology. With Wi-Fi on and in the long run. Go to Settings -> Notifications, constantly, battery life is always being drained. Go and click Off for any unneeded app notifications to Settings and turn off the Wi-Fi option, and battery on your Apple product. life should improve by up to 25%. 7. Turn Off iCloud 3. Turn Off All The Location Services Doing this means you’ll lose all the iCloud features Things like “Find My Friends,” “Find My iPhone,” that come with iOS 5, but it will save you a lot of and the battery-sucking Siri app all use location- battery by disabling all of the syncing features that based services. Head over to Settings -> Location iCloud uses on iOS 5. Go to Settings -> iCloud -> Do- Services and turn off anything you don’t regularly cuments & Data, and change Use Cellular to Off. use. 8. Turn Diagnostics and Usage Reports Offjoliprint If you have enabled diagnostics and are still ex- periencing battery loss, stop sending Apple your Printed with information. Sending out that much data will drain Page 2
  3. 3. 31/10/2011 03:53 Top Ten Tips to Reduce iPhone 4S Battery Problems, Improve Bugs in Apple Software battery life, and lead to more battery problems for your iPhone 4S. To disable diagnostics and usage reports, go to Settings -> General -> About -> Dia- gnostics & Usage, and click Don’t Send. 9. Disable Bluetooth. Like Vibrations and Brightness, this is a setting you don’t think will affect your battery power as much as it does. To turn it off, go to Settings -> General -> Bluetooth -> Off. 10. Complete Restore If all the above tips aren’t helping you, you may have to fix your battery problems by resetting Network Settings on your iPhone 4S or iOS 5. Be sure to save all information beforehand, because restoring it to factory settings will erase passwords, VPN, and APN settings, as well as any information you’ve saved. Go to Settings -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings to restore your Apple device. CloudTag: iPhone 4S , Battery Life , Apple Software , Dell inspiron 1525 battery , Dell inspiron 1750 bat- tery , Dell xps m1530 batteryjoliprint Printed with Page 3