SMX London 2013 Google AdWords Product Listing Ads and Enhanced ads


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A presentation from Ann Stanley at SMX London on Google AdWords. This includes tips on how to set-up Product Listing ads for ecommerce websites and a review of the new Enhanced ads features.

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SMX London 2013 Google AdWords Product Listing Ads and Enhanced ads

  1. 1. @annstanleyAmazing Paid Search Tactics & Tools -Product Listing ads & Enhanced adsBy Ann Stanley
  2. 2. @annstanley1) Product Listing Ads & Shopping results
  3. 3. @annstanleySummary of different shopping results in GoogleKeywords =Samsonite luggageOrganic shoppingresults(Merchant Centre)AdWords Productsad extensionProduct Listing adsMap andLocal listings
  4. 4. @annstanley1. Live Merchant Centre Account with active product feed or upload fromyour product/website database – manual CSV good for small numberof products2. Add your AdWords ID into Merchant Centre3. Within AdWords link each campaign to Merchant Centre using Productextensions section of Ad Extensions tab4. Create a campaign just for PLA5. Create ad groups for each product category or brand6. Create the ad by selecting the ad type “product listing ad” (but you donot need to add any keyphrases)7. For each ad group create a target or filter in the Autotarget tab, thismust relate to the content of your original database or CSV fileuploaded to Merchant Centre (press “Verify” to check)8. Product Listing Ads are now available for mobileSetting up Product Listing ads
  5. 5. @annstanleyProduct listing ads - Autotargets
  6. 6. @annstanleySee search terms that triggered PLAAdd negatives to improve targeting
  7. 7. @annstanleyComparing search and PLA campaigns• The PLA ads had a lower impression share, when the sector was morecompetitive, (this was associated with higher CPC often when there are lots ofAmazon and eBay ads)• Surprisingly - PLA do not always have a higher click through rate• The PLA conversion rate was higher in 3 out of 5 accounts• The PLA cost per conversion was lower in 3 out of 5 accounts, but in one case thiswas because the CPC was so much lower. However 4 out of 5 were acceptable ie.below the target CPA• The ROI was better in 3 out of 5 accounts and 4 of these accounts were above thetarget of 4:1• Only way to find out if PLA will work for you is to test and run both!
  8. 8. @annstanleyTips with PLA• Use one campaign and many ad groups – each ad group targeted to oneproduct or brand• Use “All products” targeting in one ad group to catch the rest but bid lower• PLA are useful for doing research prior to setting up search campaigns• Use See search terms to check what you are found for – add negativekeywords or check the quality of the data in your feed• If you have a limited number of products you can manually create a CSVwith the correct data• Use additional AdWords fields in your feed to exclude or target specificproducts• You may have to bid much higher in competitive sectors to get shown ie.when eBay/Amazon or other high street brands are bidding• Check your search ads CTR as they may be relegated to below the organicresults for position 4!• You can use tracking URLS to distinguish from text ads
  9. 9. @annstanley2) New Enhanced Ads
  10. 10. @annstanleyWhat are new enhanced ads?• Designed by Google to help better manage campaigns and budgets for a multi-device world. Note: Universal Analytics will be able to track across these devices• Allow you to manage bids across devices, locations, and time of day - all from asingle campaign• Count Phone calls and App downloads as conversions in AdWords• Google will automatically be upgrading all AdWords campaigns to enhancedcampaigns starting on July 22, 2013.• There is now an upgrade centre to make upgrading to enhanced campaignseasier
  11. 11. @annstanleyLegacy EnhancedDevices Separate campaigns for eachdevice - with separate budgets,bids, ads, URLs and keyphrasesCombined campaign – use bid modifiers to turnmobile bids up or down (-100 % to +300%)You can’t have a separate mobile campaign andthere is no control over desktops and Tablets(combined campaign only).Difficult to manage bids at keyphrase level foreach device, as mobile modifier is at ad grouplevel - so Bid inflation expected!You can use campaign optimiser as bids will beautomatically adjusted for mobile, but it’s eitheron or off!Geo-targeting Separate campaigns for eachtarget areaYou can still can have separate campaigns for eachlocation, but It is easy to use bid modifier for eachlocation, eg for towns within a national campaignScheduling Turn campaign on and off (15mins) with bid modifiersCombines results with time and bid adjustmentKeywordDestination URLand trackingDestination URL could betargeted at keyword levelDestination URL can now only be targeted at adgroup level – is this a problem for 3rd partysoftware that used URL tracking at keyword level?What has changed?
  12. 12. @annstanleyLegacy EnhancedSitelinks Simple to set-up at campaign levelData lost when links changedAdditional control – e.g. ad groups andmobilesAdditional and saved reports (dataretained)Offer ad extension Not available Create offer extension for use in storeCall extension Free call extension (Click to call -Mobile only)Google Call forwarding $1 indesktops/tabletsClick to call data was shown in segmentGoogle forwarding numbers are nowfree on all devicesYou control when a call is a classed as aconversionBetter reporting - Call conversion is nowan extra columnSocial extensions Social extension were set-up manually,for each campaign.Campaigns will include social extensionsautomaticallyApp extension Basic targeting – contextual, managedplacements, by operating system.Advanced targeting of users; based onpeople’s context like location, time of dayand specific device.What has changed - extensions
  13. 13. @annstanleyBidding by device and results
  14. 14. @annstanleyBids by location (on settings tab)
  15. 15. @annstanleyScheduling – new format
  16. 16. @annstanleySitelinks• Flexibility: can be added at ad group level• More detailed reporting: Find out the number of clicks that occurred on anypart of your ad, every time an individual Sitelink appeared. Break down thestatistics by campaign, ad group or ad.• Data retention: Edit your Sitelink extension without resetting its performancestatistics.• Customised Sitelinks for mobile• Scheduling with start and end dates• Matt Van Wagner reported improved results with ad group Sitelinks
  17. 17. @annstanleyCustomise Sitelinks for mobile devicesand Google Call ForwardingCustomise mobile specific Sitelinks atthe ad group level, in addition tocampaign level!Display phone numbers using call extensions.Now available on desktop and tablets withcall forwarding free of charge (previously $1)
  18. 18. @annstanleyNew Offer extension
  19. 19. @annstanleyThe controversy - Mobile campaigns• Simpler to set-up but:– Can’t have separate campaigns for each device -what about mobile only campaigns for mobile sites?– Bid modifier only for mobiles (-100 to +300%)– Lack of control e.g. tablet specific campaigns, bidmodification at ad group not keyword level– Expected to lead to bid inflation, as everyone isforced to use mobile– You can have preferred ad for mobile, but you haveto manually select ad in each ad group
  20. 20. @annstanley• Some features really liked – eg. Sitelinks (ad group level andretention of data), bid modification for geo-targeting• Everyone is unhappy with the loss of control over devices• Optimisation is confusing at the keyphrase level when eachdevice performs differently• You can choose to use conversion optimiser bidding strategy, asthis adjust the bid by device and overcomes some of these issues• Recommend -25% on your mobile modifier for now, this maychange when everyone is forced to switch• Many advise sticking it out until Google has made all the changes• Will Google relent and give us on bid modifiers for Tablets anddesktops? They did U-turn on ad rotation!What the bloggers say!
  21. 21. @annstanleyThank YouAnn