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Creating an Agile UX Manifesto at IA Summit 2011


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Creating an Agile UX Manifesto at IA Summit 2011

  1. let’s talk about agile ux…
  2. 25 people got in a room to try and create an agile ux manifestoThe purpose of the workshop was to bring participants together to share experiences and use that wealth ofknowledge to create a manifesto that can be shared and used by many people, not just those in the workshop.Image Credit: http-//
  3. this was the result…
  4. agile ux values collaboration over documentation iteration over up-front perfection more is not better, better is better it’s not done until it’s usable and brings value to the businessThese are our agile ux values
  5. agile ux principles ux design needs to be 1 step or more ahead of development team collaborative cross-functional teams will include business, user experience and technology representatives a multi-functional team is needed to carry the vision through the whole project pick the right projects and people for agile there should be user focus throughout the project - start to finish - for the entire team align the team around the vision ux should evangelise the user experience to the product owner define measures of success up front the product is never done, it can always be improved keep iterating design throughout the project based on usability tests and user input create the right amount of documentation for your project - no more, no less make the user experience better every iterationThese are our agile ux principles
  6. this is how we got there…
  7. individuals and interactions over processes and tools working software over comprehensive documentation customer collaboration over contract negotiation responding to change over following a planThis is the original software-led agile manifesto.There are only 4 simple principles, although this is detailed as 12 pillars.Everything else is an approximation / real world translation to try and bring this to fruition.Image Credit: Mark Plant
  8. communication over processes and tools delivered software over craft-specific artefacts value over intellectually complete responding to change over following a planThis is an attempt to take the agile values and develop them into something that works for more of a multi-disciplinary team.
  9. introductions the getting to know you bit principles what do we value the most? values what do our principles boil down to? wrap up behold, a manifesto is born?Agenda for the sessionImage Credit: http-//
  10. all opinions are welcome however controversial they might be criticise the idea not the person experience is good sharing it is even better nothing is wrong everything is valid have fun otherwise, what’s the point?Ground RulesImage Credit: http-//
  11. post-it because post-its are awesome name so we know who you are role so we know what you do expectations so we know how many pages we’re on rate yourself chart your experience and love or hate for agileIntroduce yourselfImage Credit: http-//
  12. prin·ci·ple/ˈprinsəpəl/Noun 1. A fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behaviour or for a chain of reasoning. 2. A rule or belief governing ones personal behaviour.What is a principle?Image Credit: http-//
  13. The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation.One of the original Agile Manifesto Principles
  14. Working software is the primary measure of progress.Another Agile Manifesto Principle
  15. small teams 3-4 people share experiences and ideas write one principle per post-itBrainstorming the principles
  16. share your principlesadd to the wall, one team at a timeclustergroup similar principles
  17. distillone (or more if absolutely necessary) principle per clusterrefineclear and simple statement of principle
  18. agree? 2/3rds majority carries the vote disagree? discuss why, convince, or not valid and comprehensive is anything missing?Image Credit: http-//
  19. val·ue/ˈvalyo͞o/Verb/Noun 1. Consider (someone or something) to be important or beneficial; have a high opinion of 2. A persons principles or standards of behavior; ones judgment of what is important in lifeWhat is a value (relative to this purpose)?Image Credit: http-//
  20. group principles into value sets define a theme for each set write a value for each theme vote best wording for each themeImage Credit: http-//
  21. write up our newly created values and principles share by email and online iterate it should be a living document use as a basis for making decisions in daily workThe Next StepsImage Credit: http-//
  22. thank you to all who participatedAnn McMeekin Carrier@pixeldivaacarrier@lab49.comMark Plant@uxplantmplant@lab49.comwith thanks to Matthew Solle (@solle) and Mags Hanley (@magshanley) for their assistance on the dayIA Summit, March 2011