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Acupuncture (Holistic Therapies and Alternative Health) [Kindle Edition]


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Acupuncture is the first book in the ‘Holistic Therapies and Alternative Health’ series. Are you interested in how acupuncture began, its creator and how the needles work to heal your body? Acupuncture is a very in depth form of healing as well as being very powerful. It is also extremely beneficial if you suffer from a number of illnesses. This book covers only some, but they are the most common, such as arthritis. Are you looking to lose weight and healthy; yes acupuncture can help you with that too, and help you learn how to change your diet to eat more healthily. Lastly, if you are fascinated by the career of becoming an acupuncturist, there are tips and helpful hints to help you find a good school and the type of degree you will be studying for.

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Acupuncture (Holistic Therapies and Alternative Health) [Kindle Edition]

  1. 1. By Cindy WrightAcupunctureHolistic Therapies and Alternative HealthBook 1AcupunctureCindy WrightCopyright © 2013 by Cindy Wright.All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmittedin any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, includingphotocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrievalsystem, without permission in writing from the copyright owner.This book was printed in the United Kingdom.To order additional copies of this book, contact:Email: cindys.great.books@gmail.comWebsite: http://www.cindysgreatestbooks.webplusshop.comAlso by Cindy WrightNon-FictionThe Popular Seaside Places of the United KingdomWorlds of IcePart of Your WorldAddition PackageThe Dark TravellerChristmas Magic for ChildrenThe Different Ways of Celebrating EasterAerobics: A Guide to Keeping Your Heart and Body HealthyWhen Considering a Cat (Loving Your Cat 1)A Journey through the Histories of the Provinces of the Republic of Ireland
  2. 2. Candles (Holistic Therapies and Alternative Health Book 3FictionThe Magic of Folly Meadow (Suzie‘s Adventures of the spirit World 1)Seal Island Adventure (Island Adventures 1)Acupuncture: Its GenesisA Quick-Start Guide to AcupunctureProcedure for Needle PunctureConditions for Puncture ApplicationExpected Puncture Session ResultUnderstanding AcupunctureTypes of AcupunctureAcupuncture Closely RevealedA Deeper Explanation of AcupunctureWhat This Ancient Method DoesVariations of Conventional AcupunctureThings You Should Know About AcupunctureThe Effectiveness of AcupunctureUnderstanding AcupunctureWhat is the Basic Procedure?Instruments UsedA Treatment SampleDevelopmentFeedback and StudiesThings to Consider When Undergoing AcupunctureEight Myths about AcupunctureAcupuncture is an Example of Holistic HealthcareUnderstanding Acupuncture EnergyThe Soothing Effects of AcupuncturePainDepressionInsomniaInfertilityOthersWhat Do Acupuncturists Do?Is Acupuncture the Remedy For You?Description and OriginAcupuncture in the Western World
  3. 3. Should You Try ItMore Information on AcupunctureCan Anyone Go For Acupuncture?A Primer on Medical AcupunctureHow Does Needle Puncture Work?What Are The Concerning Risks and Side Effects?How Do Treatments Go?Acupuncture for All Those Simple Aches and PainsWhat Typically Happens When You Go To An Acupuncturist?How Does The Use Of These Needles Help You?Acupuncture Could Help You Finally Manage YourStress LevelsHow Will You Attain Relief With Those Needles Inserted Into Your Skin?Facial AcupunctureAcupuncture and Weight LossNutrition and AcupunctureAcupuncture Is Effective For Losing WeightThe Skinny on Acupuncture Weight LossHow Acupuncture Brings About Weight LossConferring with an Acupuncturist SpecialistAcupuncture Can Help You Quit SmokingBye-Bye Smoking! Hello Acupuncture!Bringing Addiction to a Full StopAcupuncture Experts Introduce the TreatmentAcupuncture Can Help Patients with MigrainesAcupuncture and AutismIs Acupuncture Helpful to Pregnant Women?Can Acupuncture Treat Fibromyalgia?Factors to Consider When Looking for an AcupunctureSchoolDegrees in the Study of AcupunctureAcupuncture: Its GenesisThe beginning of acupuncture hails back to about 2000 years ago in China.The term acupuncture may come from the Chinese, but it actually derives
  4. 4. from the Latin words “acus” and “pungere”. “Acus” means needle in Englishand “pungere” is referred to as prick.Acupuncture has evolved in a variety of forms. There are techniques that donot use needles, but instead they use ultrasounds, vibrating objects andpractitioner’s fingers.Looking back to its origin, acupuncture made its way into the realm ofmedicine when it was initially discussed in an ancient Chinese medical text,titled "Huang Di Nei Jing," in English, “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic ofInternal Medicine”.However, some archaeologists revealed that acupuncture was introducedeven before the Chinese when a 5,000 year old mummy was unearthed in theAlps with acupuncture points in its body. Nevertheless, no text or historybooks could prove this sceptic anecdote; thus, the origins of acupuncture goback to China with regard to acupuncture’s ancient practice.The knowledge of this practice progressed in Japan in the 6th century. Thenin the 17th century, a man formulated a painless procedure for patients bydeveloping an insertion tube. It was a small cylindrical tube where a needlewas inserted. The name of the man was Waichi Suyiyama. Thanks to him,some individuals in the practice began using his invention and continue to doso today.The practice of acupuncture arrived in the US in the early 80’s whenthe National Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine wasestablished. Upon the establishment of the regulatory board, some schoolswere opened, inviting those who desired to be a professional and licensedacupuncturist. In spite of this progress, some people do not believe in thepositive effects of acupuncture as an alternative form of medication. Thesepeople remained unconvinced until 1995 when the needles utilised foracupuncture were considered as a medical instrument by the US Food andDrug Administration. Because of the classification given by the government,the public became assured that the practice is effective and safe.End of this sample Kindle book.Enjoyed the preview?Buy NoworSee details for this book in the Kindle Store