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  • Pre-K: ELMSearchasaurus (Primary Search) *Kids InfoBitsLearning Zone *K-6: ELMKids InfoBitsSearchasaurus (Primary Search) *Britannica Online School Edition – Elementary School & Learning Zone *Britannica Online Public Library Edition – Kids *World Almanac/Book of Facts *6-8: ELMEncyclopedia Britannica Online School Edition: Middle School *Middle Search Plus/Student Research Center *Science Reference Center/Student Research Center *Points of View Reference Center *General Science Collection *Discovering CollectionJunior Reference CollectionInfoTrac Junior Edition/Student Resource Center Gold9-12: ELMBritannica Online School Edition: High School *MAS Ultra – Student Edition/ Student Research Center *Points of View Reference Center *Science Reference Center/ Student Research Center *Academic Search PremierExpanded Academic ASAP *General Science Collection *InfoTrac Student Edition/ Student Resource Center GoldDiscovering CollectionAdditional ELM Resources Relevant to 9-12:Britannica Online School Edition Academic Edition *Consumer Health Complete *Health Source: Consumer Edition *Historical Minneapolis Tribune  *CAMIO *World Almanac/Book of Facts *MasterFile PremierProQuest Newsstand Complete¡Informe!Business Source PremierNetLibrary eBooks13-20: ELMAcademic Search Premier ArchiveGrid  *Britannica Online Academic Edition  *Business Source Premier CAMIO  *CLASE / PERIÓDICA *Educator's Reference Complete *ERIC *Expanded Academic ASAP *GPO Monthly Catalog  *Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition *  Historical Minneapolis Tribune * OAIster *OCLC ArticleFirst  *OCLC Electronic Books * OCLC Electronic Collections Online A&I * OCLC PapersFirst * OCLC ProceedingsFirst *OCLC WorldCat OCLC WorldCat Dissertations & Theses *Professional Development Collection *ProQuest Newsstand CompleteWorkforce: ELMAcademic Search Premier Alt HealthWatch  *Britannica Online Public Library Edition  *Business Source Premier Consumer Health Complete * GPO Monthly Catalog * Health Source: Consumer Edition *  Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition *Historical Minneapolis Tribune * ¡Informe! MasterFILE PremierMEDLINE  *NetLibrary eBooksOCLC Electronic Books * OCLC WorldCatProQuest Newsstand Complete World Almanac/Book of Facts ** = Newly added to ELM since July 1, 2009
  • OLLI-2012 aws

    1. 1. Minnesota Library Structures forCheck It Out! Libraries in the 21st Century March 21, 2012 Chris Olson, Director, MELSA Ann Walker Smalley, Director, Metronet
    2. 2. State Level InfrastructureState Library ServicesMinitex
    3. 3. Minnesota Department of Education: State Library Services• Provides leadership and support to the MN library community in planning, developing and implementing high quality library and information services statewide.• Administers federal and state grants-in-aid programs for libraries and schools. • Includes federal grants called LSTA (Library Services & Technology Act) • Includes state grants to Regional Public Library Systems and Multitype Library Systems.
    4. 4. Minnesota Braille & Talking Book Library• Administered by State Library Services• Provides direct library service to eligible Minnesotans who are legally blind or visually impaired (with visual acuity 20/200 or less in the better eye with corrective lenses), printed material as a result of physical limitations), or reading disabled.• Located in Fairbault next to the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf (MSAD)
    5. 5. Minitex• Information and Resource Sharing Program of the Minnesota Office of Higher Education & the University of Minnesota Libraries • Funded by MN Legislature to serve academic & state government libraries • Funded with federal funds by State Library Services to provide services to public libraries & school and special libraries • Minitex also contracts with North & South Dakota to provide services to libraries in those states.• Minitex administers ELM, Minnesota Knows: Dig Deeper @ your library; MnLINK Gateway, AskMN, MN Digital Library and provides other services .
    6. 6. Minitex Brief Facts: FY 2010 Cooperative Purchasing discounts and subsidies resulted in cost avoidance for MN academic & state government libraries of over $34 million Number of requests for loans & articles that Minitex handled from Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin 431,131 Number of book loans & copies of articles taken from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Libraries to fill resource sharing requests from Minnesotans 113,159 Number of borrowing requests via the MnLINK Gateway 582,994 Number of items handled in Minitex Delivery System over 1 million Minitex cost of Electronic Library for Minnesota statewide licenses and support $1.82 million Percent of Minitex state appropriation 32%
    7. 7. More Minitex Facts Number of online searches in Electronic Library for Minnesota over 17 million Number of questions from Minnesotans in 24x7 AskMN (virtual reference service) funded by Minitex over 18,000 Number of volumes in Minnesota Library Access Center 1,366,528 Number of Minnesota libraries participating 21 Number of attendees at workshops, webinars, conferences, workshops over 4,460 Hours of operation Monday through Friday 8:00A.M. – 11:00P.M. Saturday 9:00A.M. - 2:00P.M.
    8. 8. Regional InfrastructureRegional Public Library Systems (there are 12) • Federated Library Systems (there are 6) • Consolidated Library Systems (there are 6)Multi-type Library Systems (there are 7) • 4 of these have the same borders as 4 Library Systems • 3 of these include two or more Library Systems
    9. 9. Regional Public Library Systems
    10. 10. Organized under the provision of M.S. 134, M.S. 317, or M.S. 471.59Regional public library systems• Strengthen• Improve• Promote public library servicesReceivestate funding, including Regional Library Basic System Support Grants.
    11. 11. Regional Public Library Systems•Consolidated Regional Library Systems (6) •A total administrative unit •May have branches reporting to Library Director •Examples: •Great River Regional Library •East Central Regional Library•Federated Regional Library Systems (6) •Made up of independent public libraries •Regional Library System Director & headquarters work with member public library directors and staff •Examples: •MELSA (7 public libraries) •Southeastern Libraries Cooperating (SELCO) (37+ public libraries and around same no. of k12 schools)
    12. 12. Regions and their member public libraries provide free access to libraryservices for all residents of the region without discrimination. Throughcooperation, shared services, and reciprocal agreements, library usershave access to a wide range of public library services and resourceswithin the region and statewide. Through systemcollaboration, communities develop libraries that capitalize on economiesof scale providing greater effectiveness, improved quality and access tomore resources.
    13. 13. Multitype Library Systems
    14. 14. Multicounty Multitype Library Systems•Minnesota has seven regional Multicounty, Multitype LibraryCooperation Systems established by the Minnesota Departmentof Education in 1980. M.S.134.351, 134.353, & 134.354•Each regional multitype defines its own services and priorities.•Multitype Regions improve library services by promoting andfacilitating cooperation among the academic, public, schoollibrary media centers, and special libraries within a specifiedregion.•Membership includes academic libraries, school library mediacenters, public libraries and special libraries inbusinesses, government, health care institutions, and other
    15. 15. Local LibrariesAcademic libraries (4-year; 2-year; private; public)Public libraries – city and county librariesSchool libraries (a shrinking number)Special Libraries
    16. 16. • City librariesPublic LibrariesLibrary Facts • County libraries•359 public library buildings inMN •106 public library buildings in Twin Cities • Funded with local taxes•3.9 M library cardholders (state local gov’t aid LGA)•16,847,007 total materials•3,839,635 reference transactions•56.5 M circulation•$38.12 per capita expenditure • Serve local communities • Must belong to Regional Public Library Systems
    17. 17. Academic Libraries• University of Minnesota Campuses• MnSCU campuses • MnPALS – integrated library system for libraries – operating online catalog and other services• Cooperating Libraries in Consortium (CLIC) • Private colleges in Twin Cities: Univ of St. Thomas; Augsburg College, Bethel University, etc.• Other Private Colleges, both non profit and for profit educational institutions.• Primary role is to serve their faculty & students and support mission of the institution
    18. 18. Minitex Delivery System provides courier delivery Monday-Friday to higher UMN CROOKSTON education libraries statewide as well as state gov’t and public libraries. Also serves private college council UMN DULUTH libraries (17).UMN MORRIS UMN TWIN CITIES LIBRARIES 18
    19. 19. School Libraries•School media centers located in K12elementary, middle, high schools•School librarians have both a masters in libraryscience and are professional teachers with a subjectexpertise•Due to budget reductions in K12, are among manybeing laid off or reassigned to teaching positions•School librarians teach kids information literacy andcritical thinking skills and are important to a student’sdevelopment.
    20. 20. Special Libraries•Funded by their sponsoring organization•Special collections or special clientele•Examples •State Government Libraries •Historical Society Libraries •Corporate Libraries •Museum Libraries •Other special collections May or may not be open to the public
    21. 21. ROLE OF LIBRARIES PRE-K – 20 & BEYOND: LIFELONG LEARNINGPre-K K-6 7-12 College + Workforce Lifelong Learners School Library School Library Academic Library Public Library / Public Library Pre-School Library/ •Information & Technology •Information & Technology Literacy •Supporting Teaching & Special or •Local Library Literacy Curriculum Curriculum Learning Corporate Library Resources Day Care/Parents •Partner with Teachers to •Partner with Teachers to Improve •Local Library Resources •Adult/Continuing •Access to Improve Learning & Learning & Communication Using Education Internet •ELM, MnLINK •Interlibrary Communication Using Technology. Lending/Borrowing •Reading Programs •Interlibrary Gateway Technology. •Local Print, Media & Online Service •Access to Internet Lending/ •Partnerships •Local Print, Media & Online Resources Borrowing with Minnesota •Partnerships with Public •Event Resources •Partnership with School Reading Programming Service Braille and Library •Partnership with School Curriculum •Career & Small •Partnerships Talking Book •ELM, MnLINK Reading Curriculum •Partnerships with Public & Gateway, Minnesota Business with Library •Partnerships with Public Academic Libraries Development Academic Reflections, AskMN, Res Library Resources Library •After School Programs earch Project Calculator Public Library •After School Programs •Local Library •Distance •ELM, MnLINK Gateway, Minnesota •Partnerships with •Storytime Resources Learning •ELM, MnLINK Reflections, AskMN, Research Minnesota Braille and •Early Literacy Gateway, Minnesota Project Calculator Talking Book Library •Collaboration with •Collaboration Programs Reflections, AskMN Local School & with Local •Partnerships with Minnesota Academic School & •Local Library •Partnerships with Minnesota Braille and Talking Book Library Public Library Libraries Academic Resources Braille and Talking Book •Local Library Libraries •Activities When Library •Interlibrary Public Library Resources Lending/ •ELM, MnLINK There is ‘No Public Library Gateway, Mi School’ •Reading & “After School” •Access to Internet Borrowing Service •Reading & “After School” nnesota •Support Home Programs Programs •Interlibrary •ELM, MnLINK Reflections, A Schooling •Event Programming Lending/Borrowing Gateway, Minnes skMN, Resear •Event Programming Service ota •Access to Internet •Homework Help •Homework Help ch Project •Partnerships with Reflections, AskM Calculator •ELM, MnLINK •Computer Literacy •Access to Internet N, Research Gateway Academic Library •Partnerships •Access to Internet •Support Home Schooling Project Calculator •Partnerships with •Distance Learning with •Activities When There is ‘No •Career Planning Resources •Partnerships with Minnesota Braille •ELM, MnLINK Minnesota School’ •Computer Literacy Gateway, Minnesota Minnesota Braille Braille and and Talking Book and Talking Book Library •Local Library Resources •Local Library Resources Reflections, AskMN, R Talking Book •Interlibrary Lending/Borrowing esearch Project Library Library •Support Home Schooling Service Calculator •Partnerships with School Library •Partnerships with School & •Partnerships with Academic Libraries Minnesota Braille and •ELM, MnLINK Gateway, Minnesota •ELM, MnLINK Talking Book Library www.mnknows.org Reflections, AskMN Gateway, Minnesota Dig Deeper @ Your Library •Partnerships with Minnesota Reflections, AskMN, ResearchPARENTAL & Braille and Talking Book Library Project CalculatorTEACHER SUPPORT •Partnerships with Minnesota Braille and Talking Book LibraryLIBRARY STAFF SUPPORT Graphic by Jennifer Hootman Updated 6/21/10 Questions? Minnesota Libraries Collaborate to Serve Minnesotans Bill DeJohn, Director, w-dejo@umn.edu