Ui Design Of Maemo 5 Apps Digia


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Presentation slides from the Maemo Summit 2009 by Annu-Maaria Nivala, Project Manager, User Experience, Digia.

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Ui Design Of Maemo 5 Apps Digia

  1. 1. UI design of Maemo 5 apps Annu-Maaria Nivala Project Manager, User Experience Digia Plc. Maemo Summit 2009
  2. 2. Digia in brief × Delivers information and communication technology solutions worldwide » HQ in Helsinki » Offices in Finland, China, Estonia, Sweden and Russia » Employees: 1400 professionals × Focused market segments: » Finance and Insurance » ICT Services » Manufacturing » Mobile Industry » Private Services » Public Services » Trade
  3. 3. Digia’s UE competence in Maemo × User Experience (UE) team within Digia » Since 2001 » 40 interaction designers, graphic designers, prototyping engineers, usability specialists × Several UE projects within Maemo 5 » Concept design, UI specification, graphic design, usability testing, Flash prototyping » Co-operation with Nokia’s Maemo Stars » part of the support was Digia’s UE support
  4. 4. It’s all about users × Who are they? × What is their knowledge and their background when using the application? × What are their tasks, what do they want to do with the application? × In which type of situation will they use the application?
  5. 5. Less is more × Do not try to answer to all of the mobile user needs » What is the core idea of your application? » Ask yourself: do the users really need this feature? OM Weather
  6. 6. Less is more
  7. 7. Keep it simple × Minimize the need for settings × Allow users to step back with their actions » Do not ask ”Do you really want to quit?” × Save the information automatically » Do not ask ”Do you really want to save the changes?” × No split views, no panes, no tabs » Use simple hierarchy: view and subview
  8. 8. View and subview
  9. 9. Easy interaction is valuable × Reduce » Number of information messages » Information banners » Unnecessary error notifications × Support direct interaction » Pointing your finger to a place where you want to go takes you there quickly and directly » Avoid ”double taps” or ”long taps’ in basic navigation » you may use them as shortcuts to the advanced users
  10. 10. Easy interaction
  11. 11. It is a phone after all! × Do not block the phone features » Phone calls, text messages etc. should work
  12. 12. Design for finger-only × User must never have to change between the stylus and finger when using the application eCoach
  13. 13. Navigation is a key issue × Support quick navigation » No ’Cancel’, ’OK’, ’Close’, ’Back’ buttons » use tapping outside dialog » use Back arrow in right upper corner » Design clear hierarchy » ‘tree navigation’
  14. 14. Let me personalize if I want to! × Support two types of users » Basic users » ”Make things easy for me” » ”Do not make me to do any settings!” » Advanced users » “Give me shortcuts” » ”Let me decide what do I want to see” » ”Provide me with the choices incase I’d like to do settings or personalise applications” » e.g. a customisable desktop
  15. 15. Please, tell me what’s going on × User must know all the time » What is the application doing? » When it’ll end doing the thing it is doing? × Use progress indicators to show that a process is ongoing » E.g. when the device is busy with downloading, rendering, etc. » Avoid progress banners » especially if it makes a poor guess about the time left
  16. 16. No animation for the sake of animation × A fancy animation may be nice at first » But it may get annoying after a while…
  17. 17. Involve users × Do not design for the other application developers » To design a successful application, think about the “ordinary users”, not the geeks × Show your design to users » Ask people to use the early versions of your design » Learn from what do they say and experience » Redesign and iterate × Users are the ones who’ll decide if your application is to become a success or not
  18. 18. How to go further × Involve Maemo community » An open-source platform enables the Maemo community to freely modify and continually develop software as part of a shared goal » This brings added value to all Maemo users × More information » forum.nokia.com: UI style guide, Master layout guide and Widget UI specification » wiki.maemo.org: Human Interface Guidelines and Graphical UI Tutorial » http://wiki.maemo.org/Documentation/Maemo_5_Developer_Guide
  19. 19. Thank you! annu-maaria.nivala@digia.com