Candles (Holistic Therapies and Alternative Health) by Cindy Wright


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In this short, but informative book you will learn how to make your candles. Whether you are looking for a particular theme or you want to customise to suit a certain room in your house/office. You will also learn how to make that perfect romantic setting with candles, or how to choose that perfect gift for a birthday, or other occasion. If you are really into candle making this book will even give you tips on how to make a profit in your candle business.

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Candles (Holistic Therapies and Alternative Health) by Cindy Wright

  1. 1. By Cindy WrightCandlesHolistic Therapies and Alternative HealthBook 1CandlesCindy WrightCopyright © 2013 by Cindy Wright.All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmittedin any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, includingphotocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrievalsystem, without permission in writing from the copyright owner.This book was printed in the United Kingdom.To order additional copies of this book, contact:Email: cindys.great.books@gmail.comWebsite: http://www.cindysgreatestbooks.webplusshop.comAlso by Cindy WrightNon-Fiction
  2. 2. Travelling Through the Emerald IsleThe Popular Seaside Places of the United KingdomWorlds of IcePart of Your WorldAddition PackageThe Dark TravellerChristmas Magic for ChildrenThe Different Ways of Celebrating EasterAerobics: A Guide to Keeping Your Heart and Body HealthyWhen Considering a Cat (Loving Your Cat 1)FictionThe Magic of Folly Meadow (Suzie‘sAdventures of the spirit World 1)Seal Island Adventure (IslandAdventures 1)Discover new stylish designs in making candlesTrendy Aquatic Theme for Your Gel CandlesCustomize that Candle, be Creative!Achieve a Good Mood with a Perfect Tea CandleMake Romantic Moments With Stylish FloatingCandlesGel Candles: Presents for Special OccasionsScented or Unscented Candles, You’ll Love Them Both!Stylish Candle Holders For YouMake Your Own Scented Candles and Earn a ProfitCreate Shot Glass Cangles for Fun and Earn a ProfitDiscover New Stylish Designs inMaking CandlesIf you have the fondness for candle making, it would just be easy to followsome quick steps on how to make one. When you start this craft, in the longrun you will discover a lot of styles or designs you can incorporate with the
  3. 3. candles you are creating. The Internet offers a lot ways on how to makecandles. Some are simple and quick, others may be a little complex. You canalso ask your friends or neighbours love making candles as well.You may have derived your candle making skill from a friend or relative, it isstill good to inject a little amount of your own artistry. Creativeness canproduce an all-new and unique finished product. Whatever process you followit is important to use helpful tools, that will be helpful as you discover you ownbrand of style in making candles, especially gel candles.Below are simple steps you may follow in gel candle making. Some ideaswould be great and fun additions to those you have learned from your friendsor relatives. You can use other materials that you think would add style oruniqueness to the candles you want to create. Discover other elements of style,however, keep in mind that you can only use non-flammable things like shells,sands, beads, metal charms, pebbles, marbles, glitters, artificial jewels,aquarium gravel or pearls. These materials will surely add style and a pleasantappearance to the gel candles you are making. Introduce new shades or hues which are suitable to the design of the gelcandles. For instance, if you are thinking about a stylish look this summer, youcan add colours that are popular during the summer. Create gel candlesinspired by the ambiance of the beach. Add aqua blue shades and sprinklelittle things that you will find in the store such as aquarium pebbles, shells,small starfish, or gravel. You can also venture into matching these materialswith glitters or a mix of beads. Nevertheless, do not over style it and keep thecolours in harmony as well. The little objects can be placed on the base of the container. You can alsoarrange them in the other portions of the candle container as a good way ofhiding the wick tab. Pour the gel as you place the little object layer by layer. However, placethem far from the wick yet closer to the outside portion of the container. Theobjects will be more visible if arranged in that manner.You will definitely have fun as you play with styles and colours. Isn’t it greatthat while you are making these gel candles, you are doing it will greatpleasure and fun? You can also personalise the design like placing cut-outs of
  4. 4. your name on it. There are lots of ways to put in your own sense of style.Nevertheless, always keep in mind safety measures while working, andbalance quality and design. Moreover, these pieces of ideas could actually helpbuild your own small business on gel candle making.Trendy Aquatic Theme for Your GelCandlesMany people love the beach. The beach is a picture of serenity and peace.Sometimes, a beach theme is commonly used in gatherings and shows likeparties, fashion shows, videos and now, candles. Yes, that is right. Beachthemes for candles are now trending as the industry experiments in moreunique designs. Candles are useful and can also be trendy.Candles are great accessories, which you can place inside your rooms athome. Indeed, it is amazing if they come in trend