What's New In Search? Presentation by Ann Stanley at Every Second Wednesday 12/06/2013


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What's new in search? What has Google changed to effect your search rankings?

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  • The aim of AuthorRank is to identify quality content written by trusted experts in their field. It strengthens the SEO value of pages published by a particular author by linking articles to an author’s Google+ account, increasing the likelihood of higher rankings in Google. Authorship takes into account the complete history of published articles, allowing authors to build a strong author profile.
  • Data Highlighter, launched in December 2012, helps Google to understand content in a structured way, allowing it to display it more attractively for users. The tool can help to enhance listings by adding rich snippets to the results page. An update in May now means that the following data types are recognised:ArticlesRestaurantsMoviesEventsProductsTV EpisodesLocal BusinessesSoftware ApplicationsThe structured Data Mark-up Helper tool, also launched in May takes this a step further by creating a piece of code for webmasters to add into their sites.
  • Knowledge Graph allows Google to display graphs with statistics directly and indirectly related to a search query. When searching for how many people live in England, the knowledge graph not only displays population figures for England, but also displays figures for other countries in anticipation of your next search query.Updates in May included additional languages of Polish, Turkish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
  • Google Now provides a look into the future of search. It values understanding over indexing by taking into consideration implicit search queries. This means that users can search for generic terms, but receive results that are location, device, time and person specific.In addition to this, like the Knowledge Graph, Google Now predicts information it thinks you will want, but in a more timely fashion using your search query history, Google Calendar, Gmail and external resources. The image above illustrates Google Now retrieving a boarding pass emailed to a users Gmail inbox on the day of departure.Updates include cards with the following features that may be of interest to users:location-based remindersPublic transit travel timesInformation about books, music,TV shows and video games
  • Voice-enabled search is available on Chrome for desktops and through the Google Search app on IOS, Androids.Users can ask questions like ‘how tall is Big Ben?’ before Google speaks the answer back to them and generates search results using its Knowledge Graph.
  • An update to the Google+ dashboard makes it even easier for businesses to manage their day-to-day activities using Google Tools. According to Google’s Pavni Diwanji ,the dashboard is evolving with more tool additions on the horizon. The features of the new dashboard are as follows:Allows local businesses to manage their AdWords Express accounts and Offers CampaignsDisplays a variety of search insights, for example top searches for the business and top locations from which driving instructions to the business were requested. This means that businesses can strategically place local ads.Ability to update store hours, website URLs and phone numbers across Google Maps, Google+ and search.Basic statistics for Google+ accountsAbility to start hangouts from the dashboardMonitor Google+ notificationsIt is thought that making it easier for businesses to operate on Google+ will result in increased revenue from paid ads.http://vator.tv/news/2013-06-10-google-debuts-new-dashboard-for-businesses
  • Early in 2013 Interflora became victim to Google’s Penguin feature. Its unnatural inbound link profile consisting largely of paid advertorials led to a substantial penalty, which resulted in the company not even being found for its brand name. Interflora have been removing these bad links and utilising the disavow tool in an attempt to recover authority. The Penguin 2.0 update in May promised to go deeper to tackle bad link profiles. As Penguin 2.0 is an algorithmic change as apposed to a manual one, sites won’t be informed of any penalties occurred so will need to keep an eye on traffic.It is thought that data gathered from the use of the disavow tool is being used to identify unnatural link building patterns subsequently increasing the power and sophistication of Penguin 2.0.
  • This diagram shows the principles of using call tracking technology, which is particularly suitable for B2B or service sites where a large proportion of the enquiries are over the phone rather than via an online form or other transaction.These are the steps involved in call tracking technology:User carries out a searchUser clicks on your adThey arrive on your website and see unique dynamic number served using the JavaScript code*They call your unique number – redirecting to your office numberThe information about the source of the traffic is matched up with the call and sent to the call tracking dashboard This information can be used to determine which keyphrases or sources of traffic generate conversions by phoneWhen a call is made a “Virtual page is visited” on your website, which is then recorded in your AnalyticsYou can set this page up as a Goal, and import this data back into AdWords to enable optimisation based on calls rather than completion of an online formCall tracking technology is available by investing in third party software. There are a few suppliers on the market, however the technology is relatively new, so you may have to shop around.*Most systems offer dynamic call number generation - where you add a code to your website and it generates a unique phone number that is displayed to each user when they arrive on the site. The software can determine the source of the traffic, and if they then call the phone number, this information is matched up and sent to Analytics and the call tracking dashboard; enabling you to see the source of the call (right down to the keyword they typed in).
  • What's New In Search? Presentation by Ann Stanley at Every Second Wednesday 12/06/2013

    1. 1. 1@annstanleyWhat‟s new in Google?By Ann Stanleyann@anicca.co.ukExperts in the Science of Search
    2. 2. 2@annstanleyGrowth in DigitalIAB/PwC - Total Market Size First Half 2012 (Oct 2012)• Digital Ad spend in H1 2012 reached £2,591 million (£2.6 billion); this is arecord• Spending on digital advertising grew by 12.6% year on year.AA/Warc Expenditure Report (Jan 2013)• The size of the annual UK online advertising market is expected to reach£5.3bn (year ending 2012), more than 31% of all UK advertising• Q3 growth still at 10% (year on year)
    3. 3. 3@annstanleyThe importance of search!£1,527 million was spent on search in the first half of 2012. Source: IAB/PcWAdvertising spend by categorySearchDisplayClassifiedOthersGoogle?
    4. 4. 4@annstanleyGoogle results for [luggage]Pay perclick adsPay perclick adsOrganic ornaturalsearchresultsProductListing adsLocalbusinesslistings
    5. 5. 5@annstanley1) Organic search (SEO)
    6. 6. 6@annstanleyAuthorship
    7. 7. 7@annstanleyExpansion of Data Highlighter
    8. 8. 8@annstanleyKnowledge Graph
    9. 9. 9@annstanleyGoogle Now
    10. 10. 11@annstanleyVoice-enabled Search
    11. 11. 12@annstanleyNew Google+ Dashboard
    12. 12. 13@annstanleyGoogle PenguinUpdate
    13. 13. 14@annstanleyInterflora andGoogle‟s Penguin 2.0 Update
    14. 14. 15@annstanleyPenguin 2.0 Update –What to be aware of?Links should be a by-product of great content and should not beobtained „unnaturally‟ - the emphasis is on quality over quantity.Websites should stay away from:• Paid advertorials• Link exchange networks• Over-using exact match anchor text for generic keywords• Poor quality outreach campaignsIf you have been hit:• Scrutinise your backlink profile. Identify, isolate then remove bad linksthat could be coming from spammy domains• Perform disavow requests for even bad links that you have alreadyremoved• Resubmit your site to Google for reconsideration• Re-build your link profile with good links from reputable sites
    15. 15. 16@annstanleyDon‟t forget about Panda!• Google Panda‟s latest update seemed to have hit inMarch, but Google did not confirm this as Panda is nowincorporated into Google‟s indexing processes, whichmeans penalties are less noticeable than they werepreviously• Websites should display unique content and notduplicate mass-produced content• All poor quality content should be separated thenblocked from crawlers
    16. 16. 17@annstanleyGood and Bad Merchants• There was talk at the SXSW Conference of a potential updatethat would make it difficult for bad merchants to rank highly inGoogle‟s search results.• Google already have in place a system that penalises badmerchants which uses reviews as a signal, but with theincreasing number of fake reviews, Google is in search ofother, more reliable signals to distinguish bad merchants fromgood ones.• Google is looking to bring its Trusted Stores programme to theUK later this year after the service has proved highly popularin the US.
    17. 17. 18@annstanley2) Paid search (AdWords)
    18. 18. 19@annstanleyNew Enhanced Ads
    19. 19. 20@annstanleyWhat are new enhanced ads?• Designed by Google to help better manage campaigns and budgetsfor a multi-device world. Note: Universal Analytics will be able totrack across these devices• Allow you to manage bids across devices, locations, and time of day -all from a single campaign• Count Phone calls and App downloads as conversions in AdWords• Google will automatically be upgrading all AdWords campaigns toenhanced campaigns starting on July 22, 2013.• There is now an upgrade centre to make upgrading to enhancedcampaigns easier http://adwords.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/upgrade-to-enhanced-campaigns-more.html
    20. 20. 21@annstanleyBidding by device and results
    21. 21. 22@annstanleyBids by location (on settings tab)
    22. 22. 23@annstanleyScheduling – new format
    23. 23. 24@annstanleySitelinks• Flexibility: can be added at ad group level• More detailed reporting: Find out the number of clicks thatoccurred on any part of your ad, every time an individual Sitelinkappeared. Break down the statistics by campaign, ad group or ad.• Data retention: Edit your Sitelink extension without resetting itsperformance statistics.• Customised Sitelinks for mobile• Scheduling with start and end dates
    24. 24. 25@annstanleyOffer extension
    25. 25. 26@annstanleyThe controversy –Mobile campaigns• Simpler to set-up but:• Can‟t have separate campaigns for each device -what about mobile only campaigns for mobilesites?• Bid modifier only for mobiles (-100 to +300%)• Lack of control e.g. tablet specificcampaigns, bid modification at ad group notkeyword level• Expected to lead to bid inflation, as everyone isforced to use mobile• You can have preferred ad for mobile, but youhave to manually select ad in each ad group
    26. 26. 27@annstanleyThe Other Ad Extensions
    27. 27. 28@annstanleySocial extensionsDon‟t forget the SEO importance of every connection or post in Google +
    28. 28. 29@annstanleyApp extensions (mobile andtablets)
    29. 29. 30@annstanley• Most advertisers do not have access tothis extension, because it is still in betaCommunication extension – betatest
    30. 30. 31@annstanleyStar rating (not an extension!)
    31. 31. 32@annstanleyNew Image extension(Images with text ads)
    32. 32. 33@annstanleyLocation and callextensions
    33. 33. 34@annstanleyLocalised results & Click to call
    34. 34. 35@annstanleyLocal listings
    35. 35. 36@annstanleyLocal listing (in Google+)
    36. 36. 37@annstanleyCall and location extensions
    37. 37. 38@annstanleyCall Extension dataNew enhanced ads have Google call forwarding (for free)and additional features
    38. 38. 39@annstanleyShopping results andProduct Listing Ads
    39. 39. 40@annstanleySummary of different shopping results in GoogleKeywords =LuggageOrganic shoppingresults(Merchant Centre)AdWords Productsad extensionProduct Listing adsMap andLocal listings
    40. 40. 41@annstanleyShopping results
    41. 41. 42@annstanleyExamples of Product Listing Ads
    42. 42. 43@annstanley3) Analytics/AdWords integration(Tracking and reporting)
    43. 43. 44@annstanleyDynamic PPC script withconversion valueThe actual field usedwill depend on yourshopping cart and theprogram used to writeyour ecommercesoftware e.g. php
    44. 44. 45@annstanleyConversion & Analyticsdata in AdWords
    45. 45. 46@annstanleyConversions Attribution –top paths leading to a saleLast click before a conversionAssisted click – in conversion pathNote: New screen in Analytics is now in B & W
    46. 46. 47@annstanleyIntegration of channels(last click vs. assisted click)
    47. 47. 48@annstanleyCall tracking & optimisation˃ Call tracking software is now available todetermine the keywords that triggered a phonecall from your website˃ Ideal for sites where conversions are also takenover the phone as well as online˃ Dynamic code is added to your website, whichgenerates unique phone numbers every visit˃ If the number is called it is redirected to yournormal phone number, with the option to recordthe call˃ The users‟ referral data is sent to the trackingsoftware and a virtual page is fired and trackedin Analytics˃ A Goal can be set-up in Analytics and importedback into AdWords to allow “Call Optimisation”
    48. 48. 49@annstanleyOur labs!• AdWords Scripts• Landing page testing (Optimizely)• Integrated Analytics & AdWordsReporting• PPC Competitor analysis• SEO links/site authority reporting• Ecommerce – New PrestaShop plug-ins
    49. 49. 50@annstanleyThank you!Ann Stanleyann@anicca.co.ukPS. We like working with other agencies!