One of my Fave Stories


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One of my Fave Stories

  1. 1. One of my Favorite Stories by Annabelle R. Villanueva
  2. 2. Fairy Tales from the Arabian Nights. First Series. Edited by E. Dixon Illustrations by Mr. J. D. Batten. J. M. Dent & Co. London 1893 Note. The text of the present selection from the Arabian Nights is that of Galland, 1821, slightly abridged and edited. The edition is designed virginibus puerisque . E. DIXON. Cambridge, Xmas, 1893
  4. 4. There was once a king of Persia who had no heir to his kingdom, so he married a fair slave who was beautiful and charming.
  5. 5. The King of Persia’s palace was built upon the sea shore. He would often see his wife looking sadly at the sea.
  6. 6. For a whole year, the new Queen of Persia did not speak even a single word. She never laughed, too.
  7. 7. The king and his silent slave-queen was born a son who they named Prince Beder.
  8. 8. The kind King would often ask his wife nicely why she would not speak.
  9. 9. One day, the Queen broke her silence. She explained to the king that she didn’t speak because she missed her family and that she didn’t love him.
  10. 10. The king was overjoyed because her speaking meant that she loved him already.
  11. 11. And, since she said she missed her family, he told her to invite them over to the palace.
  12. 12. She confessed that she was of royal blood, from a kingdom under the sea.
  13. 13. She said she left home because of an argument with her brother.
  14. 14. She also said that after leaving the sea kingdom, a person of distinction, from the earth, carried her to his home and wanted to marry her.
  15. 15. Refusing to marry, she was sold as a slave to the merchant who in turn sold her to the King of Persia.
  16. 16. Then, she did some magical things and said some magic words that made the sea open at some distance, and out came her mother, her brother Saleh, the new under-sea king, and other relatives.
  17. 17. They were all happy to see one another. Queen Gulnare asked for forgiveness from her mother .
  18. 18. Then her brother, King Saleh, told her that if she chose to, she could come back with them to their sea kingdom. The King of Persia was alarmed, for he loved her queen so dearly.
  19. 19. Queen Gulnare explained to her family that she opted to stay with her king, not only because they had a son, but also because she loved him already .
  20. 20. Next day, as Queen Gulnare was talking with her family, her son, Prince Beder, was brought to them by the nurse.
  21. 21. King Saleh took Prince Beder to their kingdom under the sea. The King of Persia was so scared while his son was under the sea with King Saleh because he really thought the boy would drown.
  22. 22. When King Saleh and Prince Beder came back, the boy did not show any sign of being underwater. The King of Persia was assured that the boy was also part of the sea kingdom, hence the ability to breathe underwater.
  23. 23. A few days after staying with the King, Queen, and Prince of Persia, the queen’s sea kingdom family decided to go back home.
  24. 24. Before leaving, King Saleh gave the King of Persia a precious gift of three hundred very big diamonds, big rubies, many emerald wands, thirty strings of pearl, in a box.
  25. 25. The King of Persia did not want to accept it, but King Saleh begged him to accept their gift as a sign of their gratitude for his taking good care of Queen Gulnare.
  26. 26. The entire sea kingdom family did not want to leave yet, but their kingdom needed them. Many tears were shed in their separation.
  27. 27. Then the King of Persia told Queen Gulnare how blessed he was that she agreed to become his wife.
  28. 28. Applying the Cognitive Domain of Bloom’s Taxonomy to this wonderful story:
  29. 29. KNOWLEDGE
  30. 30. Tell the reason why the King of Persia married a fair slave.
  31. 31. Reproduce what happened after the Princess of the Sea left her family.
  32. 32. Describe the King of Persia and then the Princess of the Sea.
  33. 33. Identify Queen Gulnare’s relatives who came to visit her after she summoned them to.
  34. 34. Write the plots of this fairy tale.
  36. 36. Explain why the fair slave who became the King of Persia’s wife was speechless for a whole year.
  37. 37. Generalize the characteris-tics of the Princess of the Sea.
  38. 38. Paraphrase the part where King Saleh brought Prince Beder to their kingdom under the sea.
  39. 39. Retell the fairy tale briefly.
  40. 40. Interpret the ending of the story in three sentences .
  42. 42. Relate the Princess of the Sea’s life- story to yours.
  43. 43. Modify the character of the King of Persia from positive to negative.
  44. 44. Show what would happen if Queen Gulnare opted to go back to the sea instead of staying for good with the King of Persia.
  45. 45. Change the ending the way you want it to be.
  46. 46. Produce another possible but hidden reason why Queen Gulnare was speechless for a year.
  47. 47. ANALYSIS
  48. 48. Select another/ a new title for this fairy tale.
  49. 49. Breakdown the entire story into three parts .
  50. 50. Point out a possible outcome if Queen Gulnare did not leave her sea kingdom.
  51. 51. Distinguish the life story of Princess Gulnare under the sea and that on earth .
  52. 52. Illustrate what could have happened if Queen Gulnare decided not to speak at all .
  53. 53. SYNTHESIS
  54. 54. Revise the beginning of the story had the fair slave told everyone she was a princess.
  55. 55. Rewrite the whole story under the new title “The King of Persia and Me.”
  56. 56. Devise a new plot where King Saleh did not return Prince Beder.
  57. 57. Compose a new ending, that Queen Gulnare decided to go back to her sea kingdom with Prince Beder.
  58. 58. Create a solution that would not separate the King, Queen, and Prince of Persia from the Queen’s family .
  59. 59. EVALUATION
  60. 60. Discriminate the man who found the Princess of the Sea, right after she came to earth, against the merchant she was sold to.
  61. 61. Describe the King and Queen of Persia’s relationship.
  62. 62. Explain how King Saleh took Prince Beder to their kingdom under the sea.
  63. 63. Appraise the decision of Queen Gulnare to stay with the King of Persia inspite of her family’s offer.
  64. 64. Conclude if Queen Gulnare made the right decision or not, at the end of the fairy tale.
  65. 65. Thank you…