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  • I knew I was going to library school—could take a lot of electives art and otherwise.
  • Beginning of advocacy—eeoc, state courts, dealing with library directors who seemed100 years old but probably are my age now. Great boss and mentor in Joe Shubert. Always looking at the future
  • tally your time business of consultingDevelop the “consultant mentality”—always a better way to do something, define what it is and how to implement it.Part of a team leader of a team—at the same timeMore advocacy for self
  • Moved in 1988 for a lot of reasons—never going to be a librarian again—salaries, schedules, flexibility
  • Sewing Farmers Market subculture
  • Disneyland
  • Part time (and still part time somewhere else) In addition to learning MN library structure—multitype, regional library systems, Minitex, consolidated vs federated, MLA MEMO and the 1800 other acronyms, I was like Rip Van Winkle. I had used libraries as a traditional library user and home Internet users Libraries looked the same on the outside, but tremendous change had come via Internet, ILS, technology, buildings expectations Fortunately, I am a fast learner—that consultant mentality of understanding an unfamiliar structure in a short amount of time.An entire career’s worth of exceptional events in 11 months.
  • So now what—I had let my clients go while I worked for the State Library, did I really want to be a librarian in Minnesota based on what I had learned about Minnesota libraries..Can’t say enough good about that WomenVenture program.
  • Minnesota Library Council MLA/MEMO presentations and committees volunteer research library legislative dayStay in the frame so people learned who I am and what I can do
  • Applied twiceThat part of every job description—must be able to work independently? Really the entire job for Metronet Director. No one really defining what we do or how we do it. Small buget means we must develop and maintain partnerships that advance libraries and librarianship.
  • We need to keep ourselves, our skills, and our institutions in front of people all the time. Some of the most effective librarians I know have done something else before being a librarian, taken a break form librarianship, or work part time somewhere else. Bookstore, target, courthouse, whatever. At the very least work in different settings and systems to expand your view of “how libraries work”
  • Annws ignite mlis may 11

    1. 1. + Ignite the MLIS Ann Walker Smalley St. Catherine University MLIS Summit May 2, 2011
    2. 2. + In the Beginning  BFA, Art History, The Ohio State University  Research  Exhibit preparation from selection to catalog  MLS, Kent State University  Kent Public Library Practicum  State Library of Ohio, State Agency Reference
    3. 3. + State Library of Ohio: Library Development Division Administrative Assistant to Head of Consultants  Research on library issues, library district boundaries, library policies, and more  Consultation with local public libraries  LSCA grant oversight  Reference sub  Statewide Programming for Bicentennial  Long range planning
    4. 4. + Battelle Memorial Institute Senior Research Consultant  Research on library service, library structure, library networking  Creating recommendations for change & how to enact change  “Earn your salary” with proposal writing  Clients  Library of Congress, National Library Service for the Blind & Physically Handicapped  State Library of Virginia  State Library of Pennsylvania  Association of Research Libraries
    5. 5. + Aspen Systems: Department Housing & Urban Development Library, Head of Public Service & Law Library  First completely privatized federal library  Required a lot of team development  Management under stress  Relationship building  Proposal writing to maintain the contract
    6. 6. + National Restaurant Association: Head of Information Services & Library  Members only service  Small business questions with restaurateurs  Library-to-library questions from the big companies (General Mills, Dominos, Miller, Coke, McDonalds…)  Manage writers for the research series  Wrote for RestaurantsUSA magazine  Worked in press room at the convention  Moved the library
    7. 7. + Commonalities of All These Jobs  MLS  Responsible to contribute dollars directly to the organization’s bottom line  Proposal responses/grant writing  Writing—reports, policies, plans  Public speaking  Public contact with clients & stakeholders  Consulting
    8. 8. + Commonalities  Relationship building  Independent work & teamwork  Travel  Long range planning  Advocacy for personal advancement  Information as a commodity  Variety of responsibilities and projects
    9. 9. + 13-year Sabbatical from Libraries  Grant writing  Writing Products for sale—non-profit earned income  Curriculum writing  PBS Series Content Director  Freelance writing and editing for authors and publishers  Freelance writer for local publications  Contract research
    10. 10. + More Odd Jobs  Summer Enrichment programming for K-10  Started afterschool program for Grades 6-8  Hmong National Organization language help  Desktop publishing  Newsletter production  Microbusiness in art fair world
    11. 11. + All involved library skills  Information collection & research  Information analysis  Information organization  Information delivery  Information application  Content creation
    12. 12. + Or skills learned as a librarian  Long range planning  Strategic thinking  Grant writing  Expository writing  Public speaking  Ability to learn independently—and quickly  Dealing with difficult people
    13. 13. + What did I learn on this sabbatical  I really can apply my previous skills & experience in new settings  Pay to play—volunteer, professional associations, relationships, availability  More grant writing—Common application, non-library federal grants, private foundations  Non-profit management  Value of earned income to organizations  Importance of personal & professional advocacy  How to work with Minnesotans
    14. 14. + Re-entry into librarianship  State Library of Minnesota as multitype system consultant & media program  An introduction to Minnesota libraries  How the library world changed  An instructive not-quite-a-year  Government shutdown  9/11  Strike  Layoff
    15. 15. + WomenVenture  Time to re-examine  Self-analysis  Where to go next  Result  I do like bring a librarian and like library people  I want to stay connected to libraries  What next?
    16. 16. + Freelance Librarian  Metronet  Check It Out studies of school library media programs  MILI development  SELCO/SELS  ELM database lesson plans  Senior Techies  Online help using screencasting  MELSA  Customer service workshop series  MLA/MEMO  Committees & presentations  Minnesota Library Council
    17. 17. + Metronet Director  Ability to visualize projects  Find the funding  Develop partnerships  Reach out to all types of libraries  Present in multiple venues
    18. 18. + Free Advice to Ignite the MLIS  Choose your supervisors and mentors wisely  Find lots of opportunities to determine your particular skills  Hone your skills  Stretch—write, present, share  Don’t be afraid to sell your skills (literally)  Advocate for yourself & libraries  Be involved in library and other associations
    19. 19. + Get Out of the Library-centric Way Of Thinking  Look outside libraries for inspiration, procedures, services, training.  Work or volunteer somewhere else—experience how they do things.  Define and re-define yourself.  Use libraries other than your own.  Do not spend your entire career in one job or in one place.  Expect and accept change—seek it out.
    20. 20. + Once a Librarian, Always a Librarian Ann Walker Smalley, MLS   @annws  651.646.0475