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Hargedon interview 2013


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Join me earlier than normal today, Tuesday, August 20th, for a live and interactive conversation with a group of Norwegian students, and their English teacher (and blogger) Ann Michaelsen, to discuss their recently published book, Connected Learners: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Global Classroom.

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Hargedon interview 2013

  1. 1. CONNECTED LEARNERS SOCIAL MEDIA AS A LEARNING TOOL Using social media to connect educators and experts worldwide
  2. 2. Skjermutklipptatt:19.09.2012 19:16 Skjermutklipp tatt: 19.09.2012 19:18
  3. 3. We use Skype, YouTube, blogs and Twitter to get in contact with students and teachers from other parts of the world. We communicate and learn from peers in the outside world using social media We write personal blogs using authentic material Curriculum goals are the basis for learning, not textbooks, and students find how different topics can be used to cover the curriculum goals. Questions and challenges are set by the students with help from teacher. Students offer feedback to fellow students. The goal is self-paced differentiated learning where every student can progress individually and the teacher can keep track of this. USING SOCIAL MEDIA TO CONNECT EDUCATORS, STUDENTS AND EXPERTS WORLDWIDE
  4. 4. 1:1 school Block scheduling – all day subjects from 8:30 – 13:15 Teaching without textbooks PLN building with social media: Twitter, Blogging Skype, Facebook, YouTube, Internet during exams (second year) OUR SCHOOL – OUR CLASS
  5. 5. BLOCK SCHEDULING - 1:1 - BLOG Skjermutklipptatt:20.06.2012 14:48
  7. 7. Skjermutklipptatt:18.09.2012 15:37
  8. 8. GLOBAL CLASSROOM Twitter
  9. 9. Why Twitter? • Great way to connect – quick and in realtime • Great way to find information • Quickly updated • Search and fnd almost everything. Something happening searh and find out what people are talking about. • Build a network • Easy to use, what you put in is what you get out of it. • Info in Norwegian: n+bruke+Twitter%3F
  10. 10. Skjermutklipptatt:07.01.2013 09:24 TWITTER TO CONNECT WITH EXPERTS
  11. 11. Skjermutklipptatt:18.09.2012 15:29
  12. 12. Skjermutklipptatt:19.09.2012 08:40 RSS – FEEDS TO KEEP UPDATED communicate
  13. 13. Curriculum goals Skjermutklipp tatt: 07.01.2013 13:16
  14. 14. Skjermutklipptatt:07.01.2013 13:18 Curriculum goals
  15. 15. CONNECTING
  17. 17. USEFUL LINKS
  18. 18. Produce texts using different media Indepth project writing about a topic from your curriculum this year Understand texts written Research online CURRICULUM GOALS:
  19. 19. Screen clipping taken: 14.06.2013 08:25
  20. 20. • We made the book in the 2nd semester of the year 2012/2013 • Nearly all of the students in our class used it as an in-depth project • The ones who didn’t participated as well • 10 Chapters – Chapter editor for each • Work & Collaboration! THE PROCESS