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Anyone planning to embark on the book writing process, who doesn't want to put in years of research to figure out all the steps, will benefit from this presentation from Literary Architect, author, and editor Ann Narcisian Videan (http://anvidean.com).

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  • Back to the Future storyDreamed my own box someday…Want you to experienceLove words, music/lyricsAlways wanted to write a novel and cut a CD Dream come true 2011, Rhythms & Muse w/ soundtrackMainstream women’s fiction, described as a chick fllck read20+ years in the makingSince then, focused on words and music: W.M.V blogWriter/editor of fiction/nonfictionLed to writing favorite genre young-adult fantasy adventure Now writing Delfaerune Rhapsody series, trilogyNZ teenager discovers she’s the musica l prodigy who must find and master 3 ancient musical instruments to save her worlds.6.5’-tall, wingless, magicalfae in the realm of Delfaerune/parallel to human realm. Learned entire book process, thru own experience, and teaching clients and other authors how Walk through book creation experienceShared expertise, pitch in HANDOUT lists resources we'll talk about in 27 StepsDev 27 steps, years of research/discussions with authors, editors, publishersNod from publishing coachSave you the 20 years of research timeASK: Lot to cover. With questions, stay longer?How many authors? Published? Traditional? Self?How many in research/writing phase/editing?
  • 1. Idea ASK: How many have or need to hone idea?  Lots of ways to hone an idea– 1987, wrote a scene(s), got ideas by dabbling– YA series, initial idea but no plot, so plotting weekend• Talk with others • Brainstorm (groups, strategy sessions, plotting session) • Blogs/listservs (Words•Music•Village, FictionThat Sells, Yahoo Groups, Technorati)• Gather scribbles• Listen to dreams/intuitions – ending came to me in dream in 1993, wrote a few chapters
  • 2. Research: Best content comes from research, to make believable• Check out books• Participate in online groups on your topic/genre (Yahoo and LinkedIn) – YARWA Critters• Follow similar authors (Facebook)
  • 3. Network – few chapters by 1994, Desert Rose RWA critique program, back then I couldn’t write fiction• Associations• Writers’ groups (SSWW, RWA, ALWAYS)• Conferences• Critique partner – friend/brother/group... consistently meet, helped me come up with CD idea, characters
  • 4. Legal Other’s work requires permission/licenses:QuotationsPhotos/imagesMusic lyrics– music mentions, check w/ IP attorney (see handout}
  • 5. ReadAbout your genreAsk other writers for recommendationsMy favorites for fiction:• Goal Motivation Conflict, Debra Dixon• The Writer's Journey, Christopher Vogel
  • 6. Make time to write, consistently Some write from 5 to 7 a.m. every day, over lunch hours, at night from 9 to midnight– 1987, start fam, start biz, critique partner 1997 to 2006, 2007 serious... last ¼ done in 6 months, final MS. Took 'til 2011 to figure out publishing– DRS started 2010 NaNoWriMo, working steadily since, last scene of 1st book Song of Ocarina ASK: Other research/writing tips? 
  • 7. Beta readers.Other established writersProlific readersLooking for overall impressions
  • 8. Professional editor/rewrites – mine was a Yahoo group contactYou do NOT qualify! (see blog Writing Tip #10)Look for input on both story flow and grammarLooking for specifics Whole presentation on this next week hereASK: What else about Editing?
  • 9. Find an agent? Or DIY? Decide if you need oneConsult the Writer’s MarketResearch individuals:AgentQuery.comReferrals from other writersConferences– appt. in April at Desert Dreams RWA with agent... already offered a 3-book contract  
  • 10. Traditional or self-publish?• Trad: don’t have to do it all yourselffinancial supportless ROI, less controlstill do marketing
  • 10.Self: do it all yourselfself-fundingmore ROI, more controlstill do marketing Set expectationAccording to BookScan, average U.S. book sells fewer than 250 copies per year and less than 3,000 copies over its lifetime. ASK: What else about Positioning? 
  • More for self-publishing, since publishers handle a lot of this11. Virtual publishing assistant? Or yourself (considering these content items)? – 2009, take care of next few steps 
  • 12. International Standard Book Number ISBNPurchase from Bowker (traditional)– 1 for $125, 10 for $250Free or minimal fee from print-on-demand, ebook publishers like CreateSpace, Smashwords– CreatSpace, describe: produce, print and distribute POD for print, CD, video  
  • 13. Barcode (Bowker)Universal Product Code (UPC) includes:Type of productManufacturer’s IDDistributor’s item numberCheck digitPurchase from Bowker (traditional)Free or minimal fee from print-on-demand, ebook publishers like CreateSpace, Smashwords
  • 14. Preassigned Control Number (PCN)Library of Congress card number for cataloging and book processingApply at the Library of CongressFree or minimal fee from print-on-demand, ebook publishers
  • – Anyone else use music? BMI/ASCAP/Hal Leonard15. Permissions and royalties (public domain, individual or creator)Free use of public domainAnyone else’s work requires rightsRequest support from a legal rep or virtual publishing assistant
  • 16. Copyright (USCO), optionalIf you wrote it, it’s yours.Purchase an official copyright through the U.S. Copyright OfficeTime consuming (3–5 months online)$50Request support from a legal rep
  • 17. Decide on designer or create yourself (these elements)?DIY or hire a pro?Unless you have specific skills or training, hire someoneAll about credibilityConsider these elements:ImagesCover spreadInterior layout
  • 18. ImagesUse photos or illustrations? Consider genre, story line, charactersUse stock photosManipulate images (PhotoShip, GIMP,Google Docs drawing function)Hire a professionalImages represent you!
  • 19. Cover spreadCover, spine and back coverBook-cover experienceProfessionalContest sites (Mycroburst.com) – 32 cover optionsPublisher templates (CreateSpace)
  • 20. Interior layout How the inside pages lookBook sizeMarginsPage numbersFontDIY (Professional book layout software (InDesign, Quark Express, Pagemaker, MS Word )– guidelines CreateSpace: size of book, font, margins page #s)Hire a production designer All production steps cost $1,500. Expect conservative book creation cost $5,000. ASK: Production ?s 
  • Will buzz through last 6...pretty straightforward info21. How to print? Publishing house? Your choices:Traditional (Random House)Independent (Lightning Source)Print-on-demand (CreateSpace)Hire/manage your own printer
  • 22. Other formatsYour book format choices:Print (trad. or POD)E-book (Smashwords)Audio book (ACX)– CS makesebook easy when upload for a print book, also ties into ACX, their Audible.com arm
  • 23. Payment options• Cash/check• Credit cards (PayPal)• Mobile payment options (Square)
  • 24. Sales tax (forms from city and state)Acquire business licensesFor ArizonaFor every city where you sell booksSubmit book sales every month
  • 25. Inventory recording (state)Submit printed-book inventory every month to the State of Arizona
  • 26. Distribution How will your books get into readers’ hands?YouTraditional publisher through fulfillment house (Ingram)Independent publisher (Lightning Source/Ingram)Print-on-demand provider (CreateSpace, Amazon, $49 for expanded distribution)
  • 27. Marketing/develop readershipResourcesReceive publisher support (minimal)Hire a publicist (azICCT)DIY visibility
  • • ToolsToolsMedia (print and broadcast)Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)Word-of-mouth strategy (creative, outrageous, chat-worthy)
  • At end of my own 27 stepsWrap up with a reference toGeorge McFly:– R&M Dec. 2010– Ordered book for first book signing– After a few days, doorbell rang– My box opening story, just like George McFly– Bob’s reaction
  • So eager for each of you to realize your book creation dream Authors in this adventure together, so check resources provided, my Web site and blogsSure you can find something to help you Also, maybe you can help meLooking for input for my Song of the Ocarina bookLark carries iPod, need music complementing scenes, ideas for games they play, veg recipes, etc. -- put contributors' names in my book Have cards showing where to provide this info: Contribute to booksDonating Rhythms & Muse book to Tempe Public Library today, so available for you to check out.Also on Amazon, or check out quality.Offer:Through Feb., 1.5-hr. consult 66% off... any topic to jumpstart you.
  • I wish you the best of luck with your writing, and do let me know how I can helpHope to see you next Sat., same time and location for:• Feb. 22 for"11 Editing Tips to Wow a Publisher”and• Sat., March 8 for "Market Outside the Books: Outrageous Ideas to Entice Readers to Talk You Up” 
  • 27 Steps from Book Idea to Published -- Ann Narcisian Videan

    1. 1. 27 Steps from Book Idea to Published One Literary Architect’s fast-track advice on how to create a book Ann Narcisian Videan • anvidean.com
    2. 2. Envision Your Future
    3. 3. Book-Creation Phases Research/Writing Editing Positioning (how to publish) Production (creation) Publishing/Distribution Marketing
    4. 4. Research/Writing Phase 1
    5. 5. Research/Writing 1. The Idea Connect with other writers Blogs Brainstorm Gather your scribbles Listen to your dreams/intuition
    6. 6. Research/Writing 2. Research Use your library resources Participate in topical blogs/groups Follow/”friend” other authors
    7. 7. Research/Writing 3. Network Join associations Participate in writer’s groups Attend conferences Find a critique partner(s)
    8. 8. Research/Writing 4. Legality Using other’s work requires permission/licenses: Quotations Photos/images Music lyrics
    9. 9. Research/Writing 5. Read About your genre Ask other writers for recommendations My favorites for fiction: Goal Motivation Conflict by Debra Dixon The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogel
    10. 10. Research/Writing 6. Write Make time to write, consistently Accept this as a “spiritual/businesss” practice This is the most important step!
    11. 11. Editing Phase 2
    12. 12. Editing 7. Beta readers Other established writers Prolific readers Looking for overall impressions
    13. 13. Editing 8. Professional editor You do NOT qualify! (see blog Writing Tip #10) Look for input on both story flow and grammar Looking for specifics
    14. 14. Positioning Phase 3
    15. 15. Positioning 9. Find an agent? Decide if you need one Consult the Writer’s Market Research individuals: AgentQuery.com Referrals from other writers Conferences
    16. 16. Positioning 10. Traditional vs. self-publishing Traditional Don’t have to do everything yourself Some financial support Less ROI and control Expect to do your own marketing
    17. 17. Positioning 10. Traditional vs. self-publishing Self-publishing Do everything yourself Self-funded More ROI and control Also expect to do your own marketing
    18. 18. Production Phase 4
    19. 19. Production 11. Virtual publishing assistant? Decide how much you want to/can do yourself ISBN, Barcode, Preassigned Control Number (PCN) Permissions and royalties Copyright Design: images, cover spread, interior layout
    20. 20. Production 12. ISBN International Standard Book Number (ISBN) Purchase from Bowker (traditional) Available through print-on-demand/ebook publishers (CreateSpace, Smashwords)
    21. 21. Production 13. Barcode Universal Product Code (UPC) includes: Type of product Manufacturer’s ID Distributor’s item number Check digit Purchase from Bowker (traditional) Available through print-on-demand/ebook publishers (CreateSpace, Smashwords)
    22. 22. Production 14. Preassigned Control Number (PCN) Library of Congress card number for cataloging and book processing Apply at the Library of Congress Free or minimal fee from some print-on-demand, ebook publishers
    23. 23. Production 15. Permissions and Royalties Free use of public domain Anyone else’s work requires rights Request support from a legal rep or virtual publishing assistant
    24. 24. Production 16. Copyright If you wrote it, it’s yours. Purchase an official copyright through the U.S. Copyright Office Time consuming (3–5 months online) Request support from a legal rep
    25. 25. Production 17. Design Do it yourself (DIY)? Hire a pro? Consider these elements: Images Cover spread Interior layout
    26. 26. Production 18. Images Use photos or illustrations? Use stock photos Manipulate images [PhotoShop, GIMP, Google Docs drawing function] Hire a professional The “look” of your book represent you!
    27. 27. Production 19. Cover spread Cover, spine and back cover Book-cover experience needed from: Professional graphic designer Contest sites (Mycroburst.com) Publisher templates (CreateSpace)
    28. 28. Production 20. Interior layout How the inside pages look Book size Margins Page numbers Font DIY with professional book layout software (InDesign, Quark Express, Pagemaker, MS Word) Hire a production designer
    29. 29. Publishing/Distribution Phase 5
    30. 30. Publishing/Distribution 21. Printing Your choices: Traditional (Random House) Independent (Lightning Source) Print-on-demand (CreateSpace) Hire/manage your own printer
    31. 31. Publishing/Distribution 22. Format(s) Your book format choices: Print (traditional or POD) E-book (Kindle, Smashwords) Audio book (ACX)
    32. 32. Publishing/Distribution 23. Payment options Choose you book format choices: Cash/check Credit cards (Paypal) Mobile payment options
    33. 33. Publishing/Distribution 24. Sales tax reporting Acquire business licenses: For Arizona For every city where you sell books Submit book sales every month
    34. 34. Publishing/Distribution 25. Inventory reporting Submit printed-book inventory every month to the state
    35. 35. Publishing/Distribution 26. Distribution How will your books get into readers’ hands? You Traditional publisher uses fulfillment house (Ingram) Independent publisher (Lightning Source/Ingram) Print-on-demand provider (CreateSpace)
    36. 36. Marketing Phase 6
    37. 37. Marketing 27. Develop readership Resources Publisher (minimal support) Hire a publicist (azICCT on Facebook) DIY visibility
    38. 38. Marketing 27. Develop readership Tools Media (print and broadcast) Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) Word-of-mouth strategy (creative, outrageous, chatworthy)
    39. 39. Realize Your Future
    40. 40. Get Support... Words.Music.Village blog http://anvidean.com avidean@videanunlimited.com
    41. 41. See you... Feb. 22 "11 Editing Tips to Wow a Publisher” March 8 "Market Outside the Books: Outrageous Ideas to Entice Readers to Talk You Up”