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  • How could we find a way to be sure those who need the basic come to basic? It was a problem in some libraries when new people showed up and didn’t know the vocabulary or basic commands…
  • More than once, students would say, “What’s next week?” and were very disappointed that we were at class 5.
  • Senior techies mla

    1. 1. Senior Techies SELCO/SELSMinnesota Library Association St. Cloud 2006
    2. 2. Senior Techies II Goals• Boost confidence• Establish email accounts• Introduce digital photography• Encourage continued use Supported by an LSTA grant from IMLS administered through the MDE Library Services and School Technology, the Minnesota state library agency.
    3. 3. 14 libraries—70 classes
    4. 4. There were 243 Techies in the classes
    5. 5. Attendance 1,047• Ages ranged from 47 to 95• Average age—71• More women than men• Many couples
    6. 6. Among them were Mayors
    7. 7. SELCO Board Members
    8. 8. Wives of SELCO Board Members
    9. 9. The Skeptical
    10. 10. Theconfused
    11. 11. TheStudious
    12. 12. And two guys claiming to be the same person!
    13. 13. The Classes● Basic computer● Email 1● Digital Camera● Email 2● Internet Searching
    14. 14. Everyone learned something● “We (my husband and I) have been struggling with email, but after these classes, Ive made a breakthrough, Im going to be able to do this.” - LaVerne in LaCrescent
    15. 15. About email, cameras, the Internet● “Im glad I came, I learned a lot about email, and I think I can do it now.” -Wanda, Olmsted Historical Center● “Its falling into place, Im starting to see how email works.” -Forrest, Rushford
    16. 16. Many positive comments from students● You make it easy to understand this camera. I know I can get my pictures on the computer now.● I hope to buy a new camera soon.
    17. 17. What went well• Limiting class size to two to a computer• Publicity—all the classes were full with waiting lists• Class topics were what seniors wanted• Email support by instructors
    18. 18. Stayconnected@yourlibrary • Email newsletter sent to all participants – 10 issues – 1 article reviewed class topic – 1 article expanded on topic – Mystery Links
    19. 19. StayConnected Web page• Encourage libraries to link to page on SELCO Web site• Additional resources for Techies• Consolidates – Handouts – Newsletter archives /
    20. 20. Why it worked • Funding for equipment, staff, travel • Planning groups • Staff dedicated to the project • Publicity • Collaboration with Community Agencies
    21. 21. Wonderful library staff
    22. 22. What we would do differentlyAdd a pre-basicclass for those whohave nevertouched a mouse
    23. 23. More changes• Re-order classes: group computer classes and camera classes
    24. 24. Buy laptops to supplement libraries’ computers
    25. 25. What the seniors want next
    26. 26. MORE!• More Internet• More digital photography• Advanced eBay selling• On-going support and classes• More newsletters
    27. 27. Senior Techies